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‘The Dialectic of Animal Sociality and of Human Sociality’.

The Dialectic of Animal Sociality and of Human Sociality.

Dear Readers,

It is my pleasure, and my honor, as an officer of the Foundation Encyclopedia Dialectica [F.E.D.] Office of Public Liaison, to share with you, from time to time, as they are approved for public release by the F.E.D. General Council, key excerpts from the internal writings, and from the internal sayings, of our co-founder, Karl Seldon.

A case in point is entered below [Some E.D. standard edits have been applied, in the version presented below, to the direct transcript of our co-founder’s discourse].

For more information regarding, and for [further] instantiations of, these Seldonian insights, please see --



Miguel Detonacciones,

Member, Foundation Encyclopedia Dialectica [F.E.D.],
Participant, F.E.D. Special Council for Public Liaison,
Officer, F.E.D. Office of Public Liaison.

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‘The Seldon-Orwell-Marx Law’ -- The ‘‘‘Political-Economic Law of Motion of Modern Society’’’ -- GLOBAL STRATEGIC HYPOTHESES.

The Seldon-Orwell-Marx Law’ --

The ‘‘‘Political-Economic Law of Motion of Modern Society’’’ --


Dear Readers,

GLOBAL STRATEGIC HYPOTHESES.  The “capital-relation” [Marx], as predominant, all-dominating “social relation of production” [Marx], and the total, global socio-politico-economic system of capitals, and the entire, “historically-specific” ‘human Phenome’, that grows up around the capital-relation’s core, “the elementary form of [commodity-[capital]-]value” [Marx], has a “fatal flaw”, one whose manifestation intensifies with the growth of the “social forces of production” [Marx] itself also ‘incented’ by the capitals system itself -- a “fatal flaw” which is fatal for the capital-relation and its system for sure, and fatal also for the planetary human[oid] species as a whole, that incarnates the capital/wage-labor-relation, unless that species in general, and the global-majority working/middle class of that species in particular, is provoked to intervene in the course of the development of this “fatal flaw”, so as to create a higher successor system to the capitalist system, a system of ‘political-ECONOMIC DEMOCRACY.

That “fatal flaw” is rooted in the ‘intra-duality’ at the heart of the capitals system. 

Capital is, yes, “self-expanding value” [Marx]. 

But capital is also ‘self-contracting value’ [Seldon].

And the balance between these ‘capital-anabolic’ and ‘capital-catabolic’ processes shifts as the process of accumulation of capital proceeds, and as the growth of the social forces of production ensues there-within.

Capital is ‘self-expanding value, by the re-conversion of profit-of-enterprise -- and of the “relative surplus-value” [Marx] therein contained and augmented as the growth of the social forces of production, ‘incented’ in capitalist competition, ensues -- into new industrial capital plant and equipment, and into new, loanable banking capital, as well as into new “variable capital” [Marx].

Capital is also ‘self-contracting value’, by the “moral depreciation” [Marx], i.e., by the ‘technological-obsolescence depreciation’ or ‘technodepreciation’ [Seldon], of accumulated, “old” fixed capital plant and equipment, by “new”, e.g., cheaper fixed capital plant and equipment, embodying a higher development of the social forces of production, i.e., a lower “value” as abstract labor-time presently socially-necessary to reproduce [marx] that “new” fixed capital plant and equipment.

In the first phase of the global, capitals-system -- of world-market capital accumulation -- the growth of the “social forces of production” still creates more new capital, in the form of re-converted new “relative surplus-value”, than that growth destroys, in the form of “morally depreciated” [‘technodepreciated’] older vintages of fixed capital plant and equipment, and of insolvency resulting in “non-performing” large, long term bank loans to older industrial firms for their purchase of fixed capital plant and equipment.  This first  phase of capital accumulation constitutes the ‘‘‘ascendence phase’’ of the global capitals-system.

But in the second phase of that planetary capitals-system, which began in the late 1800s C.E./B.U.E ‘Great Techno-Deflation’ on this planet -- of world-market capital accumulation -- the growth of the “social forces of production”, for the concentrated core industrial capital of concentrated-ownership core capitalist ruling class, as the fixed capital plant and equipment composition of their capital increases to become the predominant component of their capital property mass, and value, begin to destroy more “old” capital-value than the value of “new” capital that it creates.  This second phase of capital [dis-]accumulation constitutes the ‘‘‘descendence phase’’ of the global capitals-system.

The ruling faction of the core capitalist ruling class, as already a class-for-itself, and a class collective-psychologically -- ‘‘‘psychohistorically’’’ -- positioned to become aware of this ‘technodepreciation’ fatal flaw of the capitalist system before the other classes, and, especially, before the working/middle class, undergoes a ‘psychohistorical trauma’, and a ‘psycho-sociopathic ideological self-degeneration’, as it realizes that its OWN capitalist system has, lawfully, turned against it, and now threatens to dethrone it from its power to rule over global capitalist society, by destroying its capital, the social basis of its power, and with that ‘techno-depreciation’ destruction of capital-value, also all of the “perks” of that ruling power.

In reaction to this “antinomy”, this ruling faction of the capitalist ruling class [the Rockefeller, ‘Rocke-Nazi’ faction] adopts, and massively funds, Malthusian “eugenics” ideologies for mass murder against the global working class -- thereby attacking the very core of the “social forces of production”, the working class population itself.

That ruling class, also in reaction to their discovery of the ‘techno-depreciation’ fatal flaw of their racket, imposes [1913 C.E./B.U.E.] “income taxes” on core working-class wages, etc., to finance the imposition of industrialization-blocking military dictatorships, comprador dictatorships, etc., all over the periphery and semi-periphery of the capitalist geographical core -- the periphery and semi-periphery that then, thereby becomes the “Third World”. 

The purpose of this core ruling class faction in so doing is to shield their core concentrated capital from ‘technodepreciation’ induced by competition from otherwise rapidly-industrializing, low-labor-cost, newest plant and equipment installing, peripheral and semi-peripheral capitals, by, first, de-industrializing the nascent industry of the peripheral and semi-peripheral nation-states, and, thereafter, by holding-back their re-industrialization, by dictatorial means.

That core ruling class faction also imposes “Federal Reserve” style “Central Banks” on the nation-states of the capitalist core, so as to enforce a ‘controlled, gradual-exponential hyperinflation’ which continually lowers the real wages of the working class, by continually reducing the buying power of their nominally the same, or even slightly-rising, wages and salaries. 

This is accompanied by, and furthers, the collusive, state and oligopolistic disadvantaging of smaller, more-competitive capitalist enterprises, e.g., in their “terms of trade” with the core capitalist ruling-class-owned oligopolies. 

This further disadvantages the smaller capitalist enterprises, by enabling those oligopolies to suppress the otherwise competition-enforced ‘techno-depreciation’ write-down of their obsolescent fixed capital plant and equipment, so as to enable them to charge prices, to the smaller, more competitive capitalist enterprises, that demand full depreciation charges on the historical, original value of that obsolescent, oligopolized capital plant and equipment, from the smaller, more competitive enterprises that also face the full brunt of the competitive ‘technodepreciation’ of their own capital assets, thus accumulating “fictitious value” and “fictitious capital” potential, depression-inducing illiquidity.

That core ruling class faction also engineers world wars [e.g., 1914, “World War I”], war-enabled genocides, and, increasingly, targeted , ‘‘‘weaponized’’’ world economic depressions, in part, via “Federal Reserve”-style “Central Bank” interest-rate manipulations -- ‘designer depressions’ aimed at weakening and murdering millions of workers, suppressing rival, non-core nation-state industrializations and alliances [e.g., after WWI, between Germany and Russia], etc.

That core faction also uses ‘state-as-market’, ‘sweetheart deal’, state-income-tax-financed hyper-militarization -- the formation of “Military-Industrial Complexes” [Eisenhower] -- to provide a hyper-subsidized, [pseudo-]profitable outlet for “Department I” [Marx], “production of means of production” industries, fixed capital plant and equipment producing capitalist industries, otherwise exposed to profitability-destroying, bankrupting level of technological obsolescence depreciation of both their products and their means of production, leading to a ‘permanent war warfare state’ [Orwell].

The capitalist system, in its ‘‘‘descendence phase’’’, is lawfully destined to undo, reverse, and destroy the democratization, in terms of representative, parliamentary, etc.,  democracy, that its incipient rulers had championed during their long fight against the former, feudal, ruling classes, and during the ‘ascendence phase’’’ of the global capitalist system.

‘‘‘Descendence-phase’’’ is destined to converge on a global system of totalitarian, police-state, state-capitalist national super-corporations, in permanent, “antagonistically-cooperative”, “Malthusian” world depression, and world war with one another [Orwell], unless or until the world working class intervenes, to create a higher successor “social relation of production”, characterized by ‘political-economic democracy’, which we of F.E.D., and which the Equitist Advocacy group, call ‘Equitism’, or ‘Generalized Equity’.

The “checks and balances” among the executive, legislative, and judicial branches of ascendence-phase capitalist national governance, that gave democracy and universal human rights a chance to begin flourishing, were lawfully destined to be undermined, progressively, by the accumulation of capital itself -- by the concentration, consolidation, and centralization of capital-money in ever-fewer hands -- enabling those “fewer hands” to “buy-out”, to prostitute, all three branches of political governance to the single class-will and class-agenda of those “fewer hands”.  But the “law of motion of modern society”-destined discovery of the ‘technodepreciation’ fatal flaw of capitalism, first by that ruling “class-for-itself”, made this movement toward Orwellian totalitarian state-capitalist dictatorship deepen and accelerate “with a vengeance”, the “vengeance” of a traumatically, ‘psycho-sociopathically’ deranged ruling class faction, the “eugenicist”, ‘Rocke-Nazi’ faction, that had discovered that its “own” system had turned against its rule, and thus against it as such.

It must also be recognized, however, that there is a lawfully-destined “intra-duality” within the ‘‘‘descendence-phase’’’ capitalist ruling class itself, as exemplified by the distinct strategy and agendas of, and the conflict between, the Franklin Roosevelt faction, and later, the Kennedy faction, of that ruling class, vis-a-vis the strategy and agendas of the Rockefeller, “Eugenics”, ‘Rocke-Nazi’ faction.

More recently, the ‘‘‘Trump faction’’’ of the capitalist ruling class, in electoral alliance with the ‘Rocke-Nazi’-partially-destroyed, ‘‘‘de-industrialized’’’ U.S. working class, is presently giving the ‘Rocke-Nazi’ faction, and their many ‘Stealth Eugenics’ pogroms against the U.S./world working class, a challenge to the ‘Rocke-Nazis’ rule, a challenge the likes of which the ‘Rocke-Nazis’ have not faced since they exterminated the leadership of the rival, ‘Roosevelt’ faction, with their slaughter of John Kennedy, Robert Kennedy, Martin Luther King, Jr., etc., during the 1960s.

More about this latter development is to come.

FYI:  Much of the work of Karl Seldon, and of his collaborators, including work by “yours truly”, is available for free-of-charge download via --


Miguel Detonacciones,
Member, Foundation Encyclopedia Dialectica [F.E.D.],
Officer, F.E.D. Office of Public Liaison

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Response to Query “¿What makes you think that socialism / communism could still work without it ending with a totalitarian state?”

Response to Query ¿What makes you think that socialism / communism could still work without it ending with a totalitarian state?

Dear Readers,

I recently responded to an internet post query, in reddit, accessible via --

-- which was stated as follows:

¿What makes you think that socialism / communism could still work without it ending with a totalitarian state?

I replied approximately as follows --

“GLOBAL STRATEGIC HYPOTHESES.  All of those regimes that OP “Dr. Jordan B. Peterson” cites in his post are actually cases of capitalism -- STATE-capitalism -- not of “socialism” or “communism” as described by Marx.  These pure-state-bureaucratic ruling-class, ‘proto-state-capitalist’ regimes all arose in countries where the industrial social forces of production, and the wage-working-class, were profoundly underdeveloped.  Hence, per Marx’s theory, those countries could not even be eligible for, or capable of, socialism as Marx defined it.  What those “semi-peripheral” countries were ripe for was, in effect, a transition into industrial [state-]capitalism, via a new version of the violent and bloody “primitive accumulation” of capital, such as had already occurred earlier in the capitalist core -- Western Europe and North America [e.g., via the vile and bloody-violent institutions of mass agricultural slavery and indentured servitude].

The so-called “communist” revolutions, in these capitalistically-underdeveloped, semi-peripheral countries, were, of necessity, violent and bloody affairs, led by putschist, neo-Jacobin parties, homologous to the bloody revolutions that created the transition to CAPITALISM in 1789 France, and resulted in a destruction of whatever vestiges of the rule of law remained in those countries, and the installation of a one party police-state dictatorship OVER what little there was left of an industrial wage working class there.

“Power tends to corrupt. Absolute power corrupts absolutely”.  The total lack of “checks and balances” against the power of the Lenino-Stalinoid absolute state guaranteed the absolute corruption of that state, and a regime of violent, bloody tyranny over the developing working class in those nations.

Karl Marx described communism, in “the Grundrisse” -- an 1857+ massive manuscript that became the first of several drafts toward Marx’s “Critique of Political Economy” as a whole, of which “Das Kapital” -- all four of its volumes -- forms but the first part of SIX planned parts -- as growing out of the seeds of political-ECONOMIC DEMOCRACY already present within capitalism, in the form of “share capital”, e.g., in the CAPITAL EQUITY stock principle of “one share, one vote”.  This principle, Marx predicted, would become generalized in the transition from capitalism to its “lawful” higher successor system, that of the democratically “associated producers”:  Share capital ... is the most perfect form (assuming the character of communism), together with all its contradictions.” [Marx, Grundrisse]

In “Das Kapital”, volume III, Marx describes the transition to communism -- as to how the embryo of communism forms within the womb of capitalism -- in terms of workers-owned capital, e.g., democratically worker-managed producers’ cooperatives, part of the stage that my associates and I call “workers’ capitalism”, which is a growing, though vastly under-reported, development today, in the U.S., in Spain, and in many other nations-states within the geographical core of capitalism.

After the Paris Commune, Marx declared, as a democratic key to communism, the principle that worker-elected worker’s representatives to all governing bodies must be mandated and recallable by those that they represent, and paid, for their services of representation, no more than the average worker’s wage.

Marx also stated that, in nation-states where representative democracy, with workers’ suffrage [workers having voting rights], had been achieved, the transition to communism could typically be accomplished without violent revolution, via the ballot box, within the rule of law.

We see the constitution of a rule-of-law, democratic transition to real communism -- to ‘Political-ECONOMIC DEMOCRACY’ -- as arising via the popular recognition, and, later, via the constitutional establishment, of three newly-discerned human rights which are fundamental to the protection and flourishing of human individuals, and of humane society as a whole, in advanced modern society.  They are --

A.  The human right of ‘CITIZEN EXTERNALITY EQUITY’.  This right enables citizens to vote for ‘‘‘public directors’’’, forming second boards of directors, or second management committees, INSIDE each of the local operating units of companies which produce and accumulate “externalities” -- e.g., deadly pollution -- in those citizens’ local communities.  These ‘boards of public directors’ negotiate with the private directors/managers to reduce their annual operating plan budgets of pollution, etc., “external costs”, with recourse to a popularly elected “Tribunal for Externality Equity” if negotiations deadlock, and with fees imposed for any external cost production still allowed in those annual externalities budgets.  This human right, of “grass roots regulation”, supplements external regulatory bureaucracies, typically “captured” and prostituted by the industries that they were supposed to regulate, and also civil court litigation against deadly polluters, where deep-pocketed industries can usually defeat underfunded citizen/worker law suits.

B.  The human right of ‘CITIZEN BIRTHRIGHT EQUITY’ [‘societal self-investment’].  Every child born under this new, Equitarian constitution and Bill Of Rights will be a “trust fund baby”, in that each new-born citizen will be granted, funded partly by ‘Citizen Externality Equity’ pollution fees, partly by ‘Citizen Stewardship Equity social rents’, a lifetime fund, an ‘absolutely-portable’ PERSONAL, INDIVIDUAL-social-safety-net -- with legislated restraints on its expenditure, to check the “moral hazard” potential of such a fund -- to eventually cover all of the basic necessities of human life-opportunity:   health care, college/trade education, first home purchase, business formation funding, and reparations to victims in the event of conviction for a crime, etc. -- so that every child born has a stake in society -- has “skin in the game” -- and so that society has an investment in every child born, regardless of “what side of the tracks” that citizen was born on.  Should an individual’s fund be exhausted, e.g., due to serial criminal conviction reparations to victims, then that individual would fall back on more meager external social welfare provisions.

C.  The human right of ‘CITIZEN STEWARDSHIP EQUITY’.  Lack of access to means of production renders workers victims and playthings of the whims, and of the “lawful” depredations, of the owners of capital.  This human right provides workers with the option of ‘collective self-employment’, via a policy of ‘ public venture “capital” ’, supporting ‘collective entrepreneurship’ and ‘collective innovation’.  The Office of a popularly elected national Custodian of Social Property grants charters to per-legislation-qualifying citizen collectives, which then become Social Banks, also organized as democratically self-managed ‘Citizen Stewardship Equity’ cooperatives of a special kind, with each such Social Bank granted an equitable allocation of credits for the procurement of means of production.  The Social Banks compete for the most perceivably-viable among other citizens’ self-organized collectives, that have per-legislation-qualifying business-plans, whose qualifications include By-Law requirements for internal democratic election/recall of their management teams, which, once their business plans are funded by a Social Bank, become ‘socialized producers’ cooperatives’.  To survive, these ‘socialized producers’ cooperatives’ must prove themselves in market competition against other socialized producers’ cooperatives, and against remaining private capitalist firms, etc., that produce for the same market(s).  The ‘Citizen Stewardship Equity socialized producers’ cooperatives’ do not collectively or privately “own” the means of production granted to them by the ‘Social Bank’ that backs them, and by the national Custodian of Social Property.  Those means of production are ‘‘‘Social Property’’’.  The Citizen Stewardship cooperatives do have stewardship over those means of production, a fact manifested in the ‘social rents’ that they must pay, monthly, to the Office of the Custodian of Social Property.  These ‘social rents’ provide income to the ‘Social Banks’ that backed these co-ops, and also help to fund the ‘Citizen Birthright Equity socialized Trust Funds’, as well as to fund means of production procurement for new ‘Stewardship Cooperatives’, to finance ‘technodepreciation insurance’, etc.

There has been a largely-successful ‘conspiracy among opponents’ -- an ‘antagonistic cooperation’ -- between the unelected real rulers of “western” [state-]capitalism, and those of “eastern”, state-bureaucratic, Lenino-Stalinoid STATE-capitalism, to pass off the pure-state-bureaucratic-ruling-class-dominated, totalitarian police-state mass-murder regimes of “Soviet” Russia, Stalinist China, etc., as “Communism”.  In fact, they present nothing at all like the ‘Political-ECONOMIC DEMOCRACY’ that Marx predicted.  They actually represent special, transient forms of Orwellian [proto-]State-CAPITALISM, so that a form of CAPITALISM is being fraudulently passed-off as Marxian communism! 

Most people today, when they hear “Communism”, actually think pure-state-bureaucratic State-CAPITALISM [as distinct from FASCISM or NAZIISM, a form of State-Capitalism in which the private-capital-owning ruling class is still either prominent or largely in-charge].  THIS IS THE BIGGEST “BAIT-AND-SWITCH” FRAUD IN ALL OF HUMAN HISTORY TO-DATE!!!  And it has been co-perpetrated by the “western” capitalist ruling class [e.g., the Rockefeller-eugenics, “people are pollution” political machine], and the Lenino-Trotskyoid, Lenino-Stalinoid, and Stalino-Maoid “MarxIST” PSEUDO-Marxian state-bureaucratic ruling classes!

Toward the end of his life, Marx foresaw, via his in depth study of capitalist political economy, and of Russia in particular, etc., e.g., as he wrote in his draft letters to Vera Zasulich, and in the Preface to the latter edition of “Das Kapital”, that social revolution was historically imminent in Russia [Marx died in 1883.  The ‘“first modern Russian revolution’’’ erupted in 1905, 22 years later].

He wrote that, if the Russian Revolution was accompanied by a revolution in the capitalist West, e.g., in Germany, and throughout Western Europe, so that the advanced productive forces [‘‘‘productivity’’’] extant there could facilitate accelerated development of the social forces of production [‘‘‘productivity’’’] in Russia, then Russia could escape the violence and the other horrors of capitalist development -- including of the “primitive accumulation” of industrial capital -- and accede more or less directly from the remnants of primitive communism still then-extant in Russia, to the “higher communism” that would then also emerge in Europe, and, later, worldwide.

In this passage, Marx did not explicitly predict what would ensue if the Russian Revolution was isolated in Russia, and surrounded by hostile still-capitalist European and other powers.  But the latter is exactly what did happen, with WWI and the eruption of the ‘‘‘second modern Russian revolution’’’ in 1917, and the defeat of the 1918 revolutions in Germany and elsewhere.

Thus, Russia could not escape the horrors of the “primitive accumulation” of industrial capital, which was made even more horrendous by the desperation of the Leninoid state-bureaucratic ruling class to crash-develop a “military-industrial complex” [cf. Eisenhower], so as to deter further invasions by, and “save its ass” from, the encircling hostile private-capitalist forces, hell-bent on snuffing out both the Leninist ruling class, and the real remnants of the “Soviet” [i.e., the democratic “workers’ councils”] revolution.

Lenino-Stalinoid State-CAPITALISM became a new pathway for the horrific “primitive accumulation” of industrial capital in the underdeveloped, imperialized semi-periphery of the core capitalist system -- centered in Western Europe and North America -- a State-CAPITALISM falsely labeled “Communism” by both its Western enemies and its Lenino-Stalinoid promoters and beneficiaries.

The OP’s post calls to my mind the “dialectical theory of everything” developed by a group that is relentlessly carrying forward Marx’s, unfinished, work [by which I do NOT mean the state-bureaucratic ruling-class, dictatorial perversions of the Leninist, Trotskyist, Stalinist, Maoist, ..., Castroist, IList, and Unist state-CAPITALIST ideologues, fraudsters, and mass murderers] in the five key domains which Marx and Engels were not able to bring to fruition before their deaths. 

Those unfinished domains of Marxian theory and practice include -- 

(1) that of the detailed nature of the Marxian dialectic method;

(2) that of the dialectic of Nature, and of the Marxian immanent critique of the ideology that pervasively compromises the modern sciences, including, not just the economic and other social sciences, but the natural sciences and mathematics as well;

(3) clarification, including clear and ‘quanto-qualitative’ definition, of the central Marxian concept of “the social forces of production” -- of ‘the human-societal self-force of acceleratedly-expanding human-societal self-re-production’ -- in relation to a ‘Meta-Darwinian’ concept of human-species ‘‘‘fitness’’’ in terms of the rate of human-societal self-reproduction, as well as the interrelated clarification of the core Marxian concept of “the social relations of production”, e.g., of the “capital-relation”, of the “money-relation”, of the “commodity-relation”, etc.  This ‘Meta-Darwinian’ theory recognizes the role of ‘the human PHENome’ as well as of the ‘‘‘the human GENome’’’ in increasing the ‘self-force’, and thereby the rate of ‘self-production’, of human society in accelerated expanded social self-reproduction;

(4) that of the detailed nature of the liberatory, Political-ECONOMIC-DEMOCRATIC society -- founded upon the new, unprecedented social relation of production, of ‘Generalized Equity’ -- which is the “lawful” higher successor system to present, descendent-phase [State-]Capitalism;

(5) that of the detailed causation-dynamics of the ever-worsening catastrophic global economic depression-crises, wars, and genocides that advise us all of the growing need for us to transcend [state-]capitalism, by creating that successor system, of grass roots Political-ECONOMIC DEMOCRACY.

That group is Foundation Encyclopedia Dialectica [see www.dialectics.org ].”



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The essence of categorial, historical dialectic as seen by We of F.E.D.

The Key to Dialectic as We See It.

Dear Readers,

¿What is the key to dialectic -- the essence of categorial, historical dialectic -- as seen by We of F.E.D.?

It is that the second category, the «arithmos» of the second kind, is rooted in the first category/«arithmos».  Its units are sourced in an intra-duality, in a self-duality, in an immanent, internal opposition; in a ‘‘‘self-opposition’’’ -- in a potentiality or ‘‘‘energizing principle’’’ -- that is ineluctably inherent in, and present in, the first category, the «arithmos» of the units     /«monads» of the first kind, itself.

The second category is born out of, as a [self-]development of, the first category.

The second category is not inexplicably and arbitrarily posited from, as it were,  ‘‘‘outside the universe’’’ -- from some unexplained externity -- in absolute externality with respect to the first category.

The first category and the second category -- once it irrupts -- thus form the beginning of -- not, in gene-ral, a genetic, chromosomal genealogy, but, in gene-ral-- a meta- genealogy, an ontological lineage.  The first category is the «arché», the ultimate ancestor, in/of such a lineage of ontological kinds.

The first category, due to its own, intra-duality-driven development, beyond a certain threshold in that self-development, begets the units     /«monads» of the second category; disgorges and ecloses them.  This is ‘‘‘«[auto-]diairesis»’’’. 

Then, later, the third category is born out of the interaction of some of the units of the first category with some of the units of the second category; by the resulting fusion, or ontological hybridization, of some of the units of each of the first two categories.

The units       /«monads» of the third category/«arithmos»/kind -- the «arithmos» of the units       /«monads» of the third kind -- are ontologically different from, and more complex than, the units of the first category, and even the units of the second category, because its units       /«monads» are combinations of the units     /«monads» of the second category/kind with the units     /«monads» of the first category/kind.  This is ‘‘‘«synagôgê»’’’.

And this universal ‘«arithmos»[-of-monads     ] dynamics has its own «arithm[os]-êtikê»; its own ‘‘‘arithmetic’’’ -- ‘‘‘«dialektikê aritmêtikê»’’’.

FYI:  Much of the work of Karl Seldon, and of his collaborators, including work by “yours truly”, is available for free-of-charge download via --


Miguel Detonacciones,
Member, Foundation Encyclopedia Dialectica [F.E.D.],
Officer, F.E.D. Office of Public Liaison

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‘‘‘Dialectical’’’ -- E.D. Definition.

‘‘‘Dialectical’’’ -- E.D. Definition.

Dear Readers,

I want to share with you, in this blog-entry, the concise “Working Definition” of the term ‘‘‘Dialectical’’’ from our forthcoming Encyclopedia Dialectica [E.D.], volume 0, entitled Encyclopedic Dictionary for a Unified Theory of Universal Dialectics.

Dialectical  =  an adjective that we use, throughout the volumes of this Encyclopedia, for describing processes which involve internal opposition -- ‘self-opposition’, ‘self-antithesis’, ‘intra-duality’, ‘self-duality’, internal ‘‘‘contradiction’’’, or ‘‘‘self-contradiction’’’ -- within the meaning and/or within the physical processes encompassed by a given initial category, followed, incrementally, by externalization of that internal opposition, into an external opposition between two qualitatively distinct categories, typically as generated by an auto-«aufheben»’ operation, followed, incrementally, by a reconciliation of that externalized internal-/self-opposition with its source, in the form of the irruption of a third category, typically through a mutual allo-«aufheben»’ operation of the externally-opposing/qualitatively-distinct categories-pair.  Higher ‘self-iterations’ of this kind of process may ensue, with either the second or the third category of the initial ‘self-iteration’ taking on a ‘‘‘self-similar’’’ role to that of the given first category, but at a higher level/scale of operation/complexity/‘‘‘determinateness’’’.      

Much of the work of Karl Seldon, and of his collaborators, including work by “yours truly”, is available for free-of-charge download via --


Miguel Detonacciones,
Member, Foundation Encyclopedia Dialectica [F.E.D.],
Officer, F.E.D. Office of Public Liaison

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Seldon on State-Capitalism.

Seldon on State-Capitalism.

Dear Readers,

Karl Seldon recently shared with me, as well as with others of the Foundation, the following remarks, on the topic of state-capitalism [This transcript has been edited, for emphasis, by me, not, as has usually been the case in this blog, by the F.E.D. Special Council for the Encyclopedia].

He said -- 

Stalinist[, Leninist, Maoist, etc.] [proto-]State-Capitalism -- i.e., the “pure” state-bureaucratic ruling class species of capitalism -- is not an alternative to “private” capitalism, or to “public”, joint-stock capitalism. 

That State-Capitalism is not a “supersession” of [“private”, and/or of “public”, joint-stock] capitalism.

That State-Capitalism is not a “successor system” to [“private”, and/or to “public”, joint-stock] capitalism.

That State-Capitalism is nothing more than a prevenient, ‘semi-peripheral’, disfigured prefigurement of the “lawful” ultimate destiny of core capitalism itself, and, indeed, of all of capitalism as a whole itself.

That “lawful” destiny of capitalism as a whole is, namely, police-state, totalitarian, ‘humanocidal’, Orwellian -- ‘‘‘hell on Earth’’’ -- ‘national super-corporation’ state-capitalisms, in contrived, ‘humanocidal’, global “permanent war” [cf. George Orwell] among themselves, and in global ‘permanent depression’ economically and psychologically, while the waning species of humanity lasts, and secretly ruled by a single, global, ultra-vicious, “eugenicist”, Malthusian ruling class, one which is a hybrid of elements of the concentrated “private” capital-owning national ruling classes of the old capitalist core, and/with formerly hostile elements of the ‘semi-peripheral’ national[ist] state-bureaucratic, oligarchic, plutocratic ruling classes, both, in their separation, belonging to the earlier phase of capitalism, as well as with surviving elements of feudal -- theocratic and crypto-landed-aristocratic -- plutocratic classes, that were only partially defeated, as ruling classes, by the rising industrial capitalist classes of the emergent capitalist core.

It is the ‘‘‘political-economic law of motion of modern society’’’ [cf. Karl Marx], in terms of the collective will of this descendence-phase ruling class, a will that is psychohistorically driven by the sociopathic logic of the “capital-relation” [Marx] as predominant “social relation of production” [Marx], that ‘‘‘ascendence-phase’’’ capitalism will, at length, descend and degenerate into the ‘‘‘New Dark Age’’’ of a global, ‘‘‘Orwellian’’’ system of police-state, totalitarian, [eu]genocidal-‘humanocidal’ state-capitalisms.  This means a global horror-regime of state-capitalist nation-states, and multi-nation-state blocs thereof [cf. George Orwell], in permanent mobilization for mass-murder, globally.

This degeneration will continue, and will worsen, up to and including the ‘self-extinction’ of the Terran human species -- unless or until the world working class acts successfully, especially electorally, to terminate this degeneration, and to launch a global, ‘‘‘grassroots’’’, ‘Political-ECONOMIC DEMOCRACY’, and, with it, a ‘Global Renaissance’ of humanity. 

Such a ‘Global Renaissance’ can only be based upon an accelerated re-advancement of the “social forces of production” [Marx], and upon the emergence, and constitutional, juridical adoption, of the new “social relation of production”, beyond the “capital-relation”, that is appropriate to that re-advancement of ‘the societal self-re-productive societal self-force of humanity’.

The course of the planetary historical development of ‘‘‘human Nature’’’ that this “law of motion” describes is driven -- causally, psychohistorically -- by the growing consolidation, centralization, and concentration of capital ownership wealth in ever fewer hands as the capital accumulation process progresses, coupled with the ‘technodepreciation’ ‘‘‘fatal flaw’’’ of the capitalist system -- the accelerating “technological obsolescence depreciation”, or “moral depreciation” [Marx], of accumulated, concentrated-ownership fixed capital plant and equipment.

The latter drives the historic shift in the ‘capital as self-expanding value # capital as self-contracting value’ ‘self-duality’, or ‘‘‘internal/self-contradiction’’’, of capital-value, from the dominance of the LHS [Left-Hand Side] of the forgoing contradiction[#]-relation expression, to the dominance of its RHS [Right-Hand Side], that also creates the transition from the global ‘‘‘ascendence phase’’’ to the global ‘‘‘descendence phase’’’ of the capitalist system, with its pivot circa 1900 C.E./B.U.E.


Miguel Detonacciones,
Member, F.E.D.,
Officer, F.E.D. Office of Public Liaison