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Genesis of the Concept of ‘Equitism’ as the “Successor System” to Capitalism.

Genesis of the Concept of ‘Equitism’ as the “Successor System” to Capitalism.

Dear Readers,

The genesis of our F.E.D. concept of 'Equitism' was linked to several connotations of this term.

The term ‘Equitism’ has name-resonance with the name of the tradition of “Equitable Jurisprudence” in Anglo-American law.

Growing out of the “Crown Chancery” in England [the Office of the Crown “Chancellor”], there emerged separate courts of equity, or “courts of conscience”, to which appeal could be made from judgments by those courts enforcing common law and statute law when a defendant held that a judgment rendered by such a common law/statute law court, while in accord with “the letter of that law”, represented a morally inadequate remedy, and thus violated “the spirit of the laws”, therefore, per that defendant, failing to deliver “true justice”. 

In the U.S., the two, separate kinds of courts where merged into one, and the convergence of their principles begun, with U.S. courts “presiding in [both] law and equity”, and allowing “equitable” arguments and remedies, as well as “technical” arguments, and [strictly monetary] remedies.  There have been homologous developments in the tradition of Napoleonic/Roman law.

In recent parlance, the term “equitism” is often used to refer to “gender equity”, as a “synthesis”, or “mean”, of feminism and “masculinism”.  It is sometime also used to name a “synthesis”, or “mean”, between egoism and altruism.  There was, earlier in American history, an individualist “equitist” movement for the amelioration of property rights injustices.

But most importantly, the term “Equitism” is meant to invoke the concept of “Capital Equity”, and the tradition of “Stockholder Democracy” [“one-share-one-vote”] that follows from it. 

“Capital Equity” rights -- rights exclusively reserved to owners of capital [of “capital equity stock”] -- are seen as a “first [and inadequate] species”, and a first modern seed, of “Economic Democracy”, as distinct from “Political-only Democracy”; as the embryo of a more extensive and all-citizens-inclusive form of “Stakeholder Democracy”, and of ‘Political-ECONOMIC DEMOCRACY’ as a whole.

‘Equitism’ is seen as “generalized social equity”; as “generalizing social equity, to beyond the small class of owners of capital equity, to encompass the whole society, including every citizen, by constitutionally endowing each citizen, by right, with the ownership of new kinds of equitable “property”.

This “generalization of equity is seen as a remedy tor the catastrophic but predictable, “lawful” tendency of capitalist “political-only”, representative democracy, to degenerate into totalitarian, state-capitalist, police-state dictatorship, as capital continually concentrates into ever fewer hands, as we are now seeing so egregiously today.

That concentration of capital-equity ownership eventually enables those “few hands” to prostitute -- to ‘“buy-out”’, in a ‘“hostile takeover”’, via an all-pervasive system of bribery -- the executive, legislative, and judicial branches of political government.

This ultimate “M&A” will thus totally defeat the constitutional “checks-and-balances” designed to prevent this degeneration, and that were at least somewhat effective in doing so during the earlier phases of capital accumulation and concentration. 

The ‘Equitist’ reform/revolution is seen as a ‘generalization’ of “Capital Equity”, forming a social ‘genus’ of Equity, by adding several new, inclusive ‘species’ of Equity, as newly recognized universal human constitutional rights.

These new species of equity include:

(1) The [collective property] human right of Citizens’ Externality Equity [which can be seen as a collective property implementation of the so-called Coase “theorem”:  decentralized, comprehensive, democratic, ‘grassroots regulation’ of polluters];

(2) The [personal property] human right of Citizens’ Birthright Equity [‘socialized trust-funds’], totally portable, unified social safety nets for each citizen born, and;

(3) The [“individual property”] human right of Citizens’ Stewardship Equity [via ‘socialized venture capital’], granting access to means of production to, potentially, every citizen -- to citizens’ self-organized, democratically self-managed, COMPETING ‘socialized producers’ cooperatives’ that promulgate qualifying business plans, and that successfully enlist a Social Bank, also a Citizens’ Stewardship Equity ‘socialized producers’ cooperative’, to back/fund that business plan.


Miguel Detonacciones,

Member, Foundation Encyclopedia Dialectica [F.E.D.],
Officer, F.E.D. Office of Public Liaison.

Saturday, July 29, 2017

Total Media Civil War within the U.S./Global Ruling Class -- GLOBAL STRATEGIC HYPOTHESES.

Total Media Civil War within the U.S./Global Ruling Class -- GLOBAL STRATEGIC HYPOTHESES.

Dear Readers,

The Ruling, Rocke-Nazi faction of the U.S./Global Ruling is under severe challenge.
They are under the most severe challenge that they have faced since the rise to rule of the Roosevelt faction of that capitalist Ruling Class, during the Global Great Depression/WWII.
That ascendancy ended only with the Rocke-Nazi factions’ wholesale slaughter of the leadership of the Roosevelt faction, especially their “liquidation”, in short order, of John Kennedy, Robert Kennedy, and Martin Luther King, Jr. .
Thereafter, the Rocke-Nazi faction, and its organs of rule -- the New York Council on Foreign Relations, the Trilateral Commission, The Club of Rome, etc., etc., ad nauseam -- ruled the U.S. essentially unopposed internally, and, after the 1989+ fall of most of the Stalinist state-capitalist dictatorships -- especially in Russia -- they ruled, almost unopposed, worldwide.
That perilous state of affairs -- given the publicly oft-stated plans of that ultra-bloodthirsty faction to exterminate 95% of humanity -- for a collection of such statements, & analyses thereof, see:

-- persisted, until the recent election, to the U.S. presidency, of Donald Trump.

Trump, a sort of scrape-the-bottom-of-the-barrel last resort representative of the erstwhile Roosevelt fraction of the ruling class, was “shockingly” elected by a U.S. Middle/Working Class.

That is, he was elected by a U.S. Middle/Working Class finally just barely beginning to wake up to the merciless and unremitting stealth war upon them that has been waged, ever since 1989 at least, by the Rocke-Nazi faction, as preparation for their planned dismantling of what is left of democracy in the U.S., and world-wide, as preparation for their imposition of totalitarian rule, and of new population concentration/- extermination Eugenicscamps, in their hope to succeed, this time, at what they so horribly failed to achieve last time, when their ‘servant-dictator’, Hitler, decided to “become his own man”, and to seize world dictatorship from -- and to liquidate -- them, which precipitated World War II. 

In that war, the Rocke-Nazis were saved by the American and Russian working classes, from their own Frankenstein Monster, their Hitler regime, at the cost of millions and millions of grisly deaths among those working classes, and others.

The global Great Recession of 2007-2008+, brought about by Rocke-Nazi faction Capital Assets Bubble Engineering, was the latest major gambit in that long war of destruction against the U.S. Working/Middle Class. 

That global Great Recession immiserated and ‘deprivated’ those workers even further.  It deprived them of the factories and factory town communities in which they had worked and lived for generations, now replaced by ghost towns in the wake of Rocke-Nazi-designed de-industrialization, disguised as due to “globalization”.

It deprived them of their half-way decent wages there, of their jobs, of their pensions, of their “401(k)”-stock-market-gambling life-savings balances, of their homes, and of their healthcare, on a massive scale.

And do not be deluded!  The exponential rise of “autism”, the exponential rise of “Alzheimer’s disease”, and the exponential, ‘trans-CPI’ escalation of college costs, not to mention of obesity, diabetes, cancer, and “heart disease”, are not just “random happenings”. They are further features of the Rocke-Nazi faction’s stealth war on the U.S. Working/Middle class, designed to foreshorten working class life-spans, to bankrupt working class families with ever-escalating medical bills, and college costs, and, in the mean time, to destroy the cognitive capabilities of Working/Middle Class minds, old and young alike, so that their capacity to resist the Rocke-Nazi faction’s war on them is even further destroyed.  The “opioid epidemic”, and its induction of mass heroin addiction, and early death, throughout the Working/Middle Class “heartland” of the U.S., is just the latest tactic in this longstanding, ongoing Rocke-Nazi program/pogrom of Stealth Eugenics. 

Moreover, the Rocke-Nazi faction was preparing their next gambit -- their death-blow to democracy, and the beginning of their U.S./global Eugenicsfinal holocaust of humanocide --

-- dwarfing the Rockefeller-Eugenicsholocaust they had planned for Hitler, under their orders, to carry out, and that he, of course, continued to carry out, without blinking an eye, even after targeting them for like liquidation.

Had Rockefeller arch-agent and New York Council on Foreign Relations “member in good standing” Hilary Clinton won the presidency, as planned by the Rocke-Nazis, their death-blow would already have been well underway.

It would have been, we hypothesize, by way of Global Warming Austerity.

The Rocke-Nazi faction, who, by dint of the vast global liquidity always at their finger tips, and their vast infrastructure for Capital Assets Bubble Engineering, including their ‘reverse-money-laundering’ global infrastructure for disguising the unified command of the capital asset bubbles that they engineer via myriad buy orders and/or sell orders, laundered through innumerable brokerages, and innumerable agent and entity names, essentially control prices for key commodities, including natural gas.

The Rocke-Nazis have been holding down the prices of natural gas, as part of a pincer movement to destroy low-cost energy in the U.S. in particular, using “free market forces”, together with the Obama/Clinton use of federal government power, to, in effect, outlaw coal, to liquidate the U.S. coal industry [Peabody, the biggest U.S. coal producer, has already been bankrupted] -- not to mention the use of their “ecology” ideology to dismantle hydroelectric power dams across the U.S., etc., etc.

Once Clinton was in office, the Rocke-Nazis planned to consummate their killing-off of coal and of other less expensive power-sources, reverse the directions of their controls on the price of natural gas, and to also escalate the price of petroleum.

The target intended would have been that U.S. Working/Middle Class families would have found themselves, in short order, required to pay upwards of US$2000.00 PER MONTH to their utility providers to keep their homes lit and in fit temperature for life -- to “save the planet” from “CO2 pollution” [translation:  to save the Rocke-Nazi Dictatorship from overthrow by ‘technodepreciation’ -- i.e., from overthrow by the further growth of “the social forces of production”, including by the rising “technological composition” ‘educated-ness’ of a thereby ever-increasingly-prospering Global Working/Middle Class], CO2 being perhaps the primary food required for the sustenance of our photosynthetic ‘noo-biosphere’.

The resulting mass surge in homelessness would “justify” martial law, and the activation of the “waiting-in-the-wings” FEMA camps, initially as “Protective Custody Camps”, soon morphing into a re-appearance of the Rocke-Nazis “Great Depression” German, etc., Eugenics concentration-extermination camps.  The Rocke-Nazi faction would get its long-sought “second chance” at “reducing” global human population by 95+%, through an unprecedented scale of mass murder, having bungled their “first chance” with their ‘servant-dictator’ Hitler regime, which became their ‘Franken-Dictatorship’, turning against them instead, and forcing them to postpone their ‘humanocidal’ plans, until “now”, the “now” that might have been, had their whore Hilary won the presidential election.

But in the real “now”, Trump was elected instead.

And Trump has earned their undying enmity by blocking their long-laid plans for global humanocide.

That is, Trump has rescinded ‘the coal-illegalization’ decrees of the Rockefeller-whore Obama administration, and has pulled the U.S. out of the Senate-unratified “agreements” known euphemistically as the “Paris Climate Accords”, and known, truthfully, as the the Global Eugenics/Global Humanocide Accords.

Trump also terminated the Rocke-Nazis “TPP” [Trans-Pacific Partnership]” [for which ITINT issued an ITINTO, a court Order to re-name the “Trans-Pacific Partnership” the “Toilet Paper Partnership”, because of their intent to use the “TPP” to reduce the U.S. Working/Middle Class to the status of “used Toilet Paper”].

They plan to liquidate him.

However, so far, they seem to be wishing to avoid another “lone gunman” outright assassination of Trump.

The “cover” for their previous “de-capitations” of the emerging leadership of the Roosevelt faction -- of John Kennedy, Robert Kennedy, Martin Luther King, Jr., John Lennon, John Kennedy Jr., etc., etc. -- might suddenly wear all too thin, if Trump’s demise were to follow the patterns of the Rocke-Nazis previous murders.

No, they seem to feel, at least for now, that character assassination will do.

Marshalling the “mainstream” mass media that they own or control, they think, should be enough, via daily, unprecedentedly intensive maligning of every single act by Donald Trump -- including by “criminalizing” the way he shakes hands, or scratches his nose -- to turn public opinion against Trump, and to bring about Trumps’ impeachment, on -- to coin a phrase -- their “trumped-up” charges.

And, in fact, the Rocke-Nazi mass media sound lately like a single voice.  They no longer appear to be separate newspapers, magazines, TV “news” programs, and TV networks.  They lately sound like their words have been written by a single editor, all with the relentless objective to “Dump on Trump” for any and every act that might conceivably be spun as an infraction of some kind, all somehow supposedly justifying Trumps’ impeachment -- a prospect which they, at first raised gingerly, in many “trial balloons”, but now increasingly and openly advocate, no doubt in the pursuit of their “unbiased journalistic neutrality”. 

Not to be outdone by their “privately-owned” Rocke-Nazi media outlets, their “public” media -- what ITINT, the International Truth In Naming Tribunal, has ordered to be renamed, e.g., as CPB, the “Corporation for Plutocracy Broadcasting”, as NPR, “National Plutocracy Radio”, and as PBS, the Plutocracy Broadcasting System” -- have joined this chorus of character assassination with a vengeance!

In particular, the PlutocracyBS “News Hour” has been ordered, by ITINT, to rename itself “The Dump-On-Trump Hour, with Judy Rockefeller”. 

The anchor of this “Dump-On-Trump Hour”, Judy [“Rockefeller”] Woodruff, arch Rocke-Nazi intellectual prostitute, and member “in good standing” of the Rockefeller-“owned” New York Council on Foreign Relations [for which ITINT has long-since issued an ‘ITINTO’ Order for it to be re-named The New York Council for Global Humanocide], is frequently seen on the air exercising her journalistic neutrality and unbiased reporting by waxing apoplectic, and by exhibiting an [excre]mental hemorrhage, virtually every time Trumps’ name is mentioned during her broadcast.

Likewise, arch Rocke-Nazi intellectual prostitute Charley Rose, of the daily hour-long “discussion” program that bears his name, and that is designed to propagate the Rocke-Nazi “party-line” to unsuspecting Americans who follow “public” television, is likewise all too eager to “Dump on Trump” at every opportunity.

Rose, in a recent episode, shortly after David Rockefeller “bicked-the-kucket”, fell all over himself stressing his closeness with the Rockefeller family, and recounting how, after he had been invited to a visit with former president [and Rocke-Nazi arch-whore] George “Dubya” Bush, co-invited, on his own authority, David Rockefeller, to “tag along”.  Rose also “appropriately” grovels and curtsies whenever Rocke-Nazi Uber-Agent Henry Dr. Strange Kiss Kissinger deigns to appear on his show.

Indeed, we speculate that the timing of David Rockefeller’s demise was closely, causally related to Trumps’ populist, “pro-growth” -- pro-“productive-forces-growth -- ascendancy.  We think that David Rockefeller, seeing Trumps’ shredding of the Rockefellers long-“nurtured” plan for “Global Warming-justified” global reversal of the historic growth of the “social forces of production”, including, centrally, their planned humanocide against the working 95% of the human species, was “deeply disappointed”.  So deeply that he decided not to hang around any longer, having lost all hope of fulfilling his Eugenics dream of seeing the world in flames, and most of humanity exterminated.

The Roosevelt faction is a faction OF the capitalist ruling class. 
And Trump, in particular, is a capitalist pig.
The best that a ruling Roosevelt faction, including the Trump faction, can offer to the U.S., and to the rising global, Middle/Working Class, is the capitalist boom -- FOLLOWED BY THE CAPITALIST BUST.
But, horrific as that CAPITALIST BUST is, it is a far better offering than the IMMINENTHUMANOCIDE that the Rocke-Nazi faction intends to dish out, if it successfully liquidates the Trump faction, and regains unobstructed power.
Trump’s primary objective, in all his doings, other than self-aggrandizement, is to raise the rate of profit for U.S. industries, for the smaller capitalists that the Rocke-Nazi faction has also targeted for liquidation.
Trump plans to achieve this objective, in large part, by removing as many as possible of the claimants that drain away surplus value from the “profit of enterprise” of these smaller industrial capitalists -- taxes, regulation compliance costs, competition from products produced under “low-cost”, near-slave-labor conditions by U.S. and other mega-corporations outside of U.S. borders, etc.
Trump also intends a U.S. social infrastructure re-development program that will provide fiscal stimulus to manufacturing businesses in the U.S., and that will lower the costs and improve the productivity of virtually all U.S. manufacturing activity.  Trumps “reflation” of the U.S. military budget is also intended by him, in part, as a fiscal stimulus, to raise profits and profit rates in the “military-industrial complex” [Eisenhower].
Trump further intends to catalyze a return of industrial manufacturing to the U.S., including by one of his first acts after assuming the presidency -- his termination of the “TPP”, which would have completed the “de-industrialization” of the U.S. that the Rocke-Nazi faction had achieved by their earlier “trade deals”, etc.
By, in all these ways, raising the profits, and the rate of profits, for U.S.-located manufacturing businesses, Trump intends, as a by-product, to induce rising wages in the U.S., a regeneration of communities devastated by decades of Rocke-Nazi-orchestrated “de-industrialization”, and prosperity for the U.S. working class. 
On this basis, we hypothesize, Trump hopes for a “class-collaborationist” alliance between a revived ‘Rooseveltian’ faction of the U.S. capitalist ruling class, and the U.S. Working/Middle Class, and, thereby, to replace the Rockefeller Family as the Ruling Dynasty of the U.S. Invisible Dictatorship, with his own family as the new ruling dynasty.

The only trouble for Trump? 

  • Capitalist booms tend to turn into capitalist slumps.  Then the “class collaborationist” alliance between the capitalist ruling class and the Working/Middle Class falls apart, as the capitalists, in every way, use their unchecked power to sacrifice the well-being of the Working/Middle Class to the “well-being” of those capitalists themselves.
  • Moreover, before Trump can get anywhere near to enacting his positive program for coordinated profit-rates and wage-rates rises, he will have to face, and overcome, the full onslaught of the cornered, desperate Rocke-Nazi ruling class faction, and its myriad layers of media whores, as they move ever more fiercely to destroy his credibility in every way, to “assassinate” his “character”, to impeach his presidency, and, if those ploys fail, to murder Trump and his family outright, in order that the Rocke-Nazi faction can remain in power -- the goal to which these hyper-sociopaths will sacrifice anything, even 95% of the human race.

Unfortunately, there is presently no independent, theoretically and strategically competent, ideology-busting movement of the U.S. Working/Middle Class, that can intervene in this all-out “civil war” within the capitalist ruling class, and offer a better option for humanity than the horrors that either the Trump faction or the Rockefeller faction impend. 
Trump, as bad as he is, is the best that the Working/Middle Class has going for it so far.



Thursday, June 29, 2017

‘‘‘Equitism’’’ already Contains a Solution to the Looming AI/Automation Crisis.

‘‘‘Equitism’’’ already Contains a Solution to the Looming AI/Automation Crisis.

Dear Readers,

We are witnessing a rising tide of public discussion, within the ‘Rocke-Nazi’ ruling-class-owned mass media, of a looming crisis of massive unemployment and even deeper mass impoverishment, in the U.S., and worldwide, due to the burgeoning development and application of “Artificial Intelligence” [“AI”] and related automation and robotics technologies.

No doubt the purpose of these discussions, from the point of view of Rocke-Nazi strategy, in accord with their eugenics, humanocidal plan --

-- is to “soften up” the minds, and the moral sensibilities, of the working/middle-class public to yet another “reason” why, “people are pollution”, and why massive population reduction, especially [at first] extermination of the poor, and the uneducated, who have, by being in that condition, “proven” themselves to be “genetically unfit”, is an “objective necessity”.

I would like to humbly point out that the ‘Equitist Reform/Social Revolution’ advocated in this blog, and by Foundation Encyclopedia Dialectica, and by the Equitist Advocacy group, already contains a solution to this looming crisis of and for capitalism -- a crisis which reflects potential escalating and accelerating growth in the social forces of production, beyond any possible further containment thereof within the present predominant social relation of social reproduction:  the wage-labor/capital-relation.

This looming “AI/Automation/Robotics crisis” is a potential catastrophe for the manner in which human species-nature has developed, so far, within the kind of ‘human phenome’ produced by humanity’s ‘capital-value-praxis’, and for the way in which that human species-nature may react if it fails to concretely transcend that ‘capital-praxis’ as that praxis becomes increasingly impractic[e-]a[b]l[e]’, given a failure of the wage-labor relation to provide sustenance for a growing proportion of the working/middle-class population.

But the human phenome produced, to-date, by the historical praxis of the human species, including its latest, ‘capital[-only]-valuing’ form, has also the potential to innovate new ‘social ontology’, new social relations of social reproduction ‘socio-ontology’ -- a new, higher social relation of production, succeeding and superseding the capital/wager-labor relation as predominant social relation of social reproduction.

‘Generalized Equity’ is our name for our vision of that successor social relation of production, and for the successor system of human-social reproduction arising from it, and on its basis.

Within it, the newly-recognized ‘‘‘Equitist’’’ human right of ‘Citizen Stewardship Equity’ means that all citizens who are participants in a successful, publicly-capitalized producers’ cooperative, competing with others such, will have at least two streams of personal income:  (1) compensation for time worked on behalf of the cooperative, and (2) an equal share in the net operating surplus [transformed ‘‘‘profits of enterprise’’’] of that cooperative. 

Suppose that the work-time needs of that socialized producers’ cooperative fall-off, because of the democratically-decided application of AI/automation/robotics technology within that cooperative.  Then, however the cooperatives’ members decide to share that fall off in work time among themselves, and the corresponding fall-off in their compensation for time worked, they still retain their equal shares in the net operating surplus ‘‘‘profits’’’ of that cooperative.  The “individual property” [Marx] of each member of that cooperative “association of producers”, given “good behavior”, is inalienable.

For citizens not owning “individual property” in such a socialized producers’ cooperative, the newly-recognized ‘‘‘Equitist’’’ human right of ‘Citizen Birthright Equity’ would shield them from privation while unemployed. 

The ‘Citizen Birthright Equity Trust Funds’ form an inalienable, absolutely-portable social safety net for each person born into ‘Equitable Society’. 

These individual ‘Citizen Birthright Equity Trust Funds’ would be funded, in large part, by the ‘Social Rents’ paid, monthly, by the ‘Citizen Stewardship Equity’ socialized producers’ cooperatives, in return for their use of ‘Social Property’, in the form of their means of production, provided to them by the public as ‘Socialized Venture Capital’, from the ‘National Office of the Custodian of Social Property’, via the competing ‘Social Bank’ producers’ cooperatives, chartered by that Office.


Miguel Detonacciones,

Member, Foundation Encyclopedia Dialectica [F.E.D.],
Officer, F.E.D. Office of Public Liaison.

Monday, June 19, 2017

Seldon: ‘Euphĕnics’, a Rebuttal to Ruling Class “Eugenics”.

Seldon:  Euphĕnics’ -- A Rebuttal to Ruling ClassEugenics.

Dear Readers,

FYI --

It is my pleasure, and my honor, as an Officer of the Foundation Encyclopedia Dialectica [F.E.D.] Office of Public Liaison, to share with you, from time to time, as they are approved for public release by the F.E.D. General Council, key excerpts from the internal writings, and sayings, of our co-founder, Karl Seldon.
This new, latest release is pasted in below [Some E.D. standard edits have been applied, in the version presented below, to the direct transcript of our co-founder’s discourse].



Miguel Detonacciones,

Member, Foundation Encyclopedia Dialectica [F.E.D.],
Officer, F.E.D. Office of Public Liaison.


... Ever since the late 1800s at least, what has become the ‘Rocke-Nazi’ faction of the ruling plutocracy has always harbored -- sometimes more publicly, sometimes less so -- what they call ‘ “Eu”-genics” ’ -- or what we might interpret as meaning ‘ “Eu”-Genome-ics ’ -- as their ultimate strategy for the “bettering” of humanity:  as their “Final Solution” to the[ir] “Humanity Problem”.”

“Their “Humanity Problem” is, really, the problem, from their point of view, that, with the growth of the social forces of production, the rest of humanity tends increasingly to grow -- and, in the process, to outgrow them and their socio-politico-economic power.”   

“The solution, for the ‘descendence-phase’, ‘Rocke-Nazi’ faction of the ruling class [as distinct from, e.g., the ‘Roosevelt faction’, by now nearly completely exterminated, in terms of its potential leadership, by the ‘Rocke-Nazi’ faction], always amounts to stopping, and then to reversing that growth -- the growth of the social forces of production, including stopping/reversing the growth of that which is its core:  human population itself.”   

“Of course, the ‘Rocke-Nazis’ are willing to make a few exceptions -- allowing & encouraging the development of technologies that have military uses for mass murder -- “weapons of mass destruction” -- and electronic technologies with the potential for total and totalitarian surveillance of all of their “subject” humans at all times, to the degree of George Orwell’s 1984, and beyond.”

“But with regard to technologies such as nuclear fusion power, well, simply notice that no inventor of fusion machines -- since Philo Farnsworth, since Robert Bussard, since Eugene Mallove, etc., etc. -- can ever buy life insurance.  ... Fusion inventors suffer from a ‘‘‘pre-existing condition’’’ that no insurance company will countenance among its life insurance insurees, and they suffer that condition with even greater severity than do members of the erstwhile Rooseveltian-faction Kennedy family. ...” 

“No, except for such few exceptions, the ‘Rocke-Nazis’ Final Solution involves technological devolution, de-industrialization, “dumbing-down” of the working/middle classes, denial of mass higher education, e.g., by making it unaffordable, as well as by inducing mass “autism”, mass “dementias”, etc., etc., and an [omni-ethnic’] “cleansing” of the human genome -- by means of a ~95% “reduction” in global human population.” 

“Just listen to the vile voices of the ‘Rocke-Nazi’ intellectual-prostitute spokes-servants mouthing, with ‘exo-sadistic’ glee, their public proclamations of this ‘ “Eu”-genical Final Solution --

“Ironically, to the extent that there is any genomic basis to the ultra-criminal mass-murderousness of the ‘Rocke-Nazi’ faction itself, then, if that faction were to win out, their “Eu”-genic genomic “cleansing” of humanity would only mean increasing the frequency of the ‘Rocke-Nazis’ own offending alleles in the remaining human gene pool -- if, indeed, any humans remained at all after such a “victory”.”

“In the process of our fighting the ‘Rocke-Nazis’ tooth-and-nail for the survival, and for the eventual ‘thrival’, of humanity, there is a key weapon which we must wield with ever-increasing precision if humanity is to defeat the ‘Rocke-Nazi’ ‘‘‘antihumanists’’’ in time:  Let us call it ‘Euphĕnics’.” 

‘Euphĕnics’ means the continual and actual cleansing, not of “the human genome”, but of ‘the human phenome’, from the scourge of anti-science, of ideology -- of ideological contamination -- that continually tends to recrudesce, throughout the epoch of capitalist humanity, including inside modern science itself.”

“The means to this continual cleansing of the human phenome is the practice of consistent, continuing dialectical immanent critique, based upon vigilant monitoring for new outbreaks of ideology, whether consciously sponsored by the descendence-phase ruling class, or simply resulting from the specifically and characteristically ‘ideology-genic’ processes of ‘the social unconscious’, throughout the epoch of its capital-relation-domination.”

“This -- the immanent critique of ideology -- was the primary praxis of Karl Marx and Frederick Engels.  It should continue to be our primary praxis as well. ...

Thursday, June 08, 2017

Seldon: The Capitalist Mentality Blocks Productive Force Advance.



The Prevailing Mentality of the Capitalist Epoch Itself Enfetters the Progress of Science, mathematics, Engineering, and Technology -- "The Growth of the Social Forces of Production".

Dear Readers,

FYI --

It is my pleasure, and my honor, as an Officer of the Foundation Encyclopedia Dialectica [F.E.D.] Office of Public Liaison, to share with you, from time to time, as they are approved for public release by the F.E.D. General Council, key excerpts from the internal writings, and sayings, of our co-founder, Karl Seldon.
The text pasted-in below is another case in pint [Some E.D. standard edits have been applied, in the version presented below, to the direct transcript of our co-founder’s discourse].



Miguel Detonacciones,

Member, Foundation Encyclopedia Dialectica [F.E.D.],
Officer, F.E.D. Office of Public Liaison.

... The ontological and/or metrical ‘re-qualification’ of key nonlinear differential equations -- i.e., the ‘‘‘multiplication’’’ of such “purely”-quantitative equations by dialectical-arithmetical ontological and/or metrical qualifier ‘meta-numbers’ -- that first becomes possible for us via the seventh, Rmu dialectical arithmetic, and that is also carried forward/«aufheben»-conserved in its sequel systems of dialectical arithmetic in our standard progression of such systems/languages -- given its ‘qualifier nullification’ axiom, solves the division by zero conundrum of those nonlinear differential equations.”
“That is, ‘re-qualification’ solves the scandalous problem of their “singularities”; it solves the problem of their “infinite erroneous” at and after their moments of irreversible “singularity”; it solves the problem of their “infinity residuals” at such moments.”
“But such ‘re-qualification’ goes against the grain of the entire cognitive/ideological tide of the last ~500 years of the psychohistory of Terran humanity, as documented in texts of great psychohistorical insight by, e.g., Jacob Klein [e.g., Greek Mathematical Thought and the Origin of Algebra], and Alfred W. Crosby [e.g., The Measure of Reality:  Quantification and Western Society, 1250-1600].”

“Such ‘re-qualification’ contravenes the overall trend of capitalist modernity, of the modern «mentalité» entire.  And yet, this counter-trend of mathematical re-qualification is also emergent in our times, ever more so with the deepening of the descendence phase of the epoch of capitalism. ...

Wednesday, June 07, 2017

Seldon: A Failure of Capitalist "Universal Labor" [Marx], Blocking the Advance of the Social Forces of Production; A ‘‘‘Psychohistorical’’’ Problem.




Part 03:  The Seldon -- A ‘‘‘Psychohistorical’’’ Problem.

Dear Readers,

FYI --
It is my pleasure, and my honor, as an Officer of the Foundation Encyclopedia Dialectica [F.E.D.] Office of Public Liaison, to share with you, from time to time, as they are approved for public release by the F.E.D. General Council, key excerpts from the internal writings, and sayings, of our co-founder, Karl Seldon.
A case in point is the text pasted in below.  [Some E.D. standard edits have been applied, in the version presented below, to the direct transcript of our co-founder’s discourse].

Miguel Detonacciones,
Member, Foundation Encyclopedia Dialectica [F.E.D.],
Officer, F.E.D. Office of Public Liaison.

... Modern humanity -- modern mathematico-science -- has failed to solve general nonlinear differential equations, and, in particular, to discover the general solutions to the differential equations that represent the “laws” of Nature -- e.g., the Newton gravity equations for more than 2 mutually-gravitating bodies [e.g., for stars and planets], the Einstein gravity equations of the General Relativity Theory, the Navier-Stokes equations for flowing matter [e.g., for weather systems], the Klimontovich and Vlasov equations for ionized gases [e.g., for fusion plasmas] -- in short, has failed, so far, to break through ‘‘‘The Nonlinearity Barrier’’’.”

“It is our hypothesis that this failure is no merely technical difficulty, no mere failure of mathematical ingenuity, nor is it merely due to a historically-generic “complexity”, to a sheer “objective difficulty” of discovering and expressing such solutions.”

“It is an historically-specific failure, a failure of the modern «mentalité»; of the modern ideology.”

Nonlinearity is not just a mathematical-technical problem:  It is a psychohistorical problem. ...