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Globalization is also Global Proletarianization -- GLOBAL STRATEGIC HYPOTHESES.

Globalization is also Global Proletarianization -- GLOBAL STRATEGIC HYPOTHESES.

Dear Readers,

In this blog-entry, below, I remark upon a little-noted aspect of “globalization” -- little noted especially among those participating in the so-called “anti-globalization” movement.




GLOBAL STRATEGIC HYPOTHESES.  Capitalist “globalization” is also global proletarianization. 

And proletarianization -- the imposition of wage-labor-based self-selling, self-alienation, wage-labor prostitution -- never has been a pretty process.

But, even in its global descendence phase*, capitalism inherently, all but inexorably moves to spread its World Market, ever more extensively and ever more intensively, across the globe, to the very last patch of “landed property”.

An ineluctable aspect of that ‘capital-relation globalization’, is the globalization of the ‘wage-labor relation’, the spread of proletarianization, e.g., by the conversion of former rural and agricultural independent producer populations into urban proletarians, and by the rise of a global “middle”/working class as a result.

The global social revolution that descendence phasecapitalism itself makes a survival necessity for the global majority of humanity is all but impossible to conceive without the formation of a majority proletarian class worldwide.

And, as much as the Rocke-Nazi ruling faction of the global capitalist class would like to have perpetuated “Third World” depredation and deprecation of the majority of humanity in perpetuity, they have failed to do so.  In desperate haste, they are falling all over themselves to concoct new micro-enthnicist, micro-religionist, micro-racist, etc., ideologies, seeking, ‘‘‘Swiftly’’’, to marshal those proletarians whom they have been able to “successfully” delude into massacring each other over, e.g., which end of the hard-boiled egg one “must” open first. 

Their own capitalist system has betrayed them once again -- this time, not just by their crisis of falling profitability due to  ‘technodepreciation’, but by their crisis of global proletarianization. 

Industrialization and wage-working-class expansion is, of course, by now well underway -- in China, in India, in South Africa, in Brazil, and “even” in Russia again, as well as elsewhere in the [former] semi-periphery; in their becoming-former “Third World”.

The Rocke-Nazi ruling faction of the global capitalist ruling class is now beyond-desperate -- even more so now that their global rule is under challenge by a nascent, and working-class-allied, Trump “populist” faction of the capitalist ruling class, and by working-class-allied populist movements throughout the global capitalist core.

They are rushing their plans for an attempted character-assassination of Trump, and of the Trump faction, now to be fueled by the accusations-only, no-due-process-of-law firings and resignations of many of their failed prostitute-politicians and presstitutes -- who failed to wield their positions of privilege in the Rocke-Nazi media and governmental establishments to stop the Trump movement -- on charges of sexual misconduct, hoping to mount, by their media, a wave of precedent that will topple Trump on similar charges.

They are escalating their attacks, via all kinds of stealth-humanocidal weaponry, on the livelihoods and the very lives of the U.S. working/middle class -- although the Trump pro-profitability/re-industrialization program for the lower layers of the U.S. industrial capitalist class is increasingly interfering with their plans -- and they are preparing, e.g., their latest “GMO”, ‘genomically re-engineered’, aerosol-vectored designer diseases, like their Eric-Pianka-promoted aerosol-spread Ebola virus, to quickly dispatch Russia, China, India, Africa, Latin America, etc., once they have [they hope] liquidated the Trump faction, and totally triumphed against U.S. popular democracy, and totalitarianized, and begun FEMA-camp extermination of, the rest of the remnant U.S. working/middle class.  Otherwise, all of their humanocidal machinations in the U.S. would simply hand over global rule to a new Chinese, and/or Russian, and/or Indian, etc., [state-]capitalist ruling class.

But, more than at any other time since the global fall of Stalinist state-capitalism, circa 1989 C.E./B.U.E., the Rocke-Nazis humanocidal plans are in growing jeopardy.

*[By the descendence phase of the global capitalist system, we mean the phase which begins with a secular, long ‘techno-deflation’, when core ruling class industrial fixed capital investment, if continually exposed to competition from new entrants and new technologies worldwide, and especially from the upstart capitalist semi-periphery, has become unprofitable; has entered into negative profitability, due to the very growth of the social forces of production that is driven by the capital social-relation-of-production itself, by capital[ist]’s quest for relative surplus-value; i.e., due to social-productive-force-growth-induced depreciation, ‘technodepreciation’. 

This manifests in rising write-offs, against gross profits, of the entire historical/original value of “morally depreciated”, obsolescence-depreciated but not yet amortized portions of that core ruling class fixed capital, such that the value written off against gross profits episodically exceeds, in monetary magnitude, that gross profit itself. 

We mean the phase that continues with the reaction of the core capitalist ruling class to and against this, their mortal predicament, and the continuing global program/global pogrom to which it has given rise.

I.e., this phase continues with that ruling class’s enfetterment of the further growth of the productive forces, and eventually, their action to reverse that historic growth. 

This continuation includes the imposition of Federal Reserve style central banks worldwide, the taxing of working-class wages-incomes to finance this enfetterment, including the recruiting, arming and imposition of anti-industrialization, de-industrializing comprador military dictatorships throughout the semi-periphery -- the ruling-class imposed formation of the “Third World”.

This continuation also includes the fomentation of World Market ‘Designer Depressions’ and ensuing mass murderous World Wars and Eugenics-excused genocides, the promulgation, financing and propagation of the Eugenics ideology pro-forced-sterilization/pro-abortion/pro-“euthanasia” ideologies, and, later, of its re-named variants -- the “limits to growth”, pro-zero-population-growth [pro-negative-population-growth], and pro-zero-economic-growth [pro-negative-economic-growth] ideologies, “small is beautiful” ideologies, “people-are-pollution” environmentalism / ‘ecologism’ ideologies, “neo-primitivist” ideologies, and the presently prevalent “global warming”-excused permanent global austerity ideology, plus the inducement of “divide-and-conquer” enthnicist, religionist, racist, etc., [un]civil strife and mass-murderous civil wars throughout the semi-periphery, leading to mass migration mass death and the re-Nazi-fication of the polities inundated by these desperate mass migrations, and via the Rocke-Nazi ruling classs arms cartels, etc., plus Stealth Humanocide drug wars, sex-slavery cartels, genomically-engineered, “GMO” ‘designer diseases’, autism-inducing ‘pseudo-vaccines’, dementia-inducing and obesity/diabetes-inducing ‘pseudo-foods’, Rockefeller-AMA opioid prescriptions hyper-escalation-induced heroin/fentanyl addiction surge/overdose mass death, and side-effects-cascading, lethal pharmaceutical ‘pseudo-medicines’, etc., etc., etc.] 

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Internet Dialogue on Psychohistory, Asimovian and Actual.

Internet Dialogue on Psychohistory, Asimovian [fictional] versus Actual.

Dear Readers,

In response to a recent blog entry by Venkatesh Rao, entitled "Prolegomena to Any Dark_Age Psychohistory" --


-- I wrote the following:

First, let me say that I celebrate both the vast but integrating scope of your discourse, and the ‘lyricality’ of its delivery!

There is an opus of which you may not be aware, but might wish to integrate parts of, into your own world vision.

This opus is also deeply engaged with, and deeply inspired by, the Asimovian Foundation mythos.

This opus involves very specific definitions of both the term “Dark Age” and the term “[Global] Renaissance” --

It authors also weave their discourse in the dialectic of memes and genes -- in that of what they call ‘The Human Phenome’ in co-evolution with “The Human Genome” --

Indeed, applying their discovery of a breakout into new mathematical territory, involving a ‘contra-Boolean’ algebra of logic which is grounded in a “non-standard model of the Natural numbers”, they have derived a system of seven simultaneous ‘psychohistorical-dialectical meta-equations’ --  

-- which focus upon a newly-discovered tractable core within the turbulence of human history, including one ‘meta-equation’ that directly addresses the ‘Human Phenome’/”Human Genome” complex unity.

Their mathematical breakout also has something to say about the supposedly “unsolvable, in closed-form” nonlinear partial integro-differential equations in which most of our best to-date formulations of the “laws” of Nature are expressed, linking that “unsolvability” to the [locally] “unsolvable diophantine equations” into which the expressions implying “Gödel Incompleteness” of mathematical axioms-systems “deformalize”, marking the boundaries between one axiomatic system of arithmetic and its next-higher successor-system in the “incompletable” [Gödel] progression of ever-richer systems of mathematical language.

That breakout has something to say about mathematical “singularity” -- about the finite time divisions by zero that plague especially nonlinear differential equations --

And it has something to say about new kinds of “transcendental functions” that may solve nonlinear differential equations in a new kind of “closed, analytical form”.

Finally, their opus involves a programme for averting the ‘New/Final Dark Age’ upon which we are now verging --

-- and a new institutional design --

-- supporting a new “sentiment superstate” of ‘Global Renaissance’ and of human flowering, ‘planetary polis’ and beyond.

The authors of this opus are strong, to my reading, in the area of what might be called ‘collective-cognitive psychohistory’, but they are not so strong where I find your discourse to excel the most:  in the area of what might be called ‘collective-affective psychohistory’.

Perhaps there could be some “complementarity”?



Tuesday, November 21, 2017

‘HYPOTHESIS: The Depraved ‘Psychotic Drivel’ Permeating So Many of Today’s Hollywood Movies is Part of the ‘Rocke-Nazi’s’ ‘Global War Against Humanity’ -- GLOBAL STRATEGIC HYPOTHESES.

HYPOTHESIS:  The DepravedPsychotic DrivelPermeating So Many of Todays Hollywood Movies is Part of theRocke-Nazis’ ‘Global War Against Humanity -- GLOBAL STRATEGIC HYPOTHESES.

Dear Readers,

GLOBAL STRATEGIC HYPOTHESES.  The ruling, Rocke-Nazi faction of the U.S./Global ruling class -- the faction characterized, ideologically, by their anti-productive-forces-growth, capitalist descendence-phase capitalist anti-capitalism, and by their human anti-humanism -- have repeatedly, and publicly, though still only marginally, proclaimed their bloody, psychotic, and ultra-sadistic world-historical objective:  ~95% extermination of the human race, by the most torturous and agonizing means that their ultra-depraved imaginations can imagine [e.g., in the account of their scientist-prostitute, Eric Pianka, via a genomically-[re]engineered, aerosol-vectored Ebola global pandemic], as documented in the following entry to this blog --

-- as stated by their many spokes-servants -- ‘‘‘hired intellectuals’’’, intellectual prostitutesall -- and by their myriad whoreganizations, all that the Big Money of hyper-concentrated capital ownership can buy!

Now, if you can imagine yourself reading the mind of one of these serial-genocidal, humanocidal maniacs, how do you think you might find this mind planning, e.g., by psy-ops, to soften up humanity to facilitate leading us down their planned path to our own annihilation? -- Like they did to Weimar Germany, via their engineered hyper-inflation and designer hyper-depression -- their Global Great Depression I -- plus their massive funding of their Eugenics ideology there, soon morphing into the Nazi ideology of their ‘Servant-Dictator’, military-“intelligence” operative Adolf Hitler [until he turned against them, circa 1939, seeking to replace their global rule with his own -- i.e., until he turned ‘Franken-Dictator’].

What if they have the Big Money, to have the influence, including through Boards of Directors members, their agents, in interlocking Boards of Directors, spanning “competitive” barriers, and the wherewithal to even fund movies directly, when needed, and to select for success, those conformably psychotic movie-makers, to gradually, increasingly control and pervert the content, the context, the mood, and the messages-between-the-lines, of movie-making, especially ever since the 1960s? 

Have you noticed how depraved, how anti-human, how degrading, and how violence celebrating and catalyzing movies -- especially Hollywood movies -- have become, especially since the 1960s?

The majority of recent Hollywood films seem to me to be characterized by --

·         Subliminal reinforcement of tendencies to psychotic violence, e.g., to mass shootings [so that the Rocke-Nazis MK-Ultra/MK-Delta programmed-assassin mass murders, aimed at disarming the American people, is not their sole source of recruits for their gun violence mass assassination program/pogrom];

·         Inculcation and amplification of psychological despair, clinical depression, and abject misanthropic demoralization-by-hopelessness, in concert with the deteriorating social conditions of Global Great Depression II, engineered by the Rocke-Nazis, and manifested massively ever since 2008, e.g., to encourage even more drug addiction than they, and their CIA, have before, via opiates-induced de facto mass suicide, and egregious suicide rates among veterans of the Iraq and Afghanistan invasions, on the part of soldiers unable to reconcile themselves with the massive crimes against humanity -- e.g., the sadistic torture, rape, and murder of non-combatant civilians, and the intentional and by design collateral damage mass murders of such civilians -- into which they were unknowingly recruited;

·         Degradation of the social image of women, and promotion of longstanding jock denigratory and rapistic attitudes toward women;

·         Exacerbation of all of the Rocke-Nazi-appropriated-or-originated divide-and-conquer lines of human-social separation and antagonism/mutual-alienation

-- to name but a few of the hyper-destructive aspects of this Rocke-Nazi psy-op.

Marx and Engels observed long ago to the effect that ‘‘‘the ideas of the ruling classes are, in every epoch of class society, the ruling ideas’’’.

Today, with the ‘Marxianly’-predictable global domination of the predictably anti-productive-forces-growth, descendant-phase, capitalist anti-capitalist and human anti-humanist ruling class faction, this observation needs to be updated by the following addition:  ‘the depravities of the ruling class are, in the final ‘half-epoch’ of human pre-history [cf. Marx], the ruling depravities.

If we fail to defeat these depravities, and the ruling class faction that, by design, proliferates and amplifies them, then we may never get to that possiblehuman[e] historyproper -- that new history of global human thriving and flourishing -- whose possibility resides on the other side of this descendence phase of burgeoning, Rocke-Nazi-orchestrated hell on Earth.

In Solidarity,

Miguel Detonacciones,

Member, Foundation Encyclopedia Dialectica [F.E.D.],
Participant, F.E.D. Special Council for Public Liaison,
Officer, F.E.D. Office of Public Liaison.

Tuesday, November 07, 2017

‘Excerpt from a Recent ‘‘‘Political’’’ Dialogue’: GLOBAL STRATEGIC HYPOTHESES.


Excerpt from a Recent ‘‘‘Political’’’ Dialogue: GLOBAL STRATEGIC HYPOTHESES.

Dear Readers,

I have transcribed below, for your consideration, an excerpt from a dialogue in which I recently participated.



Miguel Detonacciones,

Member, Foundation Encyclopedia Dialectica [F.E.D.],
Participant, F.E.D. Special Council for Public Liaison,
Officer, F.E.D. Office of Public Liaison.


First Interlocutor.  I went . . . to a metaphysical conference (3-days) here in . . . which was quite interesting.  Especially of interest to me were the discussions and agreement that there were multiple shooters at the tragic (false flag) event which occurred in Las Vegas recently.

Also there was some discussion regarding the media bashing of President Trump (despite his errors and flaws -- that of course everyone has), that this is happening because he is not totally owned by the cabal/illuminati -- interesting:  a term again that those in the know are pulling away from because “illuminati” means enlightened and those that are in this cabal are NOT enlightened!!

And now Trump is releasing more of the documents on the JFK coup.  And then today I saw a piece in the Las Vegas paper that Scott Pruitt, the EPA chief, is replacing many of the “expert advisors” for health and environmental issues.  As Pruitt states: “Whatever science comes out of the EPA shouldn't be political science.”  What a breath of fresh air!!!

President Trump and his advisors are following a much needed but dangerous path as they are going up against some of the most evil Nazi-leaning individuals in our world.

Wishing him success as we and this country need it!

Second Interlocutor.  Almost all of the supposedly “separate”, and supposedly separately-edited, mass media “news” programs have become one SINGLE news program, under a single, Rocke-Nazi, editorship: The Dump on Trump Hour.

Yes, the Rockefeller-“owned” mass media are in an all-out media civil war to discredit Trump -- dumping on him for everything he does, NO MATTER WHAT HE DOES -- in preparation for a planned impeachment of Trump, i.e., for a coup d’état, disguised as an impeachment -- after the Congressional midterm elections, which the Rockefellers plan to “fix” so that their Democrat-whores, plus some still of their Republican-whores as well, win majorities in both Houses of Congress.

Might not work, if the Rockefellers fail to block Trump’s tax cuts, which should really “rev up” our economy, to GDP growth rates > 3%/year, and, to some degree, get the social forces of production growing again.

Make no mistake, Trump is a capitalist pig, but his programs, designed to increase profit rates for the smaller capitalists, who the Rockefellers have also targeted for destruction, are the best that the working/middle class can hope for right now.  At least Trump is holding off the Rockefellers deadly plan to outlaw coal energy, their planned Global Warming Austerity, their TPP, etc., etc.

As to “The Illuminated Ones”, I couldn’t agree more:  It is STUPID -- SELF-defeating -- for we in the opposition to the Rockefeller program/pogrom to call them the “top”, when they are only the most heinous, worst extorters of vampire blood money in history; to call them the “Elite” inverts the scale of human merit, for they are really the most vile scum of humanity ever seen to-date, or to call them “The Illuminati”, when they represent the bloodiest depth of INhumanity to which any faction of humanity has ever sunken so far.  Per their published statements, THEY PLAN TO MURDER, IN THE MOST SADISTIC WAYS THAT THEY CAN IMAGINE, ~ 95% OF THE HUMAN SPECIES, AND THAT GLOBAL MASS MURDER PLAN IS ALREADY WELL UNDERWAY, ALBEIT STILL ONLY IN ‘‘‘STEALTH’’’ MODE!!! --

That’s why I call them by a much more apt name:  The Rocke-Nazis.

I think that it is possible that Trump may have made a “deal” with The Rocke-Nazis about the Kennedy Assassination Files.  I think that he has agreed to hold back those few files that are most revealing about how the Rockefeller-“owned” CIA murdered JFK, in exchange for an agreement by The Rocke-Nazis to cut back on their planned “coup d’état” preparations against Trump. 

I would like to hope that he has them “over a barrel” with those key remaining files, and can thereby get them “off his back” for a while.  If the truth about the Rockefeller murders of John Kennedy, Robert Kennedy, Martin Luther King, Jr., and John Kennedy, Jr., etc., ever comes out while Trump is President, the Rockefeller faction is “toast”, and they know it. 

However, the popular reaction to such a revelation could bring down other factions of the [state-]capitalist ruling class as well -- even the non-Rockefeller-owned Republican faction of the [state-]capitalist ruling-class, maybe even the emerging Trump faction.  So Trump may be hoping he doesn’t have to release those files -- that the Rockefeller faction will “knuckle under” without him having to “make good” on his threat to release those key, Rockefellers-incriminating files.  But my realism says:  Fat chance!

Sunday, October 29, 2017

Proudhonian/Fourierist “Serial Laws” in relation to Seldonian Dialectical “Laws of Development”.

Proudhonian/Fourierist Serial Laws in relation to Seldonian Dialectical Laws of Development.

Dear Readers,

FYI:  Foundation Encyclopedia Dialectica [F.E.D.] plans to post a new text module, stating our findings regarding serial laws, to the Applications Page of the www.dialectics.org web site, as part of the preparations for the forthcoming essay, to be entitled Universal Algorithmic-Heuristic Method, by our co-founder, Karl Seldon. --

For your convenience, I have also posted this new text module below.



Miguel Detonacciones,

Member, Foundation Encyclopedia Dialectica [F.E.D.],
Participant, F.E.D. Special Council for Public Liaison,
Officer, F.E.D. Office of Public Liaison.