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Part 5 of 6: The Political-Economic "Law of Motion" of Modern Society

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Below is part 5 of my 6-part serialization of the Equitist Advocacy group’s essay "The Political-Economic Law of Motion of Modern, Capital-Based Society -- The 'Sociotaxis' Toward [State-]Capitalist Totalitarianism as Political-Economic Attractor".

As with my previous serialization, here, of their "Malady and Remedy" manifesto, I have felt free to add to and/or to re-write portions of the text which I feel need updating, or other improvement(s).

The Equitist Advocacy group’s original essay can be accessed via the following URLs --



The Political-Economic "Law Of Motion" of Modern, Capital-based Society --

The 'Sociotaxis' to State-Capitalist, Humanocidal Totalitarianism as 'Political-Economic Attractor'

Part 5 of 6:  The Capitalist Ruling-Class Origins of the 'Pro-Decadence Ideologies' of 'Zeroism'/'''Negativism''', of "Neo-Primitivism", and of "Eco-Fascism" --

'Capitalist Anti-Capitalism'

The divide-and-conquer dis-information that the 'Meta-Nazi's' hired liars dish out for public consumption — for consumption by the majority, producing population — is not the same content as that which these intellectual prostitutes tell their masters behind closed doors.

Suppose a dominant faction of the capitalist plutocracy — the faction that we have named the 'Meta-Nazis' — were to conclude that Marx was right?

Suppose that faction concluded that Marx was essentially right, in that the continued growth of the "productive forces", i.e., of human-societal self-productivity; the continued advancement of science, technology, and the technical composition of capital, motivated via the competitive-capitalist pursuit of transient relative surplus-value super-profits, with the concomitant increases in the technical composition of labor, in working-class education-levels, skill-levels, wages-levels, standards of living, standards of health, and of disposable time, would, at length, produce a world ungovernable by them; a world no longer susceptible to their "invisible" tyranny; a world in which their "perks", their lives of "privilege" — their lives of pillage, torture, rape, and mass murder — would no longer be possible or tolerated; a world in which continued, accelerating scientific/technological advancement would 'techno-depreciate' the accumulated capital-value of their hyper-concentrated fixed-capital assets, the foundation of their socio-politico-economic power [e.g., consider the impact of the invention of 'water-burning' fusion power reactors on the capital-value of the capitalist plutocracy's petroleum capital-properties].

Would they then come to believe that the continued growth of the social forces of production is their greatest enemy?

Would they, globally, but secretly, declare war on the continued growth of the social forces of production, and of the global interdependency of the world market which inherently accompanies it, in favor of "[re-]localism"?

Would they then embark upon a massively-funded, global ideological and physical campaign of reversing the growth of the productive forces?
Of proclaiming "An Era of Diminished Expectations"?

Of proclaiming that "Small Is Beautiful" — especially in the form of drastically reduced, 'medievally' "small", standards of living; of "austerity", and of a draconianly "small" share in social wealth for the producing majority [but not, of course, for them]?

Of proclaiming "Limits to Growth", and arguing for "Zero" [i.e., Negative] Economic Growth", and especially for "Zero [i.e., Negative] Population Growth"?

Of attacking science, technology, and the very idea of progress as "bad for the biosphere"?
Would they concoct a "Global Warming" hysteria to "justify" a hyperinflation of their oil prices and a catastrophic contraction in majority living standards — a global depression, of catastrophically-contracting social reproduction?

Would they therefore also contrive to reverse the growth of human population, which is, itself, the central moment of the growth of the social forces of production, and which is the necessary support for the growth of the human social forces of production in its other moments. 

Would they concoct a "People are Pollution" ideology to get the public to "look the other way" as they commit stealth genocide throughout the "Third World", through engineered famines, Black-Ops-orchestrated, arms-exports-fueled civil wars and civil strife, genomically-engineered "designer diseases" like AIDS, etc., etc.?

Would they fund the creation of the new, replacement "antagonistic cooperation" of "fundamentalist" pseudo-Christian, theocratic totalitarian, anti-feminist movements in the core, with "fundamentalist", pseudo-Islamic theocratic totalitarian anti-feminist movements [e.g., via the Wahhabist Madrasahs, funded, under core plutocracy orders, by the oil money of the Saudi Arabian branch of the global "Dictatorship of Petroleum"] in the periphery, so as to reflate the Military-Industrial Complex and massive deficit spending for "defense" after the collapse of the former system of "antagonistic cooperation", i.e., the collapse of the formerly "defense"-spending-justifying Stalinist "opposition" in the USSR and the PRC?

Would they then — as the next stage in their game-plan — utilize the staged antagonism between the two to "justify" the roll-back of civil liberties, the de facto repeal of representative-democratic constitutions, and dis-assembly of democratic institutions, and the assembly of the infrastructure of totalitarianism [e.g., the KGB-modeled "Department of Homeland Security"], to purchase vast quantities of “dum-dum” bullets, ostensively to "fight foreign fundamentalist terrorism", but really to be directed domestically, against the people of the advanced, core-capitalist countries, when the time came, according to their '''timetable to totalitarianism''', for a more open totalitarian state-terrorization of those core societies, as a key component of the Meta-Nazi's imposition of contracted social reproduction/productive forces contraction world-wide?

If so, then all of these "War On Terror" machinations within the U.S. are but cover and preparation for a "War on America", and, in truth, for a global "War on Humanity".

All of these machinations are cover for the new, second, global "Great Depression" that the 'Meta-Nazis' have been preparing to unleash upon the peoples of the world.

The last global "Great Depression" that the 'Meta-Nazis' arranged, in the 1930s, in the first debut of their — by now tried and true — '''bubble engineering''' technology -- perhaps first developed and tested by obediently Hitler-lauding, and democracy-deriding, lower-plutocracy servant-family patriarch Joseph Kennedy -- failed to bring about the global 'fascistization' that they had intended.

Hitler, the Meta-Nazis' erstwhile servant-despot, who they had so lavishly financed into power, with the help of the progenitors of the Bush family, among others, turned into a '''Franken-dictator''', turn-coat turning against them, his masters in the West.

Hitler's intent was to replace his masters with himself, to seize the totality of global social power for himself alone [thus, Hitler's temporary peace pact with Stalin, the Molotov–Ribbentrop Pact, signed a week before Hitler’s armies invaded Poland, launching World War II as his war with his ‘Meta-Nazi’ erstwhile masters] to put off the inevitable eventual Hitler-Stalin showdown until later — until Hitler had first dispatched his Meta-Nazi former masters in the U.K. and in the U.S.].

This, their "betrayal" by Hitler, aborted the Meta-Nazis' plan — for a global totalitarianism under their sole control — the last time around.

The Meta-Nazis were forced to ally with and ship supplies to Russian Stalinism, and to permit the Rooseveltean, "New Deal" concessions to the U. S. producing class, in order to enlist those two forces — which they had earlier targeted, in the former case, for elimination [the Meta-Nazi designed, ‘‘‘eugenocide’’’ plan « Generalplan Ost », and the original “Operation Barbarossa ”, to have been carried out by their servant-dictator Hitler], and, in the latter case, for totalitarian subjugation, at best — i.e., in order to harness both of these forces to save the Meta-Nazis’ asses from Hitler's global onslaught.

But now, since 1989, with both Hitlerism and Stalinism out of the way, the Meta-Nazis have, "at last", felt ready to try again!

The new Meta-Nazi-engineered global asset prices "bubble", now in the process of "bursting" globally, is designed, this time, to undo the Rooseveltean/Social-Democratic concessions throughout the advanced capitalist core, to discredit what is left there of "national democratic institutions", and to achieve, on their second try, the global victory of 'Meta-Nazism' — to which the Meta-Nazis publicly refer by euphemisms such as "The New World Order".

Why do the 'Biggest of the Big" 'Meta-Nazi' foundations invest millions of dollars every year in the "Small is Beautiful", "anti-population", "population control", “population reduction”, and "People are Pollution" propaganda?

Were the 'Meta-Nazis' really worried about global human population growth per se, they would just institute a global "Marshall Plan" for their entire “Third World”, and accelerate the emergence of industrial capitalism, money economy, and rising living standards there; that is, accelerate the onset of the "Demographic Transition".

Instead, they have only — and at length, after the failure of their protracted resistance — allowed such industrial development to be sustained mainly in Asia — especially in China, and, to a lesser extent [owing to their greater control there], in India, and in Brazil — where their power to resist that economic development has been at least temporarily broken.

Other Asian "outbreaks" of industrialization — in Japan, in the "Asian Tigers", etc., have already been largely torpedoed and 'carpet-baggered' [bought-out by agents of the 'Meta-Nazi's for pennies on the dollar], by the Meta-Nazi's usual 'bubble-engineering', 'reverse money-laundering' techniques.

However, the proto-rival that the Meta-Nazis perceive in their present "ally of convenience" — the emerging, hybrid state-capitalist / private-capitalist ruling class of China — is already slated for destruction in the 'Meta-Nazis' upcoming sequel, '''Global Mega-Depression / World War III''':  their attempted re-play, with a vengeance, of their failed, 1930s Global Depression/global 'fascist-ization', a sequel that the Meta-Nazis have long been fabricating, and "fine-tuning", and to which they are presently adding their “finishing touches”.

The "Demographic Transition" is the massively population-growth decelerating response of human population growth rates to the emergence of a money-economy, with social-democratic, money-pension/retirement social insurance programs in place, where children cost money to raise, and no longer serve as a ready labor-force and as an "old age social security" surrogate, as they do in impoverished, rural, agricultural, "traditional" societies.

This "Demographic Transition" is, so far, the most powerful contraceptive device ever discovered by humankind!

The later stages of the contraceptive power of the "Demographic Transition" are already contributing to the "spontaneous" "achievement" of negative population growth rates in many advanced industrialized nations.

But, for the Meta-Nazis to allow industrialization-driven "Demographic Transitions" in their servant-dictators-dominated "Third World", would be to allow 'technodepreciating' competition, from the latest, most-advanced vintages of fixed capital, installed first in those "Third World" -- initially also lower-wage -- nations, to wipe-out the Meta-Nazi's power-base in the capital-value of their old, obsolete, legacy fixed capital in the "First World", either owned directly by their families, or for the purchase of which their mega-banks provided the loans, loans never-to-be repayed to them if the "First World" industries go bankrupt due to that 'technodepreciating' competition from an industrializing "Third World".

For the Meta-Nazis to allow industrialization-driven "Demographic Transitions" in their servant-dictators-dominated "Third World", would also mean the development of an educated, technically-skilled, gradually more prosperous middle/working-class there -- a class that could eventually participate effectively in overthrowing the Meta-Nazi's 'servant-dictatorships' there, and, eventually, in helping to overthrow the Meta-Nazis themselves, globally.

Moreover, it is not "concern for the biosphere" that motivates the 'Meta-Nazi's' to resist and subvert, at every turn, the economic development of their "Third World".

The Meta-Nazis don't give a hang about "the eco-system", "the environment", "the biosphere", or "the [static] balance of nature", but their propaganda uses those phrases, and feigns concern about them, because, thereby, they can dupe a lot of well-meaning middle/working-class people into working for the interests of the Meta-Nazi ruling class [ultimately, for the Meta-Nazi's interest in exterminating those middle/working-class people], and against the interests of those well-meaning dupes.

Contrary to the lies spread by the 'Meta-Nazi's' hired liars, prosperous, wealthy societies have a much greater capacity and a far better track record of repairing and avoiding ecological damage than do desperately poor societies, as Julian Simon showed [  before the 'Meta-Nazis' "disposed of" him  ].

The "Meta-Nazis' resist, subvert, and reverse the growth of the productive forces in their "Third World" because the 'Meta-Nazis' fear competitive capitalism; because they fear the rising levels of education of the producing majority that arise, as a rising "technical composition of labor" concomitant to the rising "technical composition of capital"; because they fear rising levels of economic prosperity and disposable time among the producing majority; because they fear the advancing science and technology which come with rising industrialization, prosperity, education, and disposable time for the producing majority; because they understand that Marx was right; that the development of competitive capitalism leads beyond capitalism, and leads to an end of their power to rape and pillage humanity.

The "middle class" in modern, decadent-phase capitalist society is no longer the mercantile capitalist class of end-stage feudalism, nor, in majority, the remnant, still surviving, yet-to-be-expropriated "petty bourgeoisie" of ascendant-phase capitalism.

The "middle-class" of modern, decadent-phase capitalism is the labor-time-selling/-alienating, wage-labor [and "salaried"-labor] working-class, raised, in its living standards, as in its standards of knowledge and skill, from its early ascendant-phase hyper-privation, by the self-development of human praxis itself, as the capital-relation; by the rising relative-surplus-value productivity, and technical-composition/skill-composition, of accumulating capital-value itself — within fixed capital, within constant capital as a whole, and within variable capital.

The rise, and the increasing monetary and trans-monetary 'prosperization' of this "middle class" — the very working-class-incarnation of the growth of the productive forces — is seen, by the leading faction of the decadent-phase capitalist ruling-class — which ruling class is, by all accounts, already a "class-for-itself", even though the working class is not [yet] — as a mortal threat to its continued rule, and as its greatest, mortal enemy, targeted by that ruling class for total destruction worldwide.

The core plutocracy fears “the growth of the social forces of production” [Marx], both because it threatens to ‘technodepreciate’ the vast fixed capital assets -- e.g., the global petroleum capital assets -- at the base of their power, and because it requires and develops a  more educated, technically competent producer class that can become increasingly fit to take over production, and society as a whole, from the death-grip of the decadent-phase, destructive, totalitarian, ultra-criminal, ‘‘‘eugenocidal’’’, and ‘humanocidal’ capitalist-anti-capitalist plutocracy.

Thus, these "arch capitalists" have become anti-capitalist, but in a very peculiar way!

Capitalist anti-capitalism is not the same as the potentially revolutionary and dialectical, «aufheben» anti-capitalism, or 'trans-capitalism', of the producing majority!  ...


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