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Part 5. of 8.: Political-ECONOMIC DEMOCRACY

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This blog-entry contains the
fifth part of my serialization, within this blog, of the E.A.g.’s [Equitist Advocacy group's] “Way Forward” proposal, entitled Alternative to the Totalitarian, Humanocidal Self-Degeneration of Capitalism -- Political-Economic Democracy, with my own edits added to their text, for its improvement [improvement, at least, to my way of thinking!]. 


In my opinion, this text is too valuable to be treated as any kind of “sacred text”.

It needs to be “improved upon”, and circulated, «samizdat», worldwide, in such “improved” editions -- i.e., in as many versions as are seen as being needed, by every author who thinks that [s]he can “improve” upon it [including this one].

This text is under the Equitist Advocacy group’s omni-copyright umbrella [see item 6, Universal Property”, in text at:  ], so there are no “copyright violation” issues to hinder such circulation, whether such an edition, “improved” or not, is attributed anonymously, or under the name, or under a pseudonym, of the improving author, or under the name of the Equitist Advocacy group itself [although, in that case, the fact of the “improvement” of their original text by (an)other author(s) should be explicitly noted, obviously].

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Part 5. of 8. --

Alternative to the Totalitarian, Humanocidal Self-Degeneration of Capitalism -- Political-Economic Democracy

The Emergence of a Global

Association of Public Directors.


It is expected that Associations of Public Directors, coordinating ‘meta-enterprise’ level policies at the local level, the regional level, the national level, and, eventually, at the international level, will “naturally” tend to emerge over time, perhaps initially as a new kind of NGO [Non-Governmental Organization], and to eventually become institutionalized, constitutionalized, and electorialized.

This will create a situation of “dual power” between the political-economic Associations of Associations and the traditional, political branches of capitalist social governance.

But this should not be posed as one of unstable “dual power”, leading inevitably to the monolithic “total victory” of one of the two ‘duals’, and the total annihilation/abstract negation of the other.

Rather, it should be grasped as the basis for a new, fourth branch of government — of a partially democratized economic governance branch — and of an «aufheben» conservation/elevation/transformation of the earlier three branches of political government, leading to a government constituted by sustained quadruple power.

The new, democratic-economic governance branch would then exist in a higher, stabilized, ongoing — and partially conflicts-conserving, conflicts-appropriating, and conflicts-harnessing — dialecticaluni-thesis, or complex unity, with the three earlier branches, thereby supplying economic checks and balances that the political branches cannot supply, and that help to block the path, otherwise irresistible, toward the total prostitution and plutocratic totalitarian degeneration of those earlier three political branches of social governance.

Containment and ‘‘‘Real [Self-]Subsumption’’’ of the Capital-Relation by and within the New Social Relation of Production of Generalized Equity.


These Associations of Public Directors would supply a geography-based externalities container and constrainer for the many individual capitals operating within a given locality or region — capitals otherwise relatively ‘‘abstracted’’’ and geographically indifferent; indifferent to the deleterious impacts of the externalities they generate upon their local portions of humanity.

These Associations would thus constitute the «monads», or units, of a Meta-Capital entity, with each such «monad», or unit, of democratic-economic governance, ‘made up out of’ a heterogeneous multiplicity of “individual capitals” within their geographical locus-of-authority, in a democratic-jurisdictional sense.

These Associations would thus geo-demographically contain and ‘internalize / subsume the many capitals operating within their geographical jurisdictions, in terms of, and placing checks and balances upon, the otherwise unlimited production of externalities which the combination of gargantuan oligopolist agglomerations of capital, their monopolized/prostituted mass media of communication, and their prostitute, increasingly ‘‘‘plutocracy-owned’’’ political governments would otherwise unleash.

The “pure” private capital principle is a principle of private profit maximization at any human social/externality cost.

It is limited, within the epoch of the «Kapitals»-system, only by political checks, i.e., by economically-exteriorized, government legislature/bureaucracy regulation, and by litigation-triggered judicial intervention, in a context where all of these branches of political government are increasingly prostituted to a few, dominant agglomerations of internationalizing, plutocratic capital-ownership.

The Historical and Human-Social-Reproductive Terminality of the Un-Contained Capital-Principle.

Thus, the capital principle, when in its full development, at zenith, in the sub-epoch of its descendant phase — if not integrated within a higher socio-economic principle, i.e., as it moves to become the organizing principle of global society as a whole; of the human-social-reproductive totality — will become a principle of monopolistic, omni-ravenous, socially-cannibalistic rapacity and parasitic, vampiric malignancy; of unchecked, “absolute”, and therefore “absolutely corrupt” power, which will ravage and destroy the totality of human society, of the human species, and of the planetary biosphere as a whole.

That capital-principle, as personified in the capitalist plutocracy, so becomes in a vain defense of its ultra-criminal power-“perks”, and power-prerogatives.

That plutocracy sees those prerogatives as mortally threatened by the further growth of the productive forces, as materialized in, and immanent in, the improvement of majority [proletarian] standards of living, including standards of [scientific and technological, etc.] education, world-wide, as required by the growing “technical composition” of capital, and, therefore, by the growing technical composition of labor as well.

That plutocracy therefore, in the descendant phase of capitalist development, begins to systematically attack those standards.

It attacks those standards via the various ‘socially-atavistic’, “back-to-nature” ideologies it concocts, aiming to dupe the producing majority into acquiescence in a catastrophic, genocidal contraction of human social reproduction, as if “the survival of the biosphere” required such a massacre of humanity that, in reality, only the plutocracy requires, in its vain attempt to hold onto its rapacious oppressive power over the rest of humanity.

The «Aufheben» Historical [Self-]Negation

of the Capital-Relation

as Predominant Human-Social Relation of Production.

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