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GLOBAL STRATEGIC HYPOTHESES -- Behind the Recent Fall in the Rockefellers’ OIL TAX upon Humanity.


Behind the Recent Fall in the RockefellersOIL TAX upon Humanity.

Dear Readers,

The World Price, and the U.S. Price, of Petroleum, per barrel, has been falling steeply throughout the latter part of the last year, on into this year.

That price drop -- the dramatic cut in the Rocke-Nazi Plutocracy’s de facto taxation, without representation, of the rest of global humanity -- is, to a lesser extent, lowering gasoline prices, buoying consumer sentiment, making workers, in the U.S., and elsewhere, worldwide, feel as if their wages have risen, in effect; making them feel that their discretionary funds grown.

This oil price drop is also putting a growing squeeze on Putin’s Russia, Madero’s Venezuela, and other rebellious ‘Servant Dictatorships’ turned ‘Franken-Dictatorships’, which the Rocke-Nazi’s wish to punish, and to disempower, for their disobedience to their erstwhile masters.

In the midst of all this, the Saudi-dominated OPEC oil cartel has refused any cut-backs in oil supply that might bolster the world-market price of oil, or, at least, check its fall.  Indeed, they have let it be known that they will replace, from their reserves, any amount of oil supply reduction imposed by others, in an effort to boost or to stabilize world oil prices.  We are told, by the Rocke-Nazi ruled mass media, that this is simply because the Saudi’s want to “preserve market share”, even at the price of sinking net revenues for their resource.

However, as an old friend of mine is fond of saying:  Those oil sheiks don’t even fart without Rockefeller permission.

The plutocracy-controlled media tell us that these steep drops in oil prices is due simply to “market forces” -- to the rapid increase in the domestic oil supply within the U.S., and to a global drop in oil demand from, especially, China, India, and Brazil, as well as from Europe, as “economic growth” there is slowing, or even turning negative.

But I, for one, say “Bah, Humbug”! to all of this.

The ‘Rocke-Nazi’ Plutocracy, with their quasi-monopoly control of the dominant sources of oil supply, world-wide, and, until recently, including within the U.S., have shown a remarkable ability, in the past, to move world market oil prices their way.

Indeed, today, “market forces” has become a mere mass media euphemism, and code-word, no longer for any impersonal “invisible hand”, controlled by no single supplier, but for the ‘hidden hand’ of the Rocke-Nazi Plutocracy, manipulating both world commodity markets, and world stock markets, by ‘capital asset bubble engineering’, first tested and “perfected”, on a large scale, for them, by their erstwhile servant, Joseph Kennedy --

-- and other such means, for the preservation of the Rocke-Nazis’ power, and all of the “perks” of that power:  for their ultra-sadistic, psychopathic, sociopathic, ‘omnipathic’ lives of plunder, torture, rape, and mass murder.

So, I think we can rule out any idea that the Rocke-Nazis are plummeting oil prices out of the “goodness” of their “hearts”, for the benefit of humanity at large.

Indeed, their intellectual prostitutes have proudly and repeatedly proclaimed the Rocke-Nazis’ intent to eugenicidally’ massacre ~ 95% of the rest of the human race, as soon as they can manage it --

My hypothesis is that the core purpose of the Rocke-Nazi-engineered oil price plunge is to bankrupt the new, upstart oil producers, e.g., in the U.S., who have been giving the Rocke-Nazis, of late, a real “run for their money”, threatening to overthrow the Rocke-Nazis’ quasi-monopoly control of the world oil supply, and, thus, to severely compromise a key pillar of Rocke-Nazi Rule -- the Rocke-Nazis’ Global Dictatorship of Petroleum.

PREDICTION:  The hypotheses recounted above lead me to posit the following prediction --

After the new, upstart oil producers are made unprofitable by this protracted petroleum price plunge, recently only just begun; after the resurgence of working class incomes local to the Bakken oil/gas fields, and contiguous areas -- something the Rocke-Nazis pathologically HATE ever to see -- is beaten back into the ground; after the Rocke-Nazis have sent in their carpetbaggers, perhaps under disguises of disparate apparent ownership, to buy up those upstart’s former assets for pennies on the dollar; after the CIA overthrows the oil-prices-depleted Madero state-capitalist ‘Franken-Dictatorship’, and securely installs a new Rocke-Nazi ‘Servant Dictatorship’ in Venezuela; after the Rocke-Nazis bring their former Russian, Putin state-capitalist ‘Servant Dictatorship’ back to heel, and after U.S. and world oil supply is, once again, firmly under the control of the Rocke-Nazi Global Dictatorship of Petroleum, THEN We Shall See --

1)  Rapid re-escalation of the price of oil, deeply depressing world working class living standards, and the world market economy, plunging the world into another “Great Recession”, and;

2)  Renewed Rocke-Nazi prostitute-“scientists” claims of “Peak Oil” -- especially if the Rocke-Nazis’ ‘‘‘Neo-Eugenics’’’ plan to finish-off the world working class via their “Global Warming” ploy to collapse global working class living standards worldwide “To Save The Earth”, continues to falter, due to, e.g., repeated freezing-over of entire U.S. Great Lakes, etc. -- as yet another ‘‘‘Neo-Eugenics’’’ excuse for their calls to murder ~ 95% of the human race.  They have tried this “Peak Oil” mass extermination “justification” ploy before --

-- but, much to their anger, the new “upstart” gas and oil producers in the Bakken shale formation, and elsewhere, have, so far, given the lie to that ploy. 

Now, the Rocke-Nazis plan to exterminate, by oil price manipulation, this source of the undermining of their power, and of their "well laid" plans for unprecedented mass murder.

For a final end to the Global Nightmare of Rocke-Nazi Global Rule,



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