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‘Rocke-Nazi’ U.S.-Mexican “Drug War” ‘Stealth Humanocide’ Operation. GLOBAL STRATEGIC HYPOTHESES.


Rocke-NaziU.S.-MexicanDrug War” ‘‘‘Stealth Eugenics’’’, ‘Stealth HumanocideOperation.

Dear Readers,

Below is the text of our hypothesis regarding the ‘Rocke-Nazi’ ruling class’s orchestration of the Mexican-U.S. “drug war”, as a ‘Rocke-Nazi’ “black-ops”, ‘‘‘stealth eugenics’’’, ‘stealth humanocide’ operation, designed to directly reduce Mexican [and U.S.] population levels, and life-expectancies, as well as to suppress the progress in industrialization, in living standards, and in middle/working-class formation and emergence, that would otherwise be burgeoning in Mexico -- contrary to the Rocke-Nazi’s plans, for 95% global human depopulation, and for Orwellian state-capitalist police-state dictatorships for the survivors -- plans that the ‘Rocke-Nazi’ ruling class has long pursued, repeatedly so stating semi-publicly, as we have partially documented in the earlier blog-entry linked-to below --

-- which explains the motives of the ‘Rocke-Nazi’ ruling class in pursuing these ends, i.e., in pursuing YOUR end.

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Miguel Detonacciones

GLOBAL STRATEGIC HYPOTHESES:  The PBS [ITINTO:  PlutocracyBS”] commentator and interviewer, Charlie Rose, stated, in the final segment of his program, episode #6226, originally aired today, 03FEB2016, regarding the new independent movie [designed to destroy all hope, in its viewers, for positive social change in the Mexico, and in the U.S.] entitled “Cartel Land”, as follows:  The drug war in Mexico continues to claim lives as it shows no signs of abating.  A recent study showed that male life-expectancy rates have dropped by an average of seven months throughout the country.  More than 100,000 died in the drug war over the past decade.

So, the ‘Rocke-Nazis’ are getting what they want out of the Mexican “drug war”. 

Not only is the “drug war” killing thousands upon thousands of Mexicans, to the point of driving down Mexican male life-expectancy, and deeply disrupting Mexican industrialization, “economic development”, working/middle-class emergence in Mexico, and the “demographic transition” in Mexico, but they are corrupting the Mexican government with drug-money, and manufacturing mountains of “meth”, and other deadly drugs, much of which is shipped into the U.S., designed to destroy the bodies and minds of the U.S. drug users, and to inspire ‘stealth humanocide’ drug gang murders throughout the United States, especially throughout the ghettos of poverty, already long-since engineered by the ‘Rocke-Nazi’ ruling class, in the U.S.:  poverty-ghettos of unemployed [“reserve army”] labor, and/or of a permanently unemployed “underclass” to the U.S. working/middle-class.

AND, the ‘Rocke-Nazi’ ruling class is getting what it increasingly wants -- and what it is already increasingly getting, in part, via the ‘Rocke-Nazi’-engineered Alzheimer’s disease epidemic, autism epidemic and obesity/diabetes epidemics --

-- as well as via their newest, genetic-engineering-“enhanced, ‘GMO-Zika’ virus -- destruction of the cognitive powers of the older and of the younger generations of North and South Americans -- based upon the ‘Rocke-Nazi’ strategy of destroying the rest of humanity’s intellectual capacity to resist the Rocke-Nazis’ global pogrom.

¿If the ‘Rocke-Nazi’ ruling class is getting all of this -- that they so desperately want -- from the Mexican “drug war”, could it possibly be that the ‘Rocke-Nazis’ might possibly have a hand in possibly helping to create, and in possibly helping to sustain, this “drug war”?    

The ‘Rocke-Nazis’ are, increasingly, living lives of quiet -- and not so quiet -- desperation.

Their global system of servant military dictatorships -- servants to the Rocke-Nazis, brutal, economic-development-reversing, industrialization-reversing, "population-reducing" dictators to their own country-men/country-women -- by which the Rocke-Nazis created the “Third World”, are failing to prevent the “economic development”/industrialization of, and the emergence of new middle-/working classes in, China, India, Brazil, South Africa, and elsewhere -- even in Russia!

The toll of the ‘Rocke-Nazis’ generically-engineered “population control” pandemic, via earlier their ‘designer disease’, GMO-AIDS, is being partially beaten back by technological advances that the ‘Rocke-Nazis’ have proved unable to destroy, despite valiant efforts, on their parts, to do so.

The ‘Rocke-Nazis’ have also, so far, “lost their nerve” for escalating their recent GMO-Ebola epidemic “dress rehearsal”, into a genomic-engineering-enhanced, aerosol-vectored global GMO-Ebola pandemic.

The Rocke-Nazis’ 9-11 “false-flag”, “burning of the Reichstag” attack -- aided by the Rocke-Nazis’ Saudi Arabian ‘servant-dictatorship’, and by the Saudi-funded wahhabist madrassas, "schools" for terrorism, that shanghai hopeless, opportunity-less children, barely surviving under the deepening poverty engineered by the Rock-Nazis’ servant-dictatorships all over the Muslim world, and brainwash those children into mass-murderous “jihadis” -- e.g., to keep the Rocke-Nazis’ military-industrial complex from “getting restive”, if left without an enemy to "justify" their largesse, now that the old "justification" for their gargantuan “defense" budget/excess corporate welfare -- global Stalinism -- is dead -- has also failed, so far, to allow the ‘Rocke-Nazis’ to achieve a full outright repeal of the U.S. Constitution and Bill Of Rights, e.g., by the Rocke-Nazis’ recent illegal legislations, such as the USA “PATRIOT” [TRAITOR] ACT, the recent NSA-police-state-enabling FISA Court ‘retro-legalization’ legislations, and the recent National “Defense” Authorization Acts, that “legalize” U.S. government murder of U.S. citizens, without “due process of law”, etc., etc., etc. All these measures have failed to enable the ‘Rock-Nazis’ to impose a full-blown state-capitalist police-state Eugenicist dictatorship in the U.S., and in the U.K., and in Western Europe -- so far.

NOT ONLY THAT -- despite the ‘Rock-Nazis’ concerted attempts to “dumb-down” the U.S. population in particular -- via pharmaceutical, side-effects-cascade-engineered ‘pseudo-medicines’, and via diabetes-, heart-disease-,  cancer-, and dementia-inducing ‘pseudo-foods’, etc., etc. -- enough of the American people have caught on to what is going on -- to the Rocke-Nazis’ ‘dictatorship/exterminationm agenda’ -- sufficiently to awaken an unprecedented upsurge of “populist” rage, now manifesting not only in the ‘Rocke-Nazi’-owned “Republican” Party’s “right wing”, but also in the ‘Rocke-Nazi’-owned “Democratic” Party’s “left wing”, and threatening to destroy the crucial -- crucial for the Rocke-Nazis’ continued rule -- “divide and conquer” strategy of “left” versus “right” -- i.e., of keeping the American working/middle-class at each others’ throats, and, thereby, distracted, into not noticing the Rocke-Nazis’ ‘humanocidal’ agenda -- that is, this populist outrage is threatening to become a burgeoning “all-wing”/ “no wing”, unified populist movement of the American People as a whole, determined to overthrow the Rocke-Nazis’ ‘‘‘invisible dictatorship’’’ once and for all, before it becomes fully "visible", and unstoppable!

¿Can you blame, then, the poor ‘Rocke-Nazis’ -- whose populist-uprising-aggravated “nervous bowels” are now forcing them to change their silk underwear many more times per day than even the super-rich are wont to do -- for taking a little solace in the ultra-vicious activities of their drug gangs -- those “wholly-owned subsidiaries” of Rocke-Nazis International, Incorporated?

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