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[Forbes:] ‘Rocke-Nazi’ Rockefeller Foundation Suppresses Nuclear Power, Fearing ‘Technodepreciation’ of their Oil Assets -- GLOBAL STRATEGIC HYPOTHESES.

[Forbes:]  ‘Rocke-Nazi’ Rockefeller Foundation Suppresses Nuclear Power, Fearing ‘Technodepreciation’ of their Oil Assets -- GLOBAL STRATEGIC HYPOTHESES.

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On 01 July 2016, an article in Forbes magazine, online at --

-- by contributor Rod Adams, raises an interesting question about the ‘satanization’ of nuclear power by the Rockefeller Foundation, and by other elements of the ‘Rocke-Nazi’ ruling-class machine --

Why Would The RF Want People To Fear Even Tiny Doses Of Radiation?

“It’s difficult to find documented proof of why the Rockefeller Foundation and its board of particularly well-connected trustees desired this result.”

“People and organizations rarely reveal or write down why they make the decisions that they do.”

“However, there are at least two — and probably more — reasonably deducible explanations.”

The writer goes on to infer the following explanation --

“...the Board of Trustees for the Rockefeller Foundation understood the potential impact of unrestrained development of a proven alternative to burning coal, oil and natural gas. Its ability to continue performing its influential work would suffer significant financial contraction. As documented in its annual reports and financial statements, the Rockefeller Foundation endowment included a vast quantity of securities associated with the hydrocarbon industry and the banks that provided its projects with financial support.”

“Many of the members of the Board of Trustees had similar, but far larger, interests in slowing down the process of moving from the Hydrocarbon Economy to the kind of economy envisioned in Issac (sic) Asimov’s Foundation series and hinted at by the successful, highly-publicized operation of the USS Nautilus.”

“Since the beginning of the Industrial Age, the biggest risk facing hydrocarbon resource developers and investor has been the potential for over supplying the market for heat-producing fuel. Each fuel product has its uses, advantages and disadvantages, but they are all difficult to store safely. There have been dozens of cycles between high and unprofitably low prices in coal, oil and/or gas during the past 150 years. The lows have nearly always been the result of a temporary glut of product.”
“Nuclear energy offers an almost unlimited source of heat at incredibly low raw fuel costs. The residues remaining after fission are tiny and reusable. As welcome as that prospect is for most of us, it has a huge potential for disrupting the current world order.”

The writer concludes his article as follows --

“Some might believe that it was merely a coincidence that the RF determined that the public could not and should not trust what the Atomic Energy Commission said about the health effects of low level radiation.”

“I’m too skeptical about actions taken by powerful people who have proven that they are governed by the love of money. (That is a reasonably accurate definition of a certain type of capitalist who thinks that all corporate decisions should be based solely on their ability to generate profits.)”

“There’s little doubt in my mind that the no threshold assertion for genetic mutation and cancer initiation was at least partly a business-driven decision to create a fear-producing myth out of an assertion by credentialed scientists that was nearly impossible to prove or disprove.”

“Evidence seeking scientists have worked diligently to assemble a large body of experimental evidence and statistical analysis (I wrote about one example of that work here) that disproves the myth, but there remain many people in positions of responsibility and regulatory authority who have strong motives for refusing to change their minds. It’s time to take control away; there’s no legitimate reason to allow their “conservative” assumption to continue harming the rest of us.”

One response to this article that we should lodge here is our hypothesis that, in the case of the ‘Rocke-Nazis’, it is not simply “love of money” that motivates their depredations:  It is their “love” of power -- of the power to coerce, to enslave, to sadistically torture, and to sadistically murder, other human beings.   For them, money -- or capital -- is merely a means to power.

Their unchecked power has driven them mad -- has driven them to depths of depravity that are unexampled in human history.  Initially, Hitler and Stalin were but the Rocke-Nazis’ servants, and, in their concentration camp and gulag depredations, were but “Boy Scouts” in comparison to what the ‘Rocke-Nazis’ have planned, for you and your family. 

Fear of the loss of their power, e.g., due to ‘technodepreciation’ by, especially, fusion nuclear energy, is enough to motivate the ‘Rocke-Nazis’ to unlimited levels of mass murder and destruction of civilization. 

Not since the Neros and the Caligulas of the ancient world -- who helped to bring about the last Dark Ages -- has anything close to the Rocke-Nazis’ depths of depravity afflicted humanity. 

And the depravity of the ‘Rocke-Nazis’ far exceeds anything to which even Nero and Caligula could ever aspire.

If you find that hard to believe, then read what they have planned in their own words, and in the words of their ‘spokes-servants’ --

http://capitalismsfundamentalflaw-wayforward.blogspot.com/2013/03/plutocracy-publicly-proclaims-planned.html .

Finally, we should also note that the writer, Rod Adams, seems, to us, rather cavalier about the radiation externalities of fission nuclear energy production. 
Why not support the development of fusion nuclear energy, instead?  Zero-radioactivity fusion fuels cycles are known.

Not only do the best designs for fusion reactors-- decidedly not the ones supported by the ‘Rocke-Nazi’ establishment [I wonder why?] -- such as those developed by the [late] Dr. Bussard,  indicate far greater energy production efficacy than fission energy can ever hope to attain, but also at far lower cost per unit of energy produced.

Of course, support for the fusion option is not an easy choice -- the ‘Rocke-Nazis’ have done away with every scientist and/or engineer who has developed a working fusion reactor --

http://global-samizdat.org/Global-Samizdat/GS3-SuppressionOfNuclearFusionEnergy/GS3-SuppressionOfNuclearFusionEnergy.htm .



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