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Civil War within the U.S./Global Ruling Class? -- GLOBAL STRATEGIC HYPOTHESES.








¿Civil War within the U.S./Global Ruling Class? --

¿Giving Trump the Bump?

Dear Readers,

Below is my personal take on the global strategic situation of humanity in the wake of the Trump electoral victory, inauguration, and administration to-date.
The opinions which I share below do not necessarily reflect those of Foundation Encyclopedia Dialectica, or of the F.E.D. General Council.


GLOBAL STRATEGIC HYPOTHESES:  Generally speaking, the ruling, ‘Rocke-Nazi’ faction of the U.S./Global ruling class had been more jubilant, last year, than for many years past, dancing, in their psychotic and sociopathic -- indeed, ‘omnipathic’ -- ebullience, Hitler-jigs, and laughing like hyenas, all the way to their torture chambers [‘elite recreation facilities’].

After all, their gambit with the Syrian civil war, and with ISIS, armed and funded, under ‘Rocke-Nazi’ orders, by those ‘Rocke-Nazi’ arch-‘servant-dictators’, the Wahhabist Saudi monarchy, had advanced the Rocke-Nazis’ ‘humanocidal’ [ see: ] and ‘de-democratization’ agendas to an unprecedented degree. 

The pro-democratic, secularist revolution in Syria, encouraged only to be abandoned, under ‘Rocke-Nazi’ orders, by their Obama servant-regime in the U. S., has been crushed from all sides.  

Over half a million people have been brutally exterminated in Syria, mainly by the Assad regime and the Russians, as so skillfully arranged-for by the ‘Rocke-Nazis’, to hide their own orchestration of this “eugenocide” from behind the scenes.

The resulting wave of ‘out-migration’ by Syrians, fleeing that “eugenocide”, is destroying democracy in Europe, and crushing the earlier-burgeoning left populism there, while, in parallel, Turkey is descending into “Dark Ages”, Islamic-theocratic police-state totalitarianism.

Moreover, the ‘Rocke-Nazis’ seemed to be on the verge of imposing ‘humanocidal’ global austerity by means of their arch-excuse, “Global Warming” [re-named “Climate Change” due, in part, to recently proliferating symptoms of global cooling, instead], enabling them to destroy humanity “to save the planet” [i.e., in fact, to save their power -- their power to rape and pillage the defenseless remnant of humanity -- from overthrow by capitalism’s fatal flaw:  ‘technodepreciation’ -- devaluation of their accumulated, concentrated, centralized, consolidated fixed capital due to otherwise continuing, accelerating growth of “the social forces of production” [Marx].  See: ].

But just as their total victory -- and humanity’s total defeat -- loomed, along comes Trump, surfing on a wave of populism -- including on that of the Bernie Saunders’ left-populist “Political Revolution” -- but, in Trump’s case, more, again, in the form of right-populism.  But there are ‘Rocke-Nazi’-defying, potential Rooseveltian overtones in some of Trump’s programmatic, “pro-working-class” impulses.

And so, an unprecedented state of verbal warfare has broken out between Trump and a core, ‘‘‘Rockefeller-owned’’’ institution:  the CIA [and other elements of the “intelligence” “community”], as well as with the ‘‘‘Rockefeller-owned’’’ mass media.

The ‘‘‘Rockefeller-owned’’’ Federal Reserve has already threatened to undo every bit of working-class benefit from Trump’s promised infrastructure-rebuilding fiscal stimulus by [pro-recessionary] escalation of the short term interest rates that the “Fed” controls.

Trump has appointed Rockefeller arch-whore [“former” Exxon-Mobil CEO] Rex Tillerson as Secretary of State, and, as expected, in his Senate CONfirmation’ hearings, Rex has toed as close as possible to the Rockefeller Party-Line, supporting ‘Global Warming austerity’, short of breaking openly with Trump’s opposition to that Rockefeller ‘global pogrom’.

But Trump seems to crave “Establishment” [i.e., Rockefeller] approval at times.  Perhaps, then, the ‘Rocke-Nazis’ can “ease” Trump, by means of his short attention span, and by means of inducing “fight fatigue” in him, from his continually having to fight his own key cabinet secretaries, and the entire ‘Rocke-Nazi’-owned mass media, all of the time, to end up as a ‘Rocke-Nazi servant-dictator’ after all?

The “Establishment” [Rockefeller-controlled] Republicans in Congress also oppose Trump, especially regarding his infrastructure-rebuilding fiscal stimulus platform, and his campaign pledge to leave the Social Security and Medicare “promises to the American people”/working-class untouched. 

Those “Establishment” Republicans would much rather de facto repeal both Social Security and Medicare, as well as Medicaid, and impose a further fiscal austerity upon the U. S. working-class, eliminating all federal government benefits to those majority American taxpayers, in order to even further expand the Republicans’ burgeoning “corporate welfare/privatization of public services” programs, transferring the taxes deducted from workers’ wages to those Republicans’ corporate cronies and their “sweetheart”, monopoly privatization deals.

This state of near “civil war” within the U.S./global ruling class may play out in a lot of ways that are detrimental to the U.S./global working-class, and, thus, for the vast majority of humanity.

The ‘Rocke-Nazis’ may even opt for a global nuclear war with Russia and/or China, perhaps over an engineered confrontation with North Korea’s “Un” -- while that ruling class, and their “house nigger” close servants [of all ethnicities], take to the ‘Rocke-Nazis’ already-in-waiting, deep-underground-city “Hitler-bunkers”, while the rest of us are killed off by their nuclear warfare.  That would be the quickest way, if also the riskiest way, to achieve the Rocke-Nazis’ ‘humanocidal’, “eugenics” goals.

Alternatively, ‘the ‘Rocke-Nazis’ may opt to “give Trump the bump”.

They might do so by impeaching him for, e.g., “emoluments”, or drive him to resign via overwhelmingly adverse coverage in their “wholly-owned” press.

Or, the ‘Rocke-Nazis’ might opt for their “tried and true” method by which they eliminated two generations of the leadership, and potential leadership, of their rival, Rooseveltian faction of the capitalist ruling class -- John Kennedy, Robert Kennedy, Martin Luther King, Jr., John Kennedy, Jr., etc.

Then Pence -- a theocratic totalitarian, and an “Establishment”, Rockefeller Republican -- would become U.S. President, fitting together nicely with Trump’s other, pro-Rockefeller appointments.

But Trump is more “street-wise” than previous Rockefeller ruling-class victims, and might pick-up on a plot to “bump” him [“off”], before that plot could be carried out.

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