Tuesday, March 07, 2017

F.E.D. Publishes New ‘Dialectogram’ Diagram of ‘‘‘Marx’s Dialectical Method’’’.

F.E.D. Publishes New Dialectogram Diagram of ‘‘‘Marxs Dialectical Method’’’.

Dear Readers,

Foundation Encyclopedia Dialectic [F.E.D.] has just published, via the www.dialectics.org web site, a new diagram of ‘‘‘Marx’s Dialectical Method’’’, as applied to the Domain of The Capital-Relations Circulations-process of capitals value-forms.

This diagram is part of the essay entitled Marxs Dialectical Method.

The URLs-path to the full text of this essay is as follows --




That essay is the second in a planned series of three dialectical-methodological essays.

The first essay in this series, by F.E.D. Secretary-General Hermes de Nemores, is entitled ‘Hegels ‘‘‘Algorithm’’’ for Dialectic’, and is available via --


The forthcoming third essay in this series, by F.E.D. co-founder Karl Seldon, is to be entitled Universal Algorithmic Heuristic Method.

I have pasted-in the ‘JPG’ image of this diagram below, for your convenience.

Happy viewing!


Miguel Detonacciones,
Officer, F.E.D. Office of Public Liaison.

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