Saturday, April 14, 2018

The SYSTEMATIC Dialectic of the CONTEMPORARY human-social formation, to presentation step s = 3 -- New Summary ‘Dialectogram’ co-depicting ‘allo-hybrid’ & ‘auto-hybrid’ socio-ontological categories together.

The SYSTEMATIC Dialectic of the CONTEMPORARY human-social formation, to presentation step s = 3 -- New Summary Dialectogramco-depictingallo-hybrid&auto-hybridsocio-ontological categories together.

Dear Readers,

The F.E.D. General Council has just approved release of a new, summary dialectogram, to presentation step s = 3, for a ‘‘‘systematic, synchronic-dialectical method of presentation of our contemporary human-social formation’’’, a formation that is common across much of our planet today. 

The meta-equation meta-model for this method of presentation is the synchronic, systematic, presentational counter-part to the diachronic, [psycho]historical meta-equation meta-model presented here in an earlier blog-entry.  Further exposition of that [psycho]historical meta-equation meta-model counter-part is available in the PDF text reachable via the following URL --

This new summary dialectogramco-depicts both theallo-hybridand theauto-hybridsocio-ontological category-symbols generated by this meta-model, together, in a unified format.

This image is scheduled for later posting to the F.E.D. main web site Applications Page --

For your convenience, I have pasted-in the JPEG of this image, together with that for its diachronic counter-part, below.

Such pairs of dialectogramdiagrams, and the pairs of dialectical meta-equation meta-models that they attempt to depict, are central to one of the key principles of duality that characterize our concept of a Dialectical Encyclopedia[i.e., of an ‘«Aufheben»-icEncyclopedia].  For eachDomain to be extensively defined and described in such an encyclopedia, the first-presented dialectical meta-equation meta-model describes the known history of that ‘Domain, up to its present meta-state.  The second-presented dialectical meta-equation meta-model describes the present meta-state of that ‘Domain in detail.  The first-presented dialectical meta-equation meta-model may also then be iterated and solved further, to beyond the present meta-stateof that Domain, to provide a prediction/pre-construction of the encyclopedists’ expected future for that Domain.



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