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Late Capitalism LAWFULLY Destroys Democracy.

 Late Capitalism LAWFULLY Destroys Democracy -- 

Descendence-Phase Capitalism Lawfully Destroys the Very Freedoms that Ascendence-Phase Capitalism Championed.  GLOBAL STRATEGIC HYPOTHESES.

Dear Readers,

Late Capitalism inherently -- lawfully and predictably, via the Marxian breakthrough in human-social science -- destroys democracy, human rights, and working class/“middle class” prosperity.

It does so, first of all, as a result of the vast, e.g., “Mergers and Acquisitions”-driven, hyper-concentration, consolidation, and centralization of capital-ownership in ever fewer hands.  This enables a tiny minority of plutocratic families to overcome the political “checks and balances” of modern democracies, by “buying out” --prostituting -- the Executive, Legislative, and Judicial branches of political government, via “lobbying” -- legalized bribery -- as well as via other, more direct forms of money-power-based control of key government officials.
It does so, even far more so, as a result of a deep split in the capitalist ruling class, a split provoked by the ‘technodepreciation’/profit-rate-fall ‘meta-dynamic’ that drives the descendence-phase of capitalism, and that constitutes capitalism’s fundamental flaw:  that the growth of the social forces of production, driven by the capitalist profit-motive itself, beyond a definite stage in the concentrated accumulation of the capital-value of fixed-capital plant and equipment, destroys more capital-value than it creates.
Thereby, further growth in the social forces of production threatens the legacy capitalist ruling class of the geographical core of the capitalist system with overthrow, due to complete “moral depreciation” of the capital assets that base their economic, hence also their political, power, by upstart capitalists wielding the latest, most technologically-advanced, most-productive vintages of capital plant and equipment, both at home, in the present capitalist geographical core, of, e.g., Germany, France, Britain, and the U.S., and in geographical “semi-periphery” of that core.  The latter was converted, for many decades, and, in part, still, by the Rockefeller Faction of the capitalist ruling class, into the “Third World” characterized by Rockefeller-subservient, industrialization-suppressing military dictatorships, by mass human rights violation, and by mass murder.
The above states the essence of the ‘Marx-Orwell-Seldon Law’ -- ‘The Political-Economic Law of Motion of Modern Society’ -- that we have expounded throughout this blog.
This Law predicts that one main faction of the capitalist ruling class -- once that class realizes the full implications and the full reality of the ‘technodepreciation’/profit-rate-fall ‘meta-dynamic’ -- will ally with the rising social class, acquiescing in the global ascendancy of a vast, high-technical-composition-of-labor global working/middle class, and the relative decline in power of their own, capitalist, class, seeking to perpetuate their power no longer so much by economic as by political ascendency advantages, and by leading and serving the interests and welfare of the rising class -- of the majority of humanity.  Such was the faction of Franklin Roosevelt, and, later, of John Kennedy and Robert Kennedy, until their ascendency was ended by the Rockefeller faction’s coup d’état.
This Law also predicts that the other, Roosevelt-faction-opposing faction of the capitalist ruling class will wage war against the further growth of the social forces of production, and, in so doing, will become ‘humanocidal’, seeking ultimately to exterminate “95%” of the human race, and seeking totalitarian state-capitalist police-state/state-terrorist dictatorships world-wide, a la Orwell’s prophecy in his novel 1984.   That faction will do so in order to position themselves with capability to carry out that global ‘humanocide’, and to “return” humanity to a neo-crypto-feudal order, with a small, easily-terrorized population of de-educated, GMO-servile slaves and serfs, with an even smaller corps of somewhat-more-pampered technician-servants, all, of course, in the name of “[people-are-pollution] ecology” and of “saving the planet” [i.e., of saving Rockefeller power].  For more about this prediction, and its fulfillment to date, see --

The fulfillment of this Law’s prediction began with the Rockefeller funding, including via the help of new recruits to their ‘Lower Plutocracy Servant Family’ cadres, such as Prescott Bush, the founder of the Bush Crime Family -- and their design, promulgation, and global promotion of Malthusian “Eugenics”, of the Hitler “Eugenics” Regime in Germany, of the Hitler “Eugenics” Concentration Camps, of the “General Plan East” and “Operation Barbarossa” plans that they drafted for Hitler -- designed too enslave and then to exterminate the Slavic peoples of Eastern Europe and Russia -- as well as with the Rockefeller installation of other Fascist dictatorships -- Franco, Salazar, Mussolini, Horthy, Hirohito-Tojo, etc. -- worldwide, in the 1930s, in the wake of their, ‘bubble-engineered’, ‘Global Great Depression I’.
This fulfillment was then paused by the turn of Rockefeller ‘Servant-Dictator’ Hitler into a ‘Franken-Dictator’, when, in 1939, he disobeyed Rockefeller orders, signing a “Peace Pact” with Stalin, rather than invading Russia as he was assigned to do.
Hitler, together with the state-capitalist Nazi State, form the publicly-known face of the most hideous Crime Regime in human history -- of the Concentration Camp mass murders, of the “General Plan East” atrocities and preparations to enslave, then exterminate, the entire populations of Eastern Europe and Western Russia, of the ultra-sadistic, ultra-perverted, ultra-sociopathic ideology of “Eugenics”.  But it should always be remembered that ‘the face behind that face’ is the face of the Rockefeller Faction -- ‘Global Mass Murder Incorporated’ -- and though the Hitler regime was liquidated in ~1945, the Rockefeller faction, that spawned Hitler, etc., IS STILL IN POWER, and still operating their new, “People Are Pollution”/“Global Warming” Austerity version of their “Eugenics” PLANETARY “General Plan” for Global ‘Humanocide’ [even if that Rockefeller Faction has been slowed down, recently, by the counter-attack of the ‘Trump Faction’].

The Rockefeller’s had to drop, temporarily, their plans for a world-wide system of Fascist dictatorships, all under their thumbs, and, in order to save themselves from their Hitler ‘‘‘Frankenstein Monster’’’, to allow the U.S. to ally with Stalinist Russia, a rival dictatorship, also seeking world domination, and thereby threatening the Rockefeller’s plan for their global system of [Orwellian] Fascist dictatorships, until the defeat of the Hitler ‘Franken-Dictatorship’ in 1945.
But then, an alliance-strengthened Stalinist rival thwarted any return, by the Rockefellers, to their plan for a global system of ‘humanocidal’ dictatorships, until the fall of Russian and Eastern European Stalinism in 1989.
Since then, the Rockefeller faction has been struggling to put its ‘humanocidal’ plan “back on track”.  They can no longer openly push their old, “Eugenics” ideology, which was globally discredited as part of the defeat of their Hitler monster, and by the post-war revelation of the “goings-on” at Hitler’s ‘Rockefeller-Eugenics’ Camps.  So they developed and permeated the world with their “People Are Pollution”, “[pseudo-]Ecology” ideology as a substitute for that “Eugenics” ideology.
The present version of the Rockefeller ‘Humanocidal’ Plan is ‘ “Global Warming” Global Austerity’, e.g., pushing up working/middle class monthly utility bills to more than $4,000.00 per month, via “Carbon Taxes”, etc., leading to mass homelessness, “martial law”, “temporary”, “emergency” dictatorship, FEMA “protective custody” camps in the U.S., and homologous developments in other, e.g., European countries, morphing quickly into Hitler-style concentration/extermination camps, plus outbreaks of ‘The Eric Pianka Plague’ -- an aerosol-spread, GMO version of the Ebola virus in those countries slated for complete depopulation, including China, Russia, all of Africa, and Latin America.
In summary:  Late Capitalism inherently -- lawfully and predictably, via the Marxian breakthrough in human-social science -- destroys democracy, human rights, and working class/“middle class” prosperity.

In fact, late capitalism will destroy the human species entire -- apart from “Populist” intervention, which Late Capitalism also, tendentially, provokes, owing to the deterioration of life conditions, e.g., in the U.S., the U.K., and continental Europe ever since the Rockefeller coup d’état against the Roosevelt faction, beginning November 22, 1963.
That “Populist” intervention has begun to appear -- e.g., in the massive, rage-driven popularity that led to the recent ascendancy of the ‘Trump faction’ of the capitalist ruling class, vis-a-vis the Rockefeller Faction, which has, before and since the election of Trump to the U.S. Presidency, mounted a massive Mass Media Civil War against the Trump Faction, one of unrelenting, daily character assassination, etc.
The Trump presidency, and the rise to state power of his ‘crypto-Roosevelt Faction’ of ‘pseudo-Republicans’, has already resulted in a tendential re-industrialization of the United States economy, and to a rise in real wages and in majority living standards for the first time after decades of Rockefeller Rule/“Invisible Dictatorship”, de-industrialization, and U.S. working class immiseration and decimation. 
This has the Rockefellers “worried” -- peeing their pants.  They can’t allow the U.S. working class to get a taste of improving life conditions for much longer, lest they lose control entirely of a populace no longer duped by their ‘eco-poverty’, “save the planet” austerity preachings.
That “Populist” intervention has also begun to appear in Europe, in the relentless campaign of the populist ‘Yellow-Vests’ against the ‘Carbon Taxes/“Global Warming” Austerity’ impositions of Rockefeller-Whore Macron.
¿Will Rockefeller ‘humanocide’ prevail?
¿Or will the majority of humanity prevail, saving both the human species and the planet from Rockefeller ruin?

For more information regarding, and for [further] instantiations of, these Seldonian insights, please see --


For ‘poster-ized’ visualizations of many of these Seldonian insights -- specimens of dialectical art -- see:



Miguel Detonacciones,

Member, Foundation Encyclopedia Dialectica [F.E.D.],
Participant, F.E.D. Special Council for Public Liaison,
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