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State-Capitalism is Still Capitalism.

State-Capitalism is Still Capitalism.

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State-capitalism is still capitalism, as Engels noted so well, in Anti-Duhring.
The “Socialism” against which “conservatives” rail, is really just state-capitalism, the ultimate form into which national ‘private” capitalisms, due to their immanent, ‘essence-ial’ dynamics, inevitably converge:  the “end-state” of capitalism itself.
The utopian “Socialism”, the snake-oil which ‘Lenino-Stalinoids’, and ‘Lenino-Trotskyoids’, ‘Lenino-Mao-oids’, Castro-oids, Madero-oids, ILs, and Uns all try to sell you, is STILL CAPITALISM -- STATE-CAPITALISM, the worst-of-all form of capitalism for the working class majority.

Real socialism, real communism, is a grass-roots-driven political-economic democracy.  It is a restored and extended political democracy, via the restoration of political checks-and-balances, against the wholesale prostitution of the “representative-democratic” state by the overwhelming wealth-power and money-power of hyper-concentrated capital ownership, by the potentially non-violent, majoritarian institution of rule-of-law, constitutional economic checks-and-balances.  It’s antediluvian seeding, still within capitalism, is via the emergence, within capitalism, of competing worker-owned producers’ cooperatives -- ‘worker’s capital’; ‘workers’ capitalism’, as Marx noted so well in volume III of Capital.

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