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“DOT” #05: “War On Humanity” -- “DOTS” SERIES.

DOTS SERIES -- DOT#05:  War On Humanity.

Dear Reader,

This new series, entitled “DOTS” -- as in “connecting the dots” -- is intended to provide you with ‘evidentiary excerpts’ from the many years of research, by Karl Seldon, initially, and, later, by the Foundation, on the ‘‘‘lawful’’’ but secret global agenda and strategy of the ‘descendence phase’ capitalist ruling class.

We plan to present these excerpts here, within this new series, together with their source references, usually without any commentary, by us, as to how we “connect” these “dots”, to give you, our reader, the chance to make your “connections” on your own.

We will, generally, set forth our GLOBAL STRATEGIC HYPOTHESES, giving our version of the interconnections of these “dots”, and our hypotheses to explain these “dots”, elsewhere.  Some of our hypotheses such are already extant in past entries to this blog.

DOTSSeries [as in “connecting the dots”.] -- DOT #5: 

War On Humanity. 

In his 2003 book entitled War Against the Weak:  Eugenics and America’s Campaign to Create a Master Race, Edwin Black wrote as follows [pp. 6-8] --

“...many more whose names have long been forgotten are among the more than eight thousand Virginians sterilized as a result of coercion, stealth and deception in a wide-ranging program to prevent [M.D.:  by-the-ruling-class-]unwanted social, racial and ethnic groups from propagating.”

“But the agony perpetrated against these people was hardly a local story of medical abuse. ... Virginia’s victims were among more than sixty thousand who were forcibly sterilized across the United States ...”

“These ...Virginia people were... part of a grandiose, decades-long American movement of social and biological [“]cleansing[”] determined to obliterate individuals and families deemed inferior [M.D.:  by the ruling class]. ...”

“The movement was called eugenics.  It was conceived at the onset of the twentieth century and implemented by America’s wealthiest, most against the nation’s most vulnerable... .”

 “Eugenicists sought to methodically terminate all the racial and ethnic groups, and social classes, they disliked or feared.”

“Those declared unfit by Virginia did not know it, but they were connected to a global effort of money, manipulation and pseudoscience that stretched from rural America right into the sterilization wards, euthanasia vans and concentration camps of the Third Reich.”

“Prior to World War II [M.D.:  Prior to ~1939.], the Nazis practiced eugenics with the open approval of America’s eugenic crusaders. ...”

“Eventually, out of sight of the world, in Buchenwald and Auschwitz, eugenic doctors like Joseph Mengele would carry on [“]research[”] begun just years earlier with American [M.D.:  ruling-class] financial support, including grants from the Rockefeller Foundation and the Carnegie Institution.”

“Only after the secrets of Nazi eugenics horrified the world, only after Nuremburg declared compulsory sterilization a crime against humanity, did American [M.D.:  ruling-class] eugenics recede...and then resurface as “genetics” [M.D.:  and as a People Are Pollution version of “Environmentalism”, as we shall see]... . 

“Even still, involuntary sterilization continued for decades as policy and practice in America.”

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