Friday, August 14, 2020

Vax-Based Brain Gene Tampering.

Alleged CIA Project for Vaccine-Based Viral Brain Gene Tampering.

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Have you seen the video linked-to below?

It describes itself as a presentation, at the Pentagon, to some CIA goons and thugs, on a proposed vaccine-based viral injection into humans, for a virus that will suppress a gene involved, in the human brain, in the formation of strong convictions -- to both short-circuit any existing such strong convictions, and to block the formation of strong convictions in the future, thereafter.   

The presenter of this ghoulish plot is billed as “Bill Gates”, well-known scion of a Rockefeller Eugenics family.  However, the presenter may be just a Bill Gates ‘similant’.   

Recall that the CIA is the Rockefeller-wholly-owned international secret police, assassination, and torture force, set up to “support” the Rockefeller Faction’s ‘Servant-Dictatorships’ world wide, but paid for by U.S. taxpayers, on an unconstitutional, “black budget”, “taxation without representation” basis.

You be the judge! 

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