Monday, September 28, 2020

SOLVED -- “The Fermi Paradox”.



SOLVED -- “The Fermi Paradox”.


Dear Reader,

The purpose of this blog-entry is to set forth, for your benefit, our solution to the famous “Fermi Paradox”, e.g., if the irruption of humanoid life is a regular feature of the planetary epoch of [the ‘self-meta-evolution’ dialectic of] Nature, then Where are all the aliens?.  Why haven’t they visited us?


The “Fermi Paradox” -- e.g., the observation that intelligent aliens have not -- not openly, at least -- demonstrably presented themselves to modern humanity, or to ancient humanity, on Earth -- is, in fact, «prima facie» evidence for the existence of extraterrestrial intelligent life, not the other way around.


If, in fact, aliens had, by now, shown themselves to we humanoids on Earth, they might indeed be extraterrestrial humanoids, but they would also, thereby, have proven themselves not to be intelligent life.


No intelligent aliens would have anything to do with Terran humanity in its present moral -- or rather sub-moral -- level of development!


The apparent fact that any intelligent extra-terrestrials have so far “avoided like the plague” any open contact with Terran humanity -- and especially with its “ruling classes”, who think themselves to be an elite, but who are actually the ultra-abominable, ‘humanocidal’ scum of the Earth -- is, on the contrary to “Fermi’s Paradox”, a testament to their intelligence, and evidence that they may, in fact, actually exist!


So it is a[n a]version of the “Roddenberry [or Gene L. Coon] Prime Directive” that both solves, and refutes, the “Fermi Paradox”.*



*[see also, 27-SEP-2020.  Our solution/refutation is a kind of synthesis of the “communication is dangerous” hypothesis & the “zoo” hypothesis.]



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