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‘Late Capitalism LAWFULLY Destroys Democracy, Human Rights, Civil Liberty, Majority-Class Prosperity and the Human Species Itself – UNLESS…’.


Late Capitalism LAWFULLY Destroys Democracy, Human Rights, Civil Liberty, Majority-Class Prosperity and the Human Species Itself UNLESS.  






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This blog-entry is for the purpose of presenting the following statement by our co-founder, Karl Seldon:


‘Descendence-Phase Capitalism’ is the phase of capitalism that begins once the profound and far-reaching consequences of Marx’s [“invisible”] ‘‘‘law of the tendency of the rate of profit on capital to fall’’’ begin to manifest.”


“This phase arises once the accumulation of fixed capital in its greatest ownership concentrations achieves a percentage of total capital assets for those most-concentrated capital owners, such that further, profit-motivated, capitalist-system-motivated “growth of the social forces of production” [Marx] threatens the immanent overthrow of the dominant capitalists by “their own” capitalist system itself, via the competitive, competition-enforced ‘techno-devaluation’, or “technical obsolescence depreciation”, or “moral depreciation” [Marx] of the gargantuan fixed-capital-assets that form the base of their social and political power.”


“It is not the resulting conspiracy of the dominant ‘descendence-phase’ capitalist ruling class faction, that is the primary cause of the multi-dimensional global devastation that has continued ever since the Federal Reserve Act of 1913, and ever since the First World War, beginning immediately thereafter.”


Rather, that conspiracy is correctly seen as the ‘‘‘lawful’’’ response of the capitalist ruling class to the immanent ‘‘‘law’’’ of the capital-praxis; to that ‘law of the tendency of the rate of reproduction of capital to fall’, due to competitively driven devaluation and write-off of accumulated fixed capital value, at an accelerating rate, as the growth of the global “social forces of production” accelerates, due to the capital/profit incentive itself, and due to the threat that these pose, to the dominant capital owners, of the overthrow of their power by the capitalist system itself.”


“It is the threat of the potential of continued accelerated growth of the rate of social reproduction, and of the accelerated technodepreciation destruction of dominant fixed-capital value which that accelerated reproduction rate entails, that drives those capitalists who cannot stomach their overthrow, to turn against the growth of the social-forces of expanded social reproduction.”


“Doing so, they soon find themselves pitted against the very heart of human-social reproductive force itself – the majority class of humanity – and begin their long slog of “Eugenics” and “People Are Pollution” ideologies propagation, their global regime of ‘stealth humanocide’, and many local cases of genocide, e.g., those of the Hitler regime which was originally their agent of “Eugenics” and of overt global ‘‘‘humanocide’’’, until that regime turned against them, seeking world domination for itself alone, circa 1939.”


“Today, with their campaigns of ‘Global Warming Austerity Hysteria’, designed to justify their ‘People Are Pollution’ ideology, and their plans to reduce the global human population by “95%”*, and with their mounting and “new-variants”-driven perpetual “plandemics”, and having therewith also crushed the resurgence and resistance, especially in the U.S. and the U.K., of the other capitalist ruling class faction of capitalism’s ‘descendence-phase’, the ruling faction is moving into position to repeal Bills of Rights world wide, outlaw freedom of speech and freedom of assembly, and impose global economic hyper-depression via successive, “panic-demic”-“justified” lockdowns world wide.”


“Thereby, that ruling faction is moving into position to escalate from its long-standing and many-pronged pogroms of covert, ‘stealth humanocide’, into open, overt global mass extermination of “95%” of global humanity.”


“Thus, the response of the dominant faction of the capitalist ruling class, to the “law of the tendency of the rate of profit to fall” due to the accelerated actual and potential growth of the “social forces of production”, is ushering in what we call ‘the Meta-Darwinian planetary fitness test’ of the human species, and for its planetary 'noo-biosphere' entire.”


“Extinction will be the fate of humanity, UNLESS the majority class awakens to its mortal peril in time, and counter-acts against the ruling faction’s global ‘‘‘humanocide’’’ now already unfolding, and less and less in mere stealth mode.




Miguel:  In response to the foregoing, I would like to cite the following quote –


The human race, like a herd of witless sheep, is being slaughtered in its sleep.”



*The repeated public statements of the intention of the dominant ‘capitalist-anticapitalist’ ruling faction to exterminate “95%” of humanity is documented, here, in the following blog-entry, as well as in many other entries to this Blog.

Capitalism's Fatal Flaw, and the Way Forward: Plutocracy Publicly Proclaims Planned Planetary Population Plummeting. GLOBAL STRATEGIC HYPOTHESES. (





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