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“Climate Change” and Socialist Revolution.


Climate Changeand Socialist Revolution.



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This blog-entry is for the purpose of presenting the following on-line exchange between a query-poser and myself –


Query:  “Is the climate change the universal crisis that will spark the revolution?”

“I’m in a Marxist and Socialist theory class this semester at my university, and it’s only cementing my deeply-rooted beliefs in Marxism."


Marx wrote of a universal crisis that will upset the status quo enough under the bourgeois political economy that it triggers the revolution.


Despite the many failures of capitalism looking the proletariat in the face, we still don’t understand what we’re losing with this mode of production.  Critics like Bernstein wrote (20 years after Marx’s death) that if the revolution hasn’t happened yet, then the universal crisis isn’t coming.  Do you think that the climate crisis of today is a big enough threat to the proletariat that we’ll do something about it?”





My [edited] response: The “climate crisis” is, in truth, a crisis of the acceleratedly accumulating production of deadly pollution “externalities”, and requires the grass roots ‘political-economic democratic’ institution of Citizen Externality Equity -- one of the three pillars of a new "social relation of production" [Marx], beyond "the capital-relation" [Marx], called Generalized Equity -- for its democratic redress, in the context of a successor system to the capitalist system named 'Political-ECONOMIC DEMOCRACY'.


Marx’s “law of the tendency of the rate of profit [on capital] to fall” is the underlying explanation of global human history ever since the ‘descendence phase’ of capitalism began, in the late 1800s, e.g., with the [little-noted], ~20-year “Great Deflation”, and the ruling-class ruling-faction response to all of the phenomena of that 'descendence-phase', in 1913, beginning with the "Eugenics" and "Social Darwinist" ideologies, the Federal Reserve Act and the Federal Income Tax act, followed by WWI in 1914, the “Great Depression” from 1929 on, with Nazi/Fascist state-capitalism in Germany and Italy, +, Stalinist state-capitalism in the USSR, WWII ... right up to the fall of Stalinist state-capitalism in Russia and Eastern Europe in ~1989, “The Great Recession”, ‘The Corona-Virus governments-imposed global [greater] recession’, etc.


However, to understand how Marx’s “law of motion of modern society” explains that recent history, one must get beyond it’s abstract, core, algebraic expressions, such as -- 

s'/(c + v)

-- or -- 

(s'/v)/( (c/v) + 1 )

-- to its manifestations on and at “the surface of society” [Marx], especially rising above the abstraction from the competition of capitals, which, as Marx noted, is not yet achieved even in the Third Volume of his «Das Kapital».


In particular, one must understand the vulnerability of the core assets of the most concentrated owners of capital -- their gargantuan masses of fixed capital plant and equipment, and the bank loan capital assets that were created to finance the purchase/construction of that fixed capital plant and equipment.  

To the degree that they are exposed to competition, these fixed capital plant and equipment capital assets, and the bank loan-capital assets that paid for them, are vulnerable to total obliteration, as capital-values, by further and especially by accelerated growth of the social forces of production, of productivity, e.g., through the innovations of other, especially ‘legacy-less’, upstart capitalists, i.e., by ‘technological obsolescence depreciation’, or technodepreciation for short. 

The latter is a “depreciation expense” which writes-off against periodic gross profits, hence tends to lower periodic net profit rates, secularly, accounting period after accounting period, year after year.  

But such accelerated fixed capital innovation is precisely what capitalism -- what the pursuit of surplus profits via “relative surplus-value” [Marx] augmentation -- incentivizes.


The reaction to their discovery of this 'technodepreciation vulnerability' by the, most powerful, capitalist owners, of the most vulnerable, ownership-concentrated capitals, is what precipitates, in earnest, the descendence phaseof the capitalist world-system, with the capitalist ruling class’s ruling faction fighting tooth and nail, albeit failingly, against further growth of the social forces of production, except in the areas of digital-electronic populace-surveillance, proto-police-state technologies, as well as germ warfare technologies, and other technologies of mass destruction.


The late 1800s Eugenics ideologies, and today's  prevailing, "Warmed-Over" versions of those "Eugenics" ideologies, the People Are Pollutionideologies, are hallmarks of the capitalist ruling-class ruling-faction's, anti-human[ist] ideology-engineering for the ‘descendence-phase’ of the capitalist system.


The core of the growth of the "social forces of production" [Marx] is the growth of the human population.  To attack the growth of the "social forces of production" therefore quickly encompasses policies to induce “population reduction”.  Population is now in negative growth throughout the "First World", e.g., in Europe.  Capitalist ruling-class ruling-faction spokes-people have repeatedly stated a “95% reduction” of the global human population as their central policy goal.



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