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‘The Marxian Revolutionary Organization’.


The Marxian Revolutionary Organization.


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In Seldon’s view, a Marxian – as opposed to a “MarxIST [e.g., Lenino-Stalinoid] revolutionary organization has the following key functions --


1. As a ‘party of the whole’, to engage with the totality of global humanity, and of the global ‘‘‘human phenome’’’, including all of the sciences, and mathematics, to relentlessly, both immanently and ‘exo-immanently’, critique all prevailing and emerging ideologizations and ruling class ‘ideology-engineering’, with ruling class agendas fatally contrary to the interests of humanity as a whole, and to the interests of the majority class.  

In all of this, such an organization must unwaveringly promote the further growth of the human-social forces of production -- the societal self-reproductive self-force of the human species, and the key to the 'Meta-Darwinian Fitness' of the human species as a whole.


2.  To construct, to continually critique and enhance, and to offer, to the global majority class of humanity -- from out of the ‘psychohistorical material’ generated by its critiques of prevailing and emergent ideologies -- the best worldview that the members of the revolutionary organization are able to construct.


3.  To pledge, to the global majority class, NEVER to “take state power”, and to refuse all elective or appointive office in prevailing [state-]capitalist [nation-]states, or in future, lawfully and electorally-established, e.g., ‘‘‘Equitist’’’, ‘political-ECONOMIC-DEMOCRATIC’  revolutionary-reform governments.  


This pledge is so as to avert the conflicts of interest, power obsession, power struggles, and mass-murdering corruption to which the Lenino-Stalinoid, state-bureaucratic state-capitalist movement succumbed, and continues to succumb, and by which, via its fraudulent claim to the Marxian tradition, and in antagonistic cooperation with the ideology-engineering of the capitalist ruling class, has tended to discredit and marginalize the enormous worldview-breakthroughs that began with the work of Marx and Engels. 


Moreover, such revolutionary organizations should pledge, by remaining outside even such revolutionary-reform governments, to work to safeguard human rights, and to help to “check and balance” such governments against any tendency within them to seek authoritarian or dictatorial rule.


4.  To welcome the “competition” of other such revolutionary organizations, seeing in such organizational diversity an enriching benefit for the majority class, and for humanity as a whole.







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