Saturday, September 07, 2013

"Field Notes" Piece Picked-Up By the GLOBAL-SAMIZDAT website!

Dear Readers,


The Global Samizdat website is a site for anonymously-authored, "openly-shared communications and critiques".

That site continues the spirit of the national "samizdat" hand-to-hand circulation of "forbidden" manuscripts -- "forbidden" by the police-state, totalitarian dictators of the Stalinist Soviet Union -- a circulation of manuscripts which catalyzed a society-wide circulation of ideas that helped to prepare the social ground, in the old USSR, for the overthrow of at least the Stalinist form of state-capitalism there.

As of yesterday, that website has picked up the "Guest Author" viewpoint-statement from my immediately-previous blog-entry here, and published it there, as article "GS-21":

Take a look, and take heart!



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