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Field Notes: Guest Author. What "THEY" Are Responsible for, and What WE Are Responsible for.

Dear Readers,

On "field assignments" for the Foundation, one often encounters citizens who attain extraordinary insight into, and discernment of, what is afoot in our present -- living -- history, despite the lack of access, by such citizens, to anything like the Foundation's research archives, or its internal analytical culture.

Today's anonymous "Guest Author" is a case in point, as reflected in his "viewpoint" piece, reproduced below.

Enjoy, and take heart!



"I wanted to share a viewpoint and then the words to a song that I composed called "They".

The viewpoint is that it is all of our responsibilities to keep this great country, America, free and to preserve our Freedoms. Because if this country goes sour or falls, it WILL then be a dark day for those of us that remain, there will be no country with enough will and power to set America straight or defeat it's oppressors as this country did for Germany in WWII. Imagine how our world would look if America had NOT been able to stop Adolf Hitler and his psychotic plans for the world!

Looking back to the 60's, many who protested the War in Vietnam, relentlessly, never giving up the fight to get us out of that war, may feel in some way that the "revolution" failed. But in reality it did not. Young people at that time, myself included, were afforded this moment in time because of the prosperity the country was living through after the "boys" came home from WWII.

This was a very special time in that the affluence the United States was experiencing, took the pressure off the youth of the country just enough so that in that bubble, they had this awesome opportunity to look, listen, investigate and realize that the War in Vietnam was a war to support munitions companies and who knows who else, but not very much a war to help freedom emerge. I want to thank however EVERY honest, ethical soldier who went there to TRY and preserve Freedoms. NOTHING in this discourse is against those that gave their lives or who were involved in that War and came home.

And so the youth in this country started to protest the war and the protesters were relentless AND not drugged or violent in the beginning. But the relentless exposure of what was really going on with the War in Vietnam, by thousands and thousands of young people DID make it so unpopular that politicians were finally forced to be against the war or risk not getting re-elected. The youth had won and the munitions companies and others had to back off and had to wait and look elsewhere to make war and profits. Their "joy ride" had come to a brief end.

But they had help in making sure that these times were never repeated. The powers that they went to for assistance made sure that the economy worsened to the point where people no longer had time to think much about the issues, instead it was work, work, work. While this was going on in financial circles, people like Timothy Leary, an avowed CIA agent, now began to push more and more drugs into society and into the hands of young people as a second guarantee that the youth, and any future youth, would be so out of it that protests like in the 60's would never be repeated.

These same powers also began to realize that the media was a tool that could assist them, in their "re-programming" of the people of America, and so they bought up the media so that it now would carry their propaganda like never before and their greatest "success" thus far has been the false threat of "global warming" which is completely false and has NO basis in fact whatsoever and is merely a tool to divert our attention, force all of us to live a "simpler" [i.e., a destitute] lifestyle, and have less and less while we work more and more and are taxed higher and higher with no real representation, as the politicians, who now have to spend enormous sums to be elected or re-elected, cannot do the right and ethical things for American but who are beholden to those that fund their campaigns.

"Global warming" also serves another important (to them) function of suppressing the very technology we need to develop:  Fusion Power.  When scientists were making forward advances in Fusion Power, and it looked like harnessing Fusion power would be in reach soon, basically ending the oil & gas dependency, they dreamed up "global warming" out of thin air (no pun intended), and simply bought scientists and had them repeat over and over that "global warming" was real -- pushing aside the Milankovich data which has never been disproven and which lays out that global cooling-induced droughts are in our present, and Ice Ages are in our not-too-distant future, not warming.

One scientist proponent was heard to say that he knew "global warming" was false but that he also knew where his grant funding money was coming from -- so he decided to continue spreading the falsehood.

There was also a "house cleaning" of "undesirable" political and community figures, starting with the execution, most probably by the CIA, and its Mafia, and others, of President Kennedy and then Robert Kennedy, and, of course, Martin Luther King Jr.  Even President Reagan was speaking about sweeping changes in our banking industry before they attempted to assassinate him and then the subject was never brought up again.  And, remember, looking over his shoulder as VP was none other than George Bush Senior, the former CIA head.  Even President Kennedy apparently was going to start freeing us up from the stranglehold that the Federal Reserve had, and still has, on this country.

But they learned something else:  guns and murders are messy things and since they had bought the media anyway, why not use this medium as the new assassination tool? It's so much easier to hand a reporter a "story" on someone you would like to discredit that says, "It has been reported from sources that maybe, just possibly, there is a chance that Senator Jones was seen in the company of a prostitute.  And voila!  With no creditable source, no facts, no real reporting, you can pretty much convince the public with this "story", that Senator Jones should be removed from office, or not be re-elected.  If one looked into what he was trying to do -- oh, well, you might find that he was either speaking out against "global warming", wanting to end or control the Federal Reserve, or to institute a real drug policy that would stop the flow of illegal drugs that our youth and citizens are being hooked on, or to investigate psychiatry's crimes and unlawful activities, like overbilling, etc., etc., or trying to institute any number of policies that would be good for the country, but that go against the interests of the vested interests.

In closing for now, I note that Mae Brussell (1922-1988), from the Santa Cruz area, had a radio show for many years, and that she had investigated events just after WWII and discovered that the worst of the Germans had been beaten in WWI by America, and had lost to America again, of course, in WWII, so that they realized that the only way to defeat this magical thing that America possesses in abundance (a love of freedom for the individual) was to go inside the United States, and to defeat that love of freedom from WITHIN.  Mae Brussell had discovered FACTS that indeed elements of the Nazi government were given positions in our national "security" apparatus right after WWII, and it is interesting to see the effects of that disastrous inclusion of Nazis in our government. That ideology cares NOTHING for the freedom of the individual, and basically stands against everything our Founding Fathers stood for, and risked their very lives for.

The ONLY weapon to defend against these evils that makes sense to me in these times is constant awareness, constant listening and looking, because that defense is the responsibility of all of us:  the preserving of the freedoms and liberties this country, that no other country represents so well.

I fully believe that the powers that are actually controlling this country have already decided that Hillary Clinton will be the next President of the United matter how the people vote. Apparently there is a system in place in computers tied in with our voting that can render ANY election a 51 - 49 decision with a flip of a switch -- which is undetectable unless one possesses the secret code used to make that vote hit those numbers.  If they are not counting our votes any longer -- one could simply drop into apathy and say "well, what CAN any longer be done"?

What can be done is to be aware, to be ethical, to instill in your children the knowledge as to what is right, and what is wrong, and to keep oneself aware that there are mad individuals who would dream up and enact such plans -- but also that they can never win, because they actually are blind and cannot hit the right target, but that they can make some noise while we are taking this country back on the road to individual liberties (intact), and to freedoms protected -- that is really our best defense.  Also, supporting legislation which would lower dramatically the amount of money that can be generated from ANY one source for a person seeking political office, WILL help to break the control that vested interests now hold over our elected officials.

And watch "Mr. Smith Goes to Washington" again (tells what's really going on in Washington), and watch "Missing" (tells to what degraded depths, and how far our leaders will go to suppress anyone that gets in the way of their plans and profits), and watch "Oh God", because this movie (especially the bathroom scene) tells us all whose responsibility it is for the condition our world ends up in.

And finally, hear the words to my song "They":

"When I was young, I never worried,
I always thought the world would get by.
Then they got us involved, in a war in Asia,
the reason they did, was not for our eyes.

Oh the youth, they rose in rebellion,
taking to the streets, exposing the lies.
Youth had to be stopped, they were exposing too much,
so drugs were introduced, to silence the cries.

Oh didn’t they kill, all our heroes,
the ones who would have really, made some change.
One by one, they silenced these voices,
‘till all the politicians, sounded the same.

A new battle cry, “the environment”,
marches and speeches, to save the earth.
New technology, would be the solution,
oil and gas, no longer first.

Oh that rocked a couple fellers at the Foundation,
do you know what I mean?
What if Fusion could be realized.
They said, “Let’s make technology a bad word”.
So the greenhouse effect was devised.

Now a financial crisis, the world over.
I wonder if someone has committed crimes?
The Federal Reserve that prints all our money,
seems to gain a lot of interest, at these times.

When I was young, I never worried,
I always thought the world would get by…"


Our next evolutionary step for survival is Ethics..."

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