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. . .and the Way Forward. Part 2. GLOBAL STRATEGIC HYPOTHESES.

. . .and the Way Forward.  Part 2.     GLOBAL STRATEGIC HYPOTHESES. 

Dear Readers,

GLOBAL STRATEGIC HYPOTHESES.  ‘‘‘Descendant-Phase’’’, or late -- increasingly STATE -- capitalism, is, 'predictedly', “lawfully”, tending to destroy ‘‘‘Ascendant-Phase’’’ capitalist, representative democracy.

It is tending to degenerate that capitalist democracy, increasingly, at an accelerated rate, into plutocratic, police-state, totalitarian, “eugenocidal” -- ‘humanocidal’ -- state-capitalism.

This would already be a tendency of late capitalism, due to the ever increasing, accelerating concentration of capital wealth in ever-fewer hands, via the competition of capitals, via the bankrupting of smaller firms, via mergers, via acquisitions, and via hostile takeovers of all kinds.

But beyond that, the thus ever-shrinking conspiracy of the concentrated capital owners, of ruling families -- of the plutocratic ruling class -- has become collectively mad -- has been driven into a terminal group sociopathic psychosis -- because capitalism itself has turned against them.

That is, it is not just unchecked power -- the kind of near absolute power that corrupts absolutely -- that has driven our present ruling class into this collective psychosis. 

Thus, the modern, degenerate-phase ruling class, has not been driven mad by just the same causes that drove the emperors of the ancient world -- Alexander “The Great”, Nero, Caligula, etc., etc., ad nauseam -- into power psychosis.

The madness of the modern, degenerate phase ruling class, is driven by the total threat to their power, to their privilege, and to its criminal perks, that capitalism itself has become, and, “lawfully”, had to become.

The more that their capital-ownership is accumulated, concentrated, consolidated, and centralized in vast masses of fixed capital, and in their banks’ long-term loan portfolios, with those portfolios’ loan principal invested in technologically-vulnerable fixed capital, the more are they vulnerable to the gradual, but also to the sudden and comprehensive, devaluation of those capital assets, by the process at the core of what capitalism motivates and incentivizes:  the growth of productivity, “the growth of the social forces of production”, via the technological application of science to capitalist production.

These ruling capitalists face the continual devaluation of the capital-value which forms the core of their social power base, by upstart entrepreneurs at home, by new entrants abroad, by rising middle classes in some of their former “Third World”, where their long-ruling dictator-servants, servants to these ruling capitalists, have, relatively recently, been thrown-out, and where rising middle classes, educated and entrepreneurial, threaten new and accelerating technological innovations in productivity -- in “productive force” -- that would obliterate the rule of these ruling capitalists, by ‘obsoleting’ the capital that forms the base of their social and political power.

So these ruling capitalists propagate new, genetically-engineered ‘designer diseases’ all over the world, but, especially in the rising former “Third World”, also fomenting civil wars, and mass homelessness and displacement, now exceeding all prior precedents, including the formerly record refugee crisis of and after these ruling capitalists' World War II.

The most salient example of the potential dethronement of this degenerate ruling class by further growth of the social forces of production is the example of what fusion power -- were they ever to allow it to “go public” -- would do to their international petroleum industry, their global Dictatorship of Petroleum.

So, for long now, almost the only area of innovation that this ruling class will allow is in that of the internet, of digital electronics and communications, of the computer industry, of “social media” ‘self-dossier-compiling’ -- the areas that they have already turned into the objective infrastructure of a comprehensively totalitarian, Orwellian police-state, in which every citizen’s every word, every library borrowing, every e-mail, even, soon, every emotion and every thought, is monitored in “real time” by their secret police organizations, by the NSA, by the CIA, by the hidden but taxpayer funded secret police organizations whose names you don't even know, etc., etc.

This ruling-class-allowed area of internet innovation also has the benefit, for this ruling plutocracy, of bankrupting more and more of the newspaper industry, of the magazine industry, of the book-publishing industry, etc., thus allowing ruling class entities to buy up the assets of these bankrupted firms for the proverbial “pennies on the dollar”, thus making more and more media -- the newspapers, the magazines, the book-publishers, the radio stations, the cable television channels, etc., ‘concentratedly’ owned and controlled by these ruling plutocrats.

Thats a kind of ‘technodepreciation’ that they LIKE!

In the United States, under this ever-growing “power of the purse” of the ruling plutocracy, “even” “National Public Radio” has become ‘National Plutocracy Radio’, the “Corporation for Public Broadcasting” has become the “Corporation for Plutocracy Broadcasting”, the PBS, Public Broadcasting System, has become the “Plutocracy Broadcasting System”, and its “PBS News Hour” has recently become a wholly-owned subsidiary of the ‘Rocke-Nazi’ Rockefeller Foundation, and the Rockefeller-"owned" New York Council on Foreigh Relations [a core institution of the ruling class], becoming, in the process, the ‘PlutocracyBS Rockefeller Hour.

So much for the ‘‘‘Ascendant Phase’’’ “Free Press”!

Of course, these ruling plutocrats, and their secret police organs -- the CIA, “military intelligence”, etc. -- are only too adept at creating “false flag” traumas, such as 9-11 [with a little help from their Saudi Arabian servant-dictators], and MK-Ultra/MK-Delta, “Manchurian Candidate” mass shooters, who are usually programmed to conveniently kill themselves after they have carried out their programmed murder of children, so that they can never be interrogated, or psychologically examined, etc.

In this way, this ruling class hopes, for example, to extort and bludgeon the American people into giving up the Second Amendment to the American’s Bill Of Rights -- the right of citizens to bear arms!

This is all accompanied, of course, by the accelerated “buy-out”, the “M&A hostile takeover”, the utter prostitution, of all three branches of political government -- including especially the “regulatory agencies” of the executive branches, the legislatures, the judiciaries, at all levels of government -- national, or federal, state, or provincial, county, and municipal, and the assassination -- character assassination, or outright murder -- of those decent public servants who refuse to be bought by the ruling class.

This socio-psychopathic ruling class -- whose efforts to establish into U.S. law, and into law worldwide, their “eugenics” ideology for the extermination of 95% of the human race [see:  http://capitalismsfundamentalflaw-wayforward.blogspot.com/2013/03/plutocracy-publicly-proclaims-planned.html ] were reversed as a result of the “defection” of their erstwhile 'servant-dictator', Hitler, to become, instead, their challenger for world rule, and the post-WWII global revelation of the horrors of Hitler’s eugenics extermination camps after Hitler’s defeat, eugenics camps that were both funded and designed for him by the U.S. 'Rocke-Nazi' faction, whose Hitler-funding operatives included Prescott Bush, the founder of the Bush family as a family of lower-plutocracy servants to the Rockefellers -- have never renounced their “eugenics” ideology.

Instead, until their totalitarian state-capitalist police-state is fully in place, they are implementing their “eugenics” in stealth mode.

They are doing so through --

  • ·         ‘bio-engineered diseases’ like GMO-AIDS, GMO-Ebola, GMO-Zika, etc., etc.;

  • ·         adulterated “vaccines” that are inducing an exponentially-growing epidemic of auto-immune disease, autism, and senile dementia, including Alzheimer’s;

  • ·         processed ‘pseudo-foods’ that induce obesity, diabetes, cancer, heart disease, stroke, and, in general, early death in terms of all-cause mortality;

  • ·         an epidemic of addictive, lethal opioid prescriptions;

  • ·         pharmaceutical ‘side-effects cascades’ due to “medicines” that are really side-effects-engineered poisons [remember the recent mass murder via Merck's Vioxx?], including the contamination of municipal water sources with pharmaceutical residues from urine, etc., with lead, with arsenic, etc.;

  • ·         the destruction of antibiotics and the breeding of antibiotic-immune “superbugs” by “agricultural” overuse of antibiotics, the hormone disruption of millions of citizens by the hormones used in meat foods, etc., etc.;

  •           the wholesale stealth extermination of bee colonies -- of pollinators -- as part of the 'Rocke-Nazi' plan for induced famine. . .;

  •  ·         mass murders by drug gangs and drug cartels, secretly owned, bankrolled and controlled [and financially profited-from] by the 'Rocke-Nazis', in developing nations, and in otherwise potentially developing nations, of the 'Rocke-Nazi' servant-dictators-created "Third World" -- e.g., in Mexico, in Columbia, in El Salvador, in Guatemala, in Nicaragua, etc., etc. -- to disrupt and delay the socio-econo-politcal development of these nations, their potential for industrialization, for middle class ascendancy, for democracy, and their potential, thereby, to induce 'technodepreciation' in 'Rocke-Nazi' capital assets, due to competition from their initially low-wage, but potentially "high-tech", potential exports -- hopefully, from the 'Rocke-Nazi' "eugenicists" point of view, delaying those developments until the 'Rocke-Nazis' are in position to launch their planned 'humanocidal' global holocaust.

 -- not to mention the “stealth genocide” of those citizens who have more melanin in their skins by police summary execution. 

Don’t worry, you citizens with less melanin in your skins -- the secret police will get around to murdering you and your family, only just a little bit later! 

The 'Rocke-Nazis' just want you to think that your paler skin makes you immune to extra-judicial "legalized" homicide, until it’s too late to protect yourself, and until your darker skinned fellow citizens have already been “dispatched” first. 

As far as the ‘Rocke-Nazis’ are concerned, you are all “niggers”, that is, you are all “workers” -- “white” and “black” and “brown” and “yellow” and “red” alike -- and to be exterminated on schedule!

This hyper-insanity of our present, ‘Rocke-Nazi’ ruling class is documented, in their own words, and in the words of many of their key ‘spokes-servants’, in the book by Robert Zubrin, Merchants of Despair:  Radical Environmentalists, Criminal Pseudo-Scientists, and the Fatal Cult of Antihumanism, New York:  New Atlantis Books, 2012, and in the following blog entry --

Given this background, about our present context, and condition, that of a self-degenerating,  ‘‘‘Descendant-Phase Capitalism’’’, what is the way forward, to the higher successor system to capitalism -- beyond state-capitalism -- that we can start working on today, that will begin to increasingly check the power of the degenerate-phase ruling class, and to allow the producers -- the “working-class” -- i.e., the vast majority of humanity, to survive, and to begin to thrive?





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