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. . .and the Way Forward. Part 3. GLOBAL STRATEGIC HYPOTHESES.

. . .and the Way ForwardPart 3.  GLOBAL STRATEGIC HYPOTHESES
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Dear Readers,

GLOBAL STRATEGIC HYPOTHESES.  As the global Capitalist system develops, ever greater capital -- ever greater capital wealth, hence ever greater political power -- becomes concentrated in ever fewer hands.

And the most capital-concentrated core of the capitalist ruling class becomes anti-capitalist [in the sense of being against competitive capitalism, and only for state-capitalist dictatorship], and anti-human, in the sense of pursuing drastic “human population reduction” -- unprecedented levels of mass murder -- via various “eugenics” ideologies, visited upon the global working classes.

Upon these global working classes, these plutocrats impose a deepening impoverishment as these rulers fight increasingly against any working-class-beneficial further growth of the social forces of production, and, indeed fight consciously to reverse the growth of those social reproductive forces, these plutocrats being hell-bent on saving their concentrated capital from near total devaluation due to technological obsolescence depreciation, the write-offs of which capital transforms their rate of profit into an accelerating rate of loss.

If the competitive capitalist acceleration of the rate of beneficial technological advance were to be permitted, by them, to continue, their accumulated capital-value holdings would gradually, then suddenly, vanish, and their power would pass to new upstart competitors, especially in the [former] “Third World”, wielding the most advanced fixed capital plant and equipment, and also wielding the still-lagging wage-levels there to boot.

This issue is centrally exemplified in the case of the fear -- the fear of the near-total devaluation of petroleum-industry capital, and of related mega-bank loan capital, both owned by the dominant capitalist ruling class faction -- due to the advent of fusion power, a fear held most strongly within that core ruling faction, Rockefeller, etc.

How then, can the working class effectively counter the "eugenics", anti-progress, anti-productive-forces, pro-state-capitalist, pro-police-state, “95% population reduction” strategy of this degenerate, descendant-phase ruling class?  [for more about this strategy, see: ].

The answer must be found in a shift of social power to the working class, away from this rapacious ruling class.

If this power shift is to be sustainable, it must not be only via a popular-movement-based, waxing-and-waning, purely-political power shift.

It must be institutionalized as a gain in working class economic power.

The political checks and balances, that kept ruling class abuses of political power down to “a dull roar”, during the ascendant phase of [more competitive] capitalism, have been increasingly obviated, as capital ownership concentration has increased, by the vast bribery, the wholesale buy-out, the “hostile takeover”, of the national political state -- executive, legislature, and judiciary -- by the owner’s of the most concentrated capital.

This “ultimate M&A” of the national state by, e.g., the Rockefeller family machine, is exemplified by the machinations of the Rockefeller Foundation, and of the Rockefeller-dominated “Trilateral Commission”, and the Rockefeller-dominated “New York Council on Foreign Relations”, which virtually owns, lock, stock, and barrel, for example, the higher offices of the U. S. Federal Government, as well as news media organizations, both private and “public” [e.g., recently including PBS, e.g., the ‘PlutocracyBS Rockefeller Hour’, CPB, the ‘Corporation for Plutocracy Broadcasting’, and NPR,  ‘National Plutocracy Radio’].

As a result of this usurpation of the national state, only new, and partially trans-capitalist, economic checks and balances can revive the now obviated political checks and balances, and regenerate capitalist representative democracy, while also advancing that democracy toward the political-ECONOMIC DEMOCRACY that is the higher successor system to the present, descendant phase capitalist system, thereby ending the capability of the present ruling class to continue to impose ‘‘‘stealth eugenics’’’, and ‘stealth humanocide’, world wide, as they are doing, ever increasingly, at present, for those who can see “behind the [Rocke-Nazi media’s] headlines”.

We wish, with Marx, to look to the seeds of the successor system to capitalism, to the seeds of economic democracy in particular, the seeds that can form the foundation of a new constitutional system that includes economic, as well as revived political, checks and balances, on the political power of, and against the abuse of citizen rights and civil liberties, by national state, yes, but, as well, checks and balances on the economic and political power of economic institutions.

Marx found these seeds in the worker-owned producers cooperatives of his time, and in the very principle of “joint-stock” capital, or “share capital”, i.e., in the stockholder democracy, limited to owners of shares of capital in a capitalist enterprise -- the principle of “one share owned, one vote” in the election of capitalist governing boards or boards of directors.




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