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The Trump Electoral-College Victory -- GLOBAL STRATEGIC HYPOTHESES. Excerpt from a Dialogue with a Reader.

The Trump Electoral-College Victory -- GLOBAL STRATEGIC HYPOTHESES.

Excerpt from a Dialogue with a Reader.

Dear Readers,

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Q.:  . . . your thoughts on the unexpected Trump victory?

R.:  At least, we don't have to worry about Rockefeller 'Global Warming Austerity' [prelude to global "eugenics" 'humanocide', because "people are pollution"] for a while!


And, another key piece of progress is that Rockefeller-prostitute pollsters, pundits, newscasters, and newspapers -- the whole Rockefeller mass media establishment -- has been deeply discredited in the eyes of the American people, and in the eyes of millions of people all over the world.  

That should give room for different voices to be heard, and to be tested, by the same peoples, America-wide, and world-wide!

More than that, Trump is talking about a massive infrastructure re-building program, and a ‘‘‘re-industrialization’’’ of America, that could bring millions of American workers back into better-paid employment, and out of their Rockefeller-engineered depression and drugs/suicide syndrome, if implemented.

Such a program that is diametrically opposed to the Rockefellers' plans for accelerated de-industrialization, their plans to dismantle the coal industry, etc., because it is directly in the best interests of the vast majority of the American people, and of the majority of the peoples of the rest of the world, who the Rockefellers plan to, and are already succeeding at, up to now, ‘eugenicizing’.

Trump is also talking about government child care
/day care assistance to millions of working Americans, and about other programs which are not traditional [Rockefeller-]Republican "destroy the social safety net" programs.

This means that there is danger that the Rockefellers will organize an assassination of Trump, or arrange another “little accident” for him, putting the more “malleable”, theocratic-totalitarian Pence in Trump’s place. 

However, such a course of action would be extremely dangerous for the Rockefellers, possibly re-exposing their whole history of political assassinations, not to mention risking “popular unrest”.

In any case -- unless Trump has secretly made a deal with the Rockefellers behind the scenes, and really plans to quickly drop all of this pro-majority and pro-productive-forces talk, and to re-emphasize the racist, ‘ethnicist’, and fascist aspects of his appeal instead, giving the Rockefellers a fast track to a Mussolini-like state-capitalist totalitarian ‘servant-dictatorship’ in the U.S. -- we could see open warfare within the ruling class, such as we have not seen since the Rockefellers exterminated all of the politically viable members of the Kennedy family, plus Martin Luther King, Jr., or since the victory of the Roosevelt faction of the ruling class, over the Rockefeller faction, in the 1930s to 1940s.

Trump seems to be buying the support, or at least the non-opposition, of non-Rockefeller factions of the capitalist ruling class, via promises to drastically lower the U.S. corporate income tax rate, from ~35% to ~15%, and to give vast tax cuts to the super-rich -- about $200,000.00 per year per family, as opposed to about $140.00 per year per family for the U. S. majority. 

This hyper-enrichment of the already rich may or may not lead to accelerated capital re-investment in re-industrializing America, and in re-building American infrastructure, putting ~25,000,000 American workers to work in decent-paying jobs.

This, plus the infrastructure program that Trump is paying lip-service to, will vastly increment the U.S. annual fiscal deficits, and national debt, perhaps by about $11 trillion over the next 8 years, amounting to a massive “Keynesian” fiscal stimulus. 

That stimulus money, if well-spent -- if spent productively, and if it leads to a massive increase in both working-class and capitalist incomes -- could at least partially “pay for itself”, by increasing workers’ and capitalists’ income tax payments.  But it is risky, and it is contrary to traditional [Rockefeller-]Republican “principles”.

Paul Ryan would rather repeal Social Security and Medicare, and place every government program other than the military, and the welfare-for-the-rich programs, on hyper-austerity.

Ryan may resist Trump’s stated plans, and even block them.  That may give Trump an excuse to drop them. 

Then again, Ryan may be voted out of the speakership by a “Trump caucus” in the House.

It remains true that a massive re-industrialization of America, a rebuilding of American social infrastructure to be “second to none”, a re-negotiation of “free” trade treaties that the Rockefellers designed to export U.S. working-class jobs to the Rockefellers’ servant-dictatorships outside of the U.S., where wages are low, and workers are murdered by those servant dictatorships if they try to organize unions to raise wages, and a roll-back of the Rockefellers’ plans for ‘Global Warming Austerity’, which they designed so as to bankrupt [so that they can buy-up on the cheap, hence control] the parts of the energy industry that the Rockefellers do not yet own, and to further de-industrialize and impoverish the American -- and the European -- working classes, sapping what is left of democracy in the process, that Trump-promised roll-back of Rockefeller 'Global Warming Austerity' is “just what the doctor ordered”.

If Trump has not already secretly sold out to the Rockefellers, then they are likely to see his Presidency as a mortal threat to their power, and to react like a cornered beast.

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