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What If Bernie Sanders Had Won The Democratic Presidential Nomination? -- GLOBAL STRATEGIC HYPOTHESES. Excerpt from a Recent Dialogue with a Reader.

What If Bernie Sanders Had Won The Democratic Presidential Nomination? -- GLOBAL STRATEGIC HYPOTHESES.  Excerpt from a Recent Dialogue with a Reader.

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Q.:  . . . I reject the idea that Bernie would have won the Presidency had he been the nominee.  He went as far as someone who calls himself a Socialist could go.  The alternative right led by Trump would have been joined by some of the main stream media to prevent it from happening.  Cynical as this may sound, I agree with film maker Michael Moore that progressives need their own celebrity-actor kind of person to take down people like Trump.  I often think the Presidency is won as a "likability" contest, with the person you would most like to have a drink with at the neighborhood bar being the winner.  Unfortunately this time it seems to have put us in a real pickle!

R.:  The good news is that a self-avowed socialist got as far as Bernie did in the primaries [Even if Bernie’s notion of “socialism” is nothing more than Rooseveltian, reform state-capitalism]. 
And that the ruling class owned “mainstream media” have thoroughly discredited themselves, in front of the American people, and in front of the rest of the worlds’ people. 

This makes this latest national election season a watershed in U.S. history -- nothing like it since Eugene Debs, or since the ascendance of the Roosevelt faction of the ruling class over the Rockefeller faction in the pit of the Great Depression.

However, ruling classes, when they see a swelling democratic populism rising up from the grass roots, often turn to right-wing pseudo-populism, and to police-state dictatorship, to suppress that rising. 

Mussolini made noises as if he were “pro-worker” during the Great Depression in Italy.

The Rockefeller-funded “eugenics” movement in Germany morphed into the take-over, in the pit of the Great Depression, of the Weimar Republic by the National Socialist
Workers’ Party, whose German acronym is, of course “N.A.Z.I.”.

Still, there are some “Rooseveltian” aspects to Trump’s stated program -- a $1 trillion+ infrastructure rebuilding program, government-aided day care for working parents, not repealing Social Security and Medicare, as the Paul Ryan [Rockefeller] “Republicans” want. 

Trump might have trouble with the subservience of being a Rockefeller ‘servant-dictator’, which is how Mussolini and Hitler started out [they too, of course, later turned on the Rockefellers, and tried to take the Rockefellers’ place as global dictators:  became ‘franken-dictators’].

Trump may try to replace the Rockefeller “dynastic” family with his own “dynastic” family as the “leading family” of the ruling faction of the ruling class.

The last time anybody tried this, was when the Kennedy “dynastic” family, which had switched allegiance from the Rockefeller faction to the Roosevelt faction, achieved a U.S. and worldwide popularity not seen since Franklin Roosevelt himself, and looked as if they might be headed for ruling class leadership. 

We know what happened then.

The trouble about Michael Moore’s astute point is that democratic-populist leaders with that kind of charisma tend to have to pay very high premiums to get life insurance!

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