Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Globalization is also Global Proletarianization -- GLOBAL STRATEGIC HYPOTHESES.

Globalization is also Global Proletarianization -- GLOBAL STRATEGIC HYPOTHESES.

Dear Readers,

In this blog-entry, below, I remark upon a little-noted aspect of “globalization” -- little noted especially among those participating in the so-called “anti-globalization” movement.




GLOBAL STRATEGIC HYPOTHESES.  Capitalist “globalization” is also global proletarianization. 

And proletarianization -- the imposition of wage-labor-based self-selling, self-alienation, wage-labor prostitution -- never has been a pretty process.

But, even in its global descendence phase*, capitalism inherently, all but inexorably moves to spread its World Market, ever more extensively and ever more intensively, across the globe, to the very last patch of “landed property”.

An ineluctable aspect of that ‘capital-relation globalization’, is the globalization of the ‘wage-labor relation’, the spread of proletarianization, e.g., by the conversion of former rural and agricultural independent producer populations into urban proletarians, and by the rise of a global “middle”/working class as a result.

The global social revolution that descendence phasecapitalism itself makes a survival necessity for the global majority of humanity is all but impossible to conceive without the formation of a majority proletarian class worldwide.  ¿Will this globally rising, globally-universal class, this becoming-majority class, of wage and salaried producers, this world-wide working class, come to perceive, then to conceive, and then to act upon, its own common interest, the universal interest of the human species, in re-growing the social forces of production, in establishing prosperity for all, popular democracy for all, rule of law for all, human rights for all; in producing the global renaissance of humanity -- necessarily overcoming, in the process, all of the ideologies, the Balkanizing separatisms, of nationalism, of ethnicism, of religionism, of “people are pollution” anti-humanism, etc., etc., ad nauseam, that the Rocke-Nazi ruling class is so ferociously fabricating to divide and misguide them?  “Time will tell”.

As much as that Rocke-Nazi ruling faction of the global capitalist ruling class would like to have perpetuated their “Third World” depredation and deprecation of the majority of humanity in perpetuity, they have failed to do so.  In desperate haste, they are falling all over themselves to concoct new micro-enthnicist, micro-religionist, micro-racist, etc., ideologies, seeking, ‘‘‘Swiftly’’’, to marshal those proletarians whom they have been able to “successfully” delude, into massacring each other over, e.g., which end of the hard-boiled egg one “must”, “morally”, open first. 

Their own capitalist system has betrayed them once again -- this time, not just by their crisis of falling profitability due to  ‘technodepreciation’, but by their crisis of global proletarianization. 

Industrialization and wage-working-class expansion is, of course, by now well underway -- in China, in India, in South Africa, in Brazil, and “even” in Russia again, as well as elsewhere in the [former] semi-periphery; in their becoming-former “Third World”.

The Rocke-Nazi ruling faction of the global capitalist ruling class is now beyond-desperate -- even more so now that their global rule is under challenge by a nascent, and working-class-allied, Trump “populist” faction of the capitalist ruling class, and by working-class-allied populist movements throughout the global capitalist core.

They are rushing their plans for an attempted character-assassination of Trump, and of the Trump faction, now to be fueled by the accusations-only, no-due-process-of-law firings and resignations of many of their failed prostitute-politicians and presstitutes -- who failed to wield their positions of privilege in the Rocke-Nazi media and governmental establishments to stop the Trump movement -- on charges of sexual misconduct, hoping to mount, by their media, a wave of precedent that will topple Trump on similar charges.

They are escalating their attacks, via all kinds of stealth-humanocidal weaponry, on the livelihoods and the very lives of the U.S. working/middle class -- although the Trump pro-profitability/re-industrialization program for the lower layers of the U.S. industrial capitalist class is increasingly interfering with their plans -- and they are preparing, e.g., their latest “GMO”, ‘genomically re-engineered’, aerosol-vectored designer diseases, like their Eric-Pianka-promoted aerosol-spread Ebola virus, to quickly dispatch Russia, China, India, Africa, Latin America, etc., once they have [they hope] liquidated the Trump faction, and totally triumphed against U.S. popular democracy, and totalitarianized, and begun FEMA-camp extermination of, the rest of the remnant U.S. working/middle class.  Otherwise, all of their humanocidal machinations in the U.S. would simply hand over global rule to a new Chinese, and/or Russian, and/or Indian, etc., [state-]capitalist ruling class.

But now --more than at any other time since the global fall of Stalinist state-capitalism, circa 1989 C.E./B.U.E. -- the Rocke-Nazis humanocidal plans are in growing jeopardy.

*[By the descendence phase of the global capitalist system, we mean the phase which begins with a secular, long ‘techno-deflation’, when core ruling class industrial fixed capital investment, if continually exposed to competition from new entrants and new technologies worldwide, and especially from the upstart capitalist semi-periphery, has become unprofitable; has entered into negative profitability, due to the very growth of the social forces of production that is driven by the capital social-relation-of-production itself, by capital[ist]’s quest for relative surplus-value; i.e., due to social-productive-force-growth-induced depreciation, ‘technodepreciation’. 

This manifests in rising write-offs, against gross profits, of, typically, the entire historical/original value of “morally depreciated”, obsolescence-depreciated but not yet amortized portions of that core ruling class fixed capital, such that the value written off against gross profits episodically exceeds, in monetary magnitude, for individual capitalist firms, that gross profit itself. 

We mean the phase that continues with the reaction of the core capitalist ruling class to and against this, their mortal predicament, and the continuing global program/global pogrom to which it has given rise.

I.e., this phase continues with that ruling class’s enfetterment of the further growth of the productive forces, and eventually, their action to reverse that historic growth. 

This continuation includes the imposition of "Federal Reserve" style central banks worldwide, the taxing of working-class wages-incomes to finance this enfetterment, including the recruiting, arming and imposition of anti-industrialization, de-industrializing comprador military dictatorships throughout the semi-periphery -- the ruling-class imposed formation of the “Third World”.

This continuation also includes the fomentation of World Market ‘Designer Depressions’ and ensuing mass murderous World Wars and Eugenics-excused genocides, the promulgation, financing and propagation of the Eugenics ideology pro-forced-sterilization/pro-abortion/pro-“euthanasia” ideologies, and, later, of its re-named variants -- the “limits to growth”, pro-zero-population-growth [pro-negative-population-growth], and pro-zero-economic-growth [pro-negative-economic-growth] ideologies, “small is beautiful” ideologies, “people-are-pollution” environmentalism / ‘ecologism’ ideologies, “neo-primitivist” ideologies, and the presently prevalent “global warming”-excused perpetual global austerity ideology, plus the inducement of “divide-and-conquer” enthnicist, religionist, racist, etc., [un]civil strife and mass-murderous civil wars throughout the semi-periphery, leading to mass migration mass death and the re-Nazi-fication of the advanced capitalist core polities inundated by these desperate mass migrations, and via the Rocke-Nazi ruling classs arms cartels, etc., plus Stealth Humanocide drug wars, sex-slavery cartels, genomically-engineered, “GMO” ‘designer diseases’, autism-inducing ‘pseudo-vaccines’, dementia-inducing and obesity/diabetes-inducing ‘pseudo-foods’, Rockefeller-AMA opioid prescriptions hyper-escalation-induced heroin/fentanyl addiction surge/overdose mass death, and side-effects-cascading, lethal pharmaceutical ‘pseudo-medicines’, etc., etc., etc.] 

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