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PBS “News” Pushes Mass Abortion Mass Murder Globally, Truth Tribunal Responds -- GLOBAL STRATEGIC HYPOTHESES.

PBSNewsPushes Mass Abortion Mass Murder Globally, Truth Tribunal Responds -- GLOBAL STRATEGIC HYPOTHESES.

Dear Readers,

In this blog-entry, below, I remark upon a case example of the heinous role of the “PBS News Hour” in pushing the humanocidal policies of the ruling, Rocke-Nazi faction of the descendent-phase, capitalist/anti-capitalist ruling class.  The Rockefeller Foundation, as well as other institutional agents of the Eugenics”, “People Are Pollution Plutocracy, now openly fund, and have long-since funded, this nightly “news” program.




GLOBAL STRATEGIC HYPOTHESES.  Abortion promotion -- disguised mass murder -- has always been a key weapon in the Stealth Humanocide, Stealth Eugenics arsenal of the ruling, descendence-phase, capitalist/anti-capitalist ruling class faction -- the faction that we have named the Rocke-Nazis -- ever since at least the 1970s, when Planned [NON-]Parenthood, an institution co-founded by negative eugenicist, and Rockefeller ideological whore, Margaret Sanger, who especially targeted people of color for ‘“reducing the reproduction of those considered unfit”’, became a mass murder mill -- a global mill for the mass slaughter of unborn babies.

Mass murder of human populations -- genocides, i.e., partial humanocides, as well as stealth humanocide more broadly -- are, of course, central to the Rocke-Nazi global war on the social forces of production, their global program/pogrom to reverse the historic growth of the social forces of production that was associated with the ascendence phase of the capitals-system, because global human population, and its sustained growth, are central to the growth of the social forces of production, i.e., to that growth which is, in turn, the key to human liberation.

The psychohistorical-dialectical , socio-political-economic explanation for this humanocidal, productive-forces-destroying development in ruling class ideology has been elaborated elsewhere in this blog --

-- as have the many public announcements, by Rocke-Nazi spokes-whores, of their intent to exterminate ~95% of the human race --

-- public statements, made with impunity, since they evidently feel that their pogroms of pseudo-foods-, pseudo-vaccines-, and pseudo-medicines-induced cancers, diabetes, heart disease, strokes, Alzheimer’s Disease/other dementias, autisms, “brain fog”, opioid, etc., drug addiction/overdose mass death, and People Are Pollution ideologies engineering and propagation, etc., etc., etc., have virtually obliterated your ability to resist, or even to comprehend, their humanocidal plan for the impoverishment, then enslavement, then extermination of you and your family.

A recent episode of the PBS TV “News” dutifully serviced their Rocke-Nazi funders’ humanocidal agenda, by, once again, “dumping on Trump”, this time for his recent restriction of the use of U. S. [working-class-]taxpayers’ funds for the promotion and execution of abortion in the [Rocke-Nazi created] “Third World”, especially in Africa, especially in Kenya, by Trump’s reinstatement of the “Mexico City Rule” --

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JkOf-If-NK0 [starting around time index 27:44]

-- with the PBS contract-reporter asserting that un-named experts say that “...this work [M.D.:  I.e., of mass abortion -- mass slaughter of unborn babies] is critical to curb some of the world’s fastest population growth rates...”.

Using a time-dishonored technique of scurvy advertisers, such as those of the tobacco industry -- another longstanding contributor to Rocke-Nazi stealth humanocide, whose commercials associated the filthy and life-destroying habit of cigarette smoking with “springtime”, and “fresh” nature-landscapes -- the PBS “News” noted the medical care benefits also [purportedly] provided by the abortion organizations that were to lose funding under Trump’s action, as if those medical care benefits could not be separated from the promotion of abortion!

The PBS ‘newsers’ simply omitted to mention that these medical care benefits could continue to flow to “Third World” recipients, if only those abortion organizations would drop their pushing of abortion, but continue to provide their [purported] other medical care services.  Or that real medical care benefits could [which “experts” deny!] be provided in the future by new/other organizations, untainted by abortion advocacy and the mass slaughter of babies!  Indeed, the present abortion advocacy organizations could simply re-focus and concentrate upon voluntary contraception -- as per Margaret Sanger, in the early days of “Planned [non-]Parenthood”, and before -- if they wished to continue to receive U. S. taxpayer dollars.  An interviewed Trump administration spokesperson did note this option, by which these organizations would lose none of their U. S. taxpayer funding.  But the interviewed spokesperson for the featured British abortion-promotion organization proclaimed their refusal -- ‘“on principle”’ -- to relax their abortion push.  They therefore stand to lose $30 million of U. S. taxpayer funds annually.  Similar organizations, if they maintain similar ‘“principles”’, stand to lose ~ $9 billion in annual U. S. taxpayer funding.

Of course, the PBS “newsers” never even broach the real and humane alternative to the mass murder that they tirelessly promote in segment after segment of their news program. 

That alternative is academically known as “The Demographic Transition” -- the most powerful contraceptive device ever discovered by the human race. 

But this would require the Rocke-Nazis to get themselves -- and the Rocke-Nazi-servant military dictatorships that the Rocke-Nazis have recruited, armed, and funded, creating their “Third World”, later on abetted by two of their major ‘global debt vampires’, the IMF [a.k.a. the ‘International Murder Fund’] and the World Bank [a.k.a. ‘the International Bank for DeConstruction and DeDevelopment’] -- out of the way, e.g., in Africa, thus allowing the industrialization -- the growth of the social forces of production -- in Africa, and, with it, the fuller transition to a money economy, with all of the incentives and opportunities that this would generate for African families to voluntarily manage their family sizes, via contraception, etc. 

But this alternative would expose the Rocke-Nazi  industrial and banking capital to ‘technodepreciation’ from the latest, most advanced, most productive plant and equipment, newly installed in, e.g., Africa, in competition with the more antiquated plant and equipment in the U.S., Europe, etc., forcing the Rocke-Nazis to scrap and to write-off vast accumulations of capital plant and equipment that they directly own, as well as to write-off long term bank loans that the Rocke-Nazi banks have let out to other capitalists, which would, due to this ‘technodepreciation’, quickly become “bad loans” -- something similar to what happened when the U. S. auto industry was exposed to competition from new auto production plant and equipment in re-built Japan, newly-built South Korea, etc. 

These write-offs, often, in absolute size, in excess of the total annual gross profits against which they would be written-off, would not only lower their profit-rates, their return on investment percentages, but would even put those profit-rates into negative territory, vastly curtailing -- even terminating -- Rocke-Nazi Power, together with all of its Ultra-Perverted Perks for the Rocke-Nazis.

In righteous reaction to this PBS “News” promotion of this global stealth mass murder of defenseless babies, the 'International Truth-In-Naming Tribunal' [ITINT] issued a new court Order [a new 'ITINTO'], ordering the PBS nightly “news” program to henceforth use its True Name.

The anchor of this “news” program, Judy Woodruff, had already long-since publicly proclaimed her “ascension” to Rockefeller-Ideological-Whoredom when she announced, on air, some years ago -- around the time that the Rockefeller Foundation began to be featured so prominently on the donors list to that “news” program -- her membership in the Rockefeller-‘‘‘owned’’’ New York Council on Foreign Relations, a major whoreganization by which the Rocke-Nazis prostitute the U. S. Federal Government, starting with the U. S. State Department, to their global humanocidal agenda.

The International Truth Tribunal, ITINT, had already issued previous ITINTO court Orders, ordering this “news” program to change its name to its truer name, “The PlutocracyBS Rockefeller Hour”, and, more recently, to “The PlutocracyBS Dump-On-Trump Hour, with Judy Rockefeller”.

This latest ITINTO, in the face of the unrepentant subservience of this “news” program to the Rocke-Nazi humanocidal agenda, recognizes the steadily worsening truth about this nightly Rockefeller propaganda outlet, disguised as a “Public” and “neutral” journalistic enterprise:  it orders this “news” program to henceforth refer to itself asThe PlutocracyBSa Little Nightly Dose of Rocke-DooDoo’, with Judy-ooo!-DooDoo.

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