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‘Excerpt from a Recent ‘‘‘Political’’’ Dialogue’: GLOBAL STRATEGIC HYPOTHESES.


Excerpt from a Recent ‘‘‘Political’’’ Dialogue: GLOBAL STRATEGIC HYPOTHESES.

Dear Readers,

I have transcribed below, for your consideration, an excerpt from a dialogue in which I recently participated.



Miguel Detonacciones,

Member, Foundation Encyclopedia Dialectica [F.E.D.],
Participant, F.E.D. Special Council for Public Liaison,
Officer, F.E.D. Office of Public Liaison.


First Interlocutor.  I went . . . to a metaphysical conference (3-days) here in . . . which was quite interesting.  Especially of interest to me were the discussions and agreement that there were multiple shooters at the tragic (false flag) event which occurred in Las Vegas recently.

Also there was some discussion regarding the media bashing of President Trump (despite his errors and flaws -- that of course everyone has), that this is happening because he is not totally owned by the cabal/illuminati -- interesting:  a term again that those in the know are pulling away from because “illuminati” means enlightened and those that are in this cabal are NOT enlightened!!

And now Trump is releasing more of the documents on the JFK coup.  And then today I saw a piece in the Las Vegas paper that Scott Pruitt, the EPA chief, is replacing many of the “expert advisors” for health and environmental issues.  As Pruitt states: “Whatever science comes out of the EPA shouldn't be political science.”  What a breath of fresh air!!!

President Trump and his advisors are following a much needed but dangerous path as they are going up against some of the most evil Nazi-leaning individuals in our world.

Wishing him success as we and this country need it!

Second Interlocutor.  Almost all of the supposedly “separate”, and supposedly separately-edited, mass media “news” programs have become one SINGLE news program, under a single, Rocke-Nazi, editorship: The Dump on Trump Hour.

Yes, the Rockefeller-“owned” mass media are in an all-out media civil war to discredit Trump -- dumping on him for everything he does, NO MATTER WHAT HE DOES -- in preparation for a planned impeachment of Trump, i.e., for a coup d’état, disguised as an impeachment -- after the Congressional midterm elections, which the Rockefellers plan to “fix” so that their Democrat-whores, plus some still of their Republican-whores as well, win majorities in both Houses of Congress.

Might not work, if the Rockefellers fail to block Trump’s tax cuts, which should really “rev up” our economy, to GDP growth rates > 3%/year, and, to some degree, get the social forces of production growing again.

Make no mistake, Trump is a capitalist pig, but his programs, designed to increase profit rates for the smaller capitalists, who the Rockefellers have also targeted for destruction, are the best that the working/middle class can hope for right now.  At least Trump is holding off the Rockefellers deadly plan to outlaw coal energy, their planned Global Warming Austerity, their TPP, etc., etc.

As to “The Illuminated Ones”, I couldn’t agree more:  It is STUPID -- SELF-defeating -- for we in the opposition to the Rockefeller program/pogrom to call them the “top”, when they are only the most heinous, worst extorters of vampire blood money in history; to call them the “Elite” inverts the scale of human merit, for they are really the most vile scum of humanity ever seen to-date, or to call them “The Illuminati”, when they represent the bloodiest depth of INhumanity to which any faction of humanity has ever sunken so far.  Per their published statements, THEY PLAN TO MURDER, IN THE MOST SADISTIC WAYS THAT THEY CAN IMAGINE, ~ 95% OF THE HUMAN SPECIES, AND THAT GLOBAL MASS MURDER PLAN IS ALREADY WELL UNDERWAY, ALBEIT STILL ONLY IN ‘‘‘STEALTH’’’ MODE!!! --

That’s why I call them by a much more apt name:  The Rocke-Nazis.

I think that it is possible that Trump may have made a “deal” with The Rocke-Nazis about the Kennedy Assassination Files.  I think that he has agreed to hold back those few files that are most revealing about how the Rockefeller-“owned” CIA murdered JFK, in exchange for an agreement by The Rocke-Nazis to cut back on their planned “coup d’état” preparations against Trump. 

I would like to hope that he has them “over a barrel” with those key remaining files, and can thereby get them “off his back” for a while.  If the truth about the Rockefeller murders of John Kennedy, Robert Kennedy, Martin Luther King, Jr., and John Kennedy, Jr., etc., ever comes out while Trump is President, the Rockefeller faction is “toast”, and they know it. 

However, the popular reaction to such a revelation could bring down other factions of the [state-]capitalist ruling class as well -- even the non-Rockefeller-owned Republican faction of the [state-]capitalist ruling-class, maybe even the emerging Trump faction.  So Trump may be hoping he doesn’t have to release those files -- that the Rockefeller faction will “knuckle under” without him having to “make good” on his threat to release those key, Rockefellers-incriminating files.  But my realism says:  Fat chance!

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