Tuesday, November 21, 2017

‘HYPOTHESIS: The Depraved ‘Psychotic Drivel’ Permeating So Many of Today’s Hollywood Movies is Part of the ‘Rocke-Nazi’s’ ‘Global War Against Humanity’ -- GLOBAL STRATEGIC HYPOTHESES.

HYPOTHESIS:  The DepravedPsychotic DrivelPermeating So Many of Todays Hollywood Movies is Part of theRocke-Nazis’ ‘Global War Against Humanity -- GLOBAL STRATEGIC HYPOTHESES.

Dear Readers,

GLOBAL STRATEGIC HYPOTHESES.  The ruling, Rocke-Nazi faction of the U.S./Global ruling class -- the faction characterized, ideologically, by their anti-productive-forces-growth, capitalist descendence-phase capitalist anti-capitalism, and by their human anti-humanism -- have repeatedly, and publicly, though still only marginally, proclaimed their bloody, psychotic, and ultra-sadistic world-historical objective:  ~95% extermination of the human race, by the most torturous and agonizing means that their ultra-depraved imaginations can imagine [e.g., in the account of their scientist-prostitute, Eric Pianka, via a genomically-[re]engineered, aerosol-vectored Ebola global pandemic], as documented in the following entry to this blog --

-- as stated by their many spokes-servants -- ‘‘‘hired intellectuals’’’, intellectual prostitutesall -- and by their myriad whoreganizations, all that the Big Money of hyper-concentrated capital ownership can buy!

Now, if you can imagine yourself reading the mind of one of these serial-genocidal, humanocidal maniacs, how do you think you might find this mind planning, e.g., by psy-ops, to soften up humanity to facilitate leading us down their planned path to our own annihilation? -- Like they did to Weimar Germany, via their engineered hyper-inflation and designer hyper-depression -- their Global Great Depression I -- plus their massive funding of their Eugenics ideology there, soon morphing into the Nazi ideology of their ‘Servant-Dictator’, military-“intelligence” operative Adolf Hitler [until he turned against them, circa 1939, seeking to replace their global rule with his own -- i.e., until he turned ‘Franken-Dictator’].

What if they have the Big Money, to have the influence, including through Boards of Directors members, their agents, in interlocking Boards of Directors, spanning “competitive” barriers, and the wherewithal to even fund movies directly, when needed, and to select for success, those conformably psychotic movie-makers, to gradually, increasingly control and pervert the content, the context, the mood, and the messages-between-the-lines, of movie-making, especially ever since the 1960s? 

Have you noticed how depraved, how anti-human, how degrading, and how violence celebrating and catalyzing movies -- especially Hollywood movies -- have become, especially since the 1960s?

The majority of recent Hollywood films seem to me to be characterized by --

·         Subliminal reinforcement of tendencies to psychotic violence, e.g., to mass shootings [so that the Rocke-Nazis MK-Ultra/MK-Delta programmed-assassin mass murders, aimed at disarming the American people, is not their sole source of recruits for their gun violence mass assassination program/pogrom];

·         Inculcation and amplification of psychological despair, clinical depression, and abject misanthropic demoralization-by-hopelessness, in concert with the deteriorating social conditions of Global Great Depression II, engineered by the Rocke-Nazis, and manifested massively ever since 2008, e.g., to encourage even more drug addiction than they, and their CIA, have before, via opiates-induced de facto mass suicide, and egregious suicide rates among veterans of the Iraq and Afghanistan invasions, on the part of soldiers unable to reconcile themselves with the massive crimes against humanity -- e.g., the sadistic torture, rape, and murder of non-combatant civilians, and the intentional and by design collateral damage mass murders of such civilians -- into which they were unknowingly recruited;

·         Degradation of the social image of women, and promotion of longstanding jock denigratory and rapistic attitudes toward women;

·         Exacerbation of all of the Rocke-Nazi-appropriated-or-originated divide-and-conquer lines of human-social separation and antagonism/mutual-alienation

-- to name but a few of the hyper-destructive aspects of this Rocke-Nazi psy-op.

Marx and Engels observed long ago to the effect that ‘‘‘the ideas of the ruling classes are, in every epoch of class society, the ruling ideas’’’.

Today, with the ‘Marxianly’-predictable global domination of the predictably anti-productive-forces-growth, descendant-phase, capitalist anti-capitalist and human anti-humanist ruling class faction, this observation needs to be updated by the following addition:  ‘the depravities of the ruling class are, in the final ‘half-epoch’ of human pre-history [cf. Marx], the ruling depravities.

If we fail to defeat these depravities, and the ruling class faction that, by design, proliferates and amplifies them, then we may never get to that possiblehuman[e] historyproper -- that new history of global human thriving and flourishing -- whose possibility resides on the other side of this descendence phase of burgeoning, Rocke-Nazi-orchestrated hell on Earth.

In Solidarity,

Miguel Detonacciones,

Member, Foundation Encyclopedia Dialectica [F.E.D.],
Participant, F.E.D. Special Council for Public Liaison,
Officer, F.E.D. Office of Public Liaison.

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