Monday, March 12, 2018

¿Still No Asimov’s Foundation/Psychohistory Movie -- Why?

¿Still No Asimovs Foundation/Psychohistory Movie -- Why?

Dear Readers,

A “Reddit Answers” user recently posed the question -- “Why has no one tried adapting Isaac Asimov's Foundation series to film or television?

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I responded as follows --

“Despite the enduring fascination of a potentially large audience, continuing generation after generation, in Asimov's Foundation series, and in its mathematical social science of "psychohistory", no movie of that series has yet been made.  I think that this is for three main reasons.” 

“One, there is a very advanced, profoundly Marxian quality to the "lawful" progression of epochs in the "psychohistorical" development of the First Foundation that is anathema to the Big Money "powers that be", who do not want to see this kind of "social scientific" thinking broached among the middle classes, potentially replacing those interests' carefully inculcated "divide-and-conquer" Balkanization of those classes, with "theories" of racial bigotry, religious bigotry, ethnic bigotry, class bigotry, etc., that keep those classes fighting among themselves, not recognizing their real arch enemy.” 

“Second, the kind of "psychohistorical" thinking that pervades Asimov's Foundation stories is alien to the mentality of so many Hollywood screen writers.” 

“Third, there is no single, Rambo-style action hero in the Foundation stories, which span generations, and therefore foster a kind of long-term, historical thinking that is unfamiliar to many movie-goers.”

“There may be no movie, but there is a group working to actualize Asimov's "psychohistory" at Earth scale.  See .”



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