Tuesday, December 11, 2018

A New Youtube Comment.

Dear Readers,

I have been posting the following Comment on Youtube --

"For free-of-charge works carrying forward the work of Marx, by-passing the Leninist dictatorial fraud/bait-and-switch, see the dialectics org. web site.

GLOBAL STRATEGIC HYPOTHESES: "Late Capitalism", or 'Descendence-Phase Capitalism', begins at that point in the global accumulation of capital, when, because of the growth of the social forces of production under capitalism [growth of "productivity"], expressed, in part, as growth of fixed-capital-plant and equipment value relative to all other elements of industrial capital value, for core, concentrated industrial capital, further continuation/acceleration of profit-motivated productivity-enhancing innovation will destroy, by write-off against current gross profits, more old industrial capital, due to pre-wear-and-tear-depreciation/amortization 'techno-obsolescence' thereof, than its adds to new industrial capital value via incremental profits, thus driving core industrial capitalist profitability secularly negative. This, starting in the late 1800s, led to extreme reactions and actions on the part of the core capitalist ruling class, leading to their pushing of the "Eugenics" ideology worldwide, to their "Federal Reserve" Central [private] Bank dictatorship in the U.S., and to the U.S. Federal Income Tax on U.S. workers' wages [state-extracted neo-surplus-value], plus World War I.  Later, it led to the "Great Depression", and to the U.S. ruling class's [e.g., the Rockefellers'] support of Eugenics and of Hitler, in particular, in Germany, and of Fascism worldwide in general, until Hitler turned 'Franken-Dictator' -- e.g., 1939 Hitler-Stalin Pact -- and decided to kill off his Rockefeller-masters, and subjugate the entire planet for himself, leading to World War II.  Since then, the Rockefeller ruling class has concentrated on propagating their "People Are Pollution" version of "ecology", preparing -- as they have publicly, if somewhat 'sequesteredly', repeatedly stated -- for their planned "~95% population reduction" Global Warming Austerity Pogrom, their "FINAL SOLUTION TO THE HUMANITY PROBLEM"."



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