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The Karl Seldon on Karl Marx Series, Part 1 -- Seldon on Marxian Theory.

The Karl Seldon on Karl Marx Series, Part 1 --

Seldon on Marxian Theory.

Dear Readers,

This new series -- “Karl Seldon on Karl Marx” -- is for the purpose of my presenting to you key excerpts from Karl Seldon’s discourses, among we of F.E.D., on the topic of the work of Karl Marx.  This series begins -- in this Part 1 -- with a general statement on the F.E.D. consensus regarding Marx’s theory overall.

[Seldon:]  The point, with regard to Marx’s work, is not to ‘dogmatize’ it, or to ‘catechismize’ it -- as is the wont of the purveyors of “pure-state-bureaucratic” [“Leninist”, Trotskyist”, “Stalinist”, “Maoist”, “Castoist”, “IList”, “UNist”, etc., ad nauseam] 'proto-state-capitalism', who hope to make of their twisted ideology, which they [flagrantly and falsely] claim to be Marx’s, a kind of secular religion that will secure their totalitarian, Orwellian, mass-murderist dictatorship, and its perverted “perks”, for all futurity.  Those purveyors degenerated Marx’s theory into a new ideology, to cover-up their new, bloody pathway to capitalism, via their new variant of ['proto-state-capitalist'] “primitive accumulation”.”

“The point, with regard to Marx’s work, is to continue it, to extend it, including by continually immanently critiquing its own internal tendencies toward ‘re-ideologification -- to take up that work again where that work left off, with Marx’s untimely death, and with Engels’s insufficient efforts to edit the manuscripts that Marx left behind.” 

“This means to advance, once again, Marx’s work, in the several crucial loci which Marx left most incomplete and most unclarified, e.g., in particular --

(1) The nature and causation of capitalist crisis, in relation to Marx’s “Law of the Tendency of the Rate of Profit to Fall”;

(2) The detailed, necessary nature of the higher successor system to the capitalist system, and, especially, of the new prevailing “social relation of production” at the heart of that successor system -- the nature of the association of “the associated producers”; the nature of a ‘producers’ democracy’, and;

(3) The nature of the Marxian dialectic in general, of the systematic and historical dialectic of capitalism in particular, of the dialectic of human history as a whole, and of the Marxian dialectic of Nature as a whole.”

“Above all, this means recognizing the nature of Marxian theory itself, namely, as a fundamental theory within human social science as a whole, in contrast to which the various and pathetic mysticisms and idealisms of capitalist ideology, masquerading as social science, pale in comparison.  Marxian theory represents the most comprehensive scientific theory of human-social evolution, and of human-social ‘meta-evolution’ [i.e., of social relations of production “revolution”, driven by the growth of the social forces of production across critical thresholds], so far achieved by Terran humanity.”

“But, as such, as a scientific theory, its hypotheses must be grasped as susceptible to falsification by contravening empirical evidence, and even as seeking such falsification, as a means to continually guard against ‘re-ideologification, and as a means to continually improve those hypotheses.

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Miguel Detonacciones,
Member, Foundation Encyclopedia Dialectica [F.E.D.],
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