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'People Are Pollution Ecologism’ is a NAZI Ideology. GLOBAL STRATEGIC HYPOTHESES.

People Are Pollution Ecologism is a [Rocke-]NAZI Ideology.  GLOBAL STRATEGIC HYPOTHESES.

Dear Readers,

GLOBAL STRATEGIC HYPOTHESES.  The [Rocke-Nazifaction-controlled] Establishment news media spew out, day after day, moment-by-moment, the toxic ideology that People Are Pollution, with the Paul Ehrlich subtext -- not so explicitly spelled out, lately, as it used to be -- that "economic development" must be stopped, that “economic growth” must be reversed, that human “progress” never existed, nor can ever exist, and that masses of the human race must be killed-off, “by any means necessary”, to “SAVE THE PLANET” [truthful translation:  to save Rockefeller Power -- with all of its Hyper-Degenerate, Hyper-Perverted “Perks” -- from elimination, due to ‘technodepreciation’ of their “oil interests” by fusion power, and also by all of the accelerating innovations that an advancing global working class, with rising “technical composition of labor”, rising educational levels, rising prosperity, and collective-entrepreneurial grit, can invent, and implement, obliterating the capital-value of the Rockefeller faction’s fixed capital plant and equipment, and also transcending the many “[New] Dark Ages” ideologies by which the Rocke-Nazis have, for the last 50 years -- ever since they exterminated, in their 'stealth coup d'etat', the leadership of the post-WWII Roosevelt faction [John Kennedy, Robert Kennedy, Martin Luther King, Jr., and, later, John Kennedy, Jr.] -- held humanity back, and kept humanity down.  Humanity is outgrowing the Rockefellers, the global RockefellerInvisible Dictatorship, and Rockefeller global power, and the Rockefeller faction is “up in arms” about that, plotting a “95% population reduction” extermination of the human race --

This People Are Pollution ideology was engineered by the Rockefeller faction of the global[ist], 'capitalist anti-capitalist' ruling class faction -- now under threat by a re-emergent, working-class-allied 'quasi-Roosevelt faction' of the capitalist ruling class, led by Trump -- to replace their Eugenics ideology, which they had propagated, with massive funding, in the U.S., and world wide, from the late 1800s to the 1940s, as their response to having first discovered “Capitalism’s Fatal Flaw” for themselves in the late 1800s, such that capitalism, if left to itself, would economically overthrow them, by ‘technodepreciating’ virtually their entire economic base. 

They especially propagated their Eugenicsideology in post-WWI Germany.

The Rockefeller Eugenicsideology was 'psycho-engineered' to “justify” the mass murder of millions of people, world wide, whom the Rockefeller crime family felt had “inferior genes”, and thereby also to “divide and conquer” the world working class along micro-racial and micro-ethnic lines, to set working class people world wide at each others throats, so that they would have neither the time nor the mental clarity to perceive their real enemy, the bloody and mass-murderous Rocke-Nazi ruling class faction.

The Rocke-Nazi Eugenicists were not just after exterminating the global Jewish population. 

The Hitler dictatorship, along with the other fascist dictatorships that sprang up all across Europe and Asia, with massive, stealth Rockefeller funding, under conditions of the Rockefeller-orchestrated Global Great Designer-Depression I, were assigned to exterminate many other ethnic groups as well.

The infamous Nazi «Generalplan Ost» [“General Plan for the East”], and “Operation Barbarossa”, were the Nazi translation of the Meta-Nazi, Rocke-Nazi, Rockefeller orders to their then ‘servant-dictator’, Hitler:  ‘‘‘Invade, conquer, and enslave the Slavic peoples, and including all of Russia, and, via forced labor, make them build the infrastructure for a “Germanization” of their lands, and then exterminate the Slavic peoples entirely.’’’

The Rockefeller crime family, and its collaborators in the U.K. “City of London”, etc., feared an economic alliance between Germany and Russia, that would have also eventuate in military superiority for those two nations, eclipsing the global domination of these U.S. and U.K. Rocke-Nazis.

The Rocke-Nazistrategy was to induce Germany and Russia weaken one another, and, of course, destroy all trust in one another -- aiming to make any alliance between them psychohistorically impossible -- by going to war with one another, and also to accomplish millions of Eugenocidal mass murders into the bargain.

During the 1930s’ early years, the Rocke-Nazi’  funded and spread fascist state-capitalist dictatorships all across Europe and Asia, with Eugenics camps -- later called only “Nazi concentration camps” and “Nazi extermination camps” by the Rockefeller media -- sprouting up in almost all of them.

Especially during those early years, Rockefeller agents and ‘spokes-servants’ -- including “Spirit of St. Louis’ celebrity, Eugenicist, and would-be U. S. 'servant-dictator' to the 'Rocke-Nazis', Charles Lindbergh, and including Joe Kennedy!!! -- and British ‘Aristocraps’ -- including the heir to the British thrown! -- had nothing but good things to say about the Hitler regime, ‘“the wave of the future”’.

But when Hitler signed his [insincere] Peace Pact with Stalin in 1939, the ‘Rocke-Nazis’ realized that their erstwhile ‘servant-dictator’ had become a ‘Franken-Dictator’ -- had turned on them, and planned to crush Stalin later, but, in the meantime, planned to attack West instead of East, and to conquer his erstwhile Rocke-NaziMasters first, only later turning back East again, to exterminate the Stalin regime and the Slavs in general.

But that meant that -- after the Hitler regime was defeated, and his Eugenics camps excavated -- that the term Eugenics was ruined for the Rockefellers' further use, as it became known that Hitler was a Eugenicist, and that the [Rockefeller]Eugenicsideology had spawned his extermination camps.

So the Rocke-Nazis shifted gears -- they virtually abandoned their Eugenics whoreganizations and their entire infrastructure for their Eugenicsideology, and shifted gears, and their massive funding -- shifted to perverting the emerging, global, grass-roots anti-externalities/anti-pollution movement, into a People Are Pollution [Neo-/Crypto-Eugenics] movement.

Today, through constant daily bombardment by their Establishment mass-media, the Rockefeller faction has almost everybody -- even li'l ‘ol grannies full of good intentions -- spouting their Rocke-NazisNazi slogans in favor of ‘‘‘massive, immediate, drastic human population reduction’’’ to “save the planet” from “Global Warming”, etc., etc.

The Nazis lost WWII, but the Rocke-Nazis, who spawned those Nazis, emerged, and remain in power, entirely unpunished for their massive crimes against humanity, and in position to foment even greater atrocities and crimes against humanity -- IFF they can only get rid of Trump, and of working-class “populism” in general, world wide.

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Miguel Detonacciones,

Member, Foundation Encyclopedia Dialectica [F.E.D.],
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