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Capitalist Anti-Capitalism’ is ‘Capitalist AntE-Capitalism’. GLOBAL STRATEGIC HYPOTHESES.

Capitalist Anti-Capitalism is also Capitalist AntE-Capitalism.  GLOBAL STRATEGIC HYPOTHESES.

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Capitalist Anti-Capitalism’ is also ‘Capitalist AntE-Capitalism’. 

What Seldon has identified under the name ‘Capitalist Anti-Capitalism’ is one of the three -- paradoxical -- elements of the psychohistorically predictable ideological reaction of the predicted ‘humanocidal’ faction of the ‘descendence phase’ capitalist ruling class, a reaction that, ideologically, defines that ‘descendance phase’, as their response to that ruling class’s own discovery of ‘Capitalism’s Fatal Flaw’, as reported to them by their “consultants”,  “the greatest minds that money can prostitute”, who were reviewing, for that faction, in the late 1800s, and in the aftermath of “The Great [Techno-]Deflation”, the works of Marx, Veblen, and others.

Our presentations, in this blog, regarding the ideology of ‘Capitalist Anti-Capitalism’, and regarding related psychohistorical-materialist [subject-]matters, are available via the following links --

Have you noticed the ‘neo-feudal’ -- ‘re-pre-capitalist’ -- character of the “visions” of the “future” -- of “post-capitalist” society -- that the Rockefeller, ‘humanocidal’ faction of the capitalist ruling class ballyhoos, via its “genius” ‘spokes-servants’ -- today’s vintage of “the best minds that Big Money can prostitute” -- who cannot seem to ever get beyond phantasies of retrogression into the pre-capitalist past in their “envisionings” of the “post-capitalist”, “human”, “future”?

The societal outcome of the “People Are Pollution”, ‘Global Warming Austerity’ policies that the ‘Rocke-Nazi’ faction is pushing world wide, and by which that faction is plotting to bring about the rapid, “95%” human population plummeting on planet Earth that they have been, for so long -- even publicly -- seeking; the kind of “life” that this faction has planned for the ~5% of humanity that they would leave “alive”, is -- except for a specialized ‘‘‘craft-guild”’ cadre of technicians -- a kind of neo-serfdom, or neo-slavery, a la their Nazi slave labor camps, under the ‘Rocke-Nazis’, and their heirs, as eternally ruling, robbing, torturing, raping, and mass-murdering “Aristocrats” [read ‘AristoCraps’].

Their ‘Global Warming Austerity’ plan involves the imposition of “Carbon Taxes” -- like, but even more draconian than, the “Carbon Taxes” that have provoked the “Yellow Vests” revolts all over France. 

By raising typical household monthly energy bills to ~US$4,000 per month [and the equivalent thereof in other currencies], this “Carbon Tax” ‘Global Warming Austerity’ Pogrom would quickly precipitate unprecedented mass homelessness on a planetary scale. 

ALWAYS REMEMBER:  YOU are a “Carbon Polluter” [the fact that Carbon Dioxide is the basic, vital ‘‘‘food’’’ of Earth’s entire photosynthetic biosphere notwithstanding];  YOU breath out Carbon Dioxide.  Therefore, YOU are a threat to “The Planet” [i.e., to Rockefeller Power].  Therefore, YOU deserve to DIE, NOW!   

In the U.S., for example, FEMA “protective custody camps”, to “house” the homeless [in Hitler-style barracks], would quickly morph into full-blown concentration/extermination “Eugenics” camps, and the Rockefellers would again be on their way to their 95% “population reduction”, “Eugenics” goal -- for the first time since their system of Fascist state-capitalist ‘servant-dictatorships’ spread across Europe and beyond, in the aftermath of their earlier ‘Designer Depression’ -- their ‘Global Great Depression I’. 

The Rockefellers would no longer have to settle for their mere ‘Stealth Humanocide’ Pogroms, e.g., those induced via their orchestrated global heart disease, cancer, obesity, and diabetes epidemics, via their interlocking directorates’ ‘pseudo-foods’ promotions and smoking/vaping promotions, and via their  ‘GMO-Ebola’ epidemics, “opioid epidemics”, Vioxx ‘‘‘epidemics’’’, suicide ‘‘‘epidemics’’’, Alzheimer’s Disease epidemics, Autism epidemics, ‘GMO-Zika’ epidemics, enforced mass sterilization ‘‘‘epidemics’’’, enforced mass abortion ‘‘‘epidemics’’’, Bee-Hive, Pollinators’ Collapse ‘‘‘epidemics’’’, etc., etc., etc. -- they just hate to have to wait like that!!! 

Of course, the Rockefellers’ ‘servant-dictator’ Hitler’s ‘Franken-Dictator’ turn against them, to wrest global dictatorship from them, set back the “Rockefeller Eugenics” plan for global humanocide [, as documented, e.g., in the Nazis’ “General Plan East”] by at least 80 years!  Seems that these, “genetically-superior”, “God’s That Walk The Earth” are -- well -- a little “fallible”?

However, since the 1989 overthrow of their chief rival, the Stalinist system of world-wide state-bureaucratic ruling-class state-capitalist dictatorships, the Rockefellers’ plan is now “BACK ON TRACK”, with a vengeance!

Their ‘‘‘designer’’’ 2007+ ‘Global Great Depression II’ was going so well for them -- until the blue collar working class struck back, by electing Trump in the U.S., and by electing other “populist” politicians in Europe and beyond.

Of course, if the Rockefeller Faction -- these Deranged, Hyper-Degenerated, Ultra-Sadistic, Hyper-Perverted Neros, Caligulas, and ‘“Dr. Strangeloves”’ -- were to “succeed” in their planned “95%” humanocide, the actual outcome would not be their neo-feudal, ‘antE-capitalist’ “utopia” [read dystopia”].  It would not be their vaunted “Zero Population Growth/Zero Economic Growth” eternal human-societal stasis, but rather “Zero Population” [period].

The outcome of their “success” would be the extinction of the human species entire -- their Miserable, Degenerated, ‘Self-Sub-Humanized’ Selves included.

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