Monday, June 24, 2013

Capitalism's Fatal Flaw -- in Brief

Dear Readers,

Sometimes brevity is of value, even with respect to extraordinarily complex issues.

Below, I have provided an extremely brief summary description of the fatal flaw of the capitalist system.

Of course, to be so brief, it must eschew explaining the "why" and the "how" of the fatal flaw that it summarizes.

Hopefully, the previous posts to this blog, for their readers, and the posts to this blog that are to come, will adequately address those more detailed questions and explanations.




The growth of the social forces of production -- of social productivity -- which Capital initially, unwittingly, fosters, is net profitable for Capital, initially, but, later on, it begins to literally destroy Capital itself, as that growth continues, deepens, and accelerates, due to the ever-increasingly "premature" -- pre-amortization -- total technological obsolescence ["moral"] depreciation, and competition-enforced early retirement and replacement, of competitor(s)-surpassed fixed capital plant and equipment.

For example, the global deployment of Hydrogen/Boron fusion energy plant and equipment, and of its associated plasma technologies [e.g., the "fusion torch" plasma beam technology, enabling inexpensive, elemental, total recycling; also, the 'de-desertification' and 'agriculturalization' of the Sahara, etc., via ocean-solution-mining, coastal fusion [inexpensive] desalination plants], were the ruling class for permit it, would "morally depreciate", in short order, almost the entire global capital infrastructure for petroleum, and for other fossil fuels, extraction, refining, distribution, and consumption -- that is, would competitively destroy the economic foundation of the present global 'Dictatorship of Petroleum', i.e., of the global dictatorial power of the presently-ruling faction of the capitalist ruling class, worldwide.

Hence, Capital -- that ruling faction -- then turns against, and begins to attack, and to destroy, the very prosperity, the very freedom, the very science and technology, the very growth of the social forces of production, and the very working population, which Capital initially fostered, if only as an ulterior by-product of its quest for profitability, for self-financing re-investment of profit, and, thus, for its own expansion/accumulation/growth [in value], i.e., in economic, thus also in political, power.

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