Sunday, June 30, 2013

Global Strategic Hypotheses: New Attack by Rockefeller-Plutocracy/U. S. Government on Social Safety Net World Wide

Dear Readers,

Global Strategic Hypotheses:  Under the guise of the Rockefeller-Prostitute Obama administration's Health "Care" "Reform" law, the Rockefeller Plutocracy -- whose attacks, via its Goldmann-Sachs corporate hit-man, via its European Union bureaucracy, and via its IMF, etc., etc., upon the European social safety net, in Greece, and in the rest of Europe, are already horrifically far into their murderous implementation phases -- have now launched a further new attack upon the remnant social safety net here in the U. S. A. as well.

Billed as a "reform" to "'improve the quality of health care for the elderly"' and to "control health care costs", hospitals across the U.S. are now being fined -- by fines already running into millions of dollars for some institutions -- if their elderly patients return to a hospital "too soon" after an earlier visit to that hospital.

The key to the stealth "eugenics" and '"stealth genocide"' effect that the Rockefeller "population reduction" planners intend for this "reform" is that their multi-million dollar fines are falling disproportionately and largely upon the '"last resort"' hospitals that serve the poorest of the elderly, many of which -- much to the chagrin of the Rockefeller mass murder machine -- have excellent outcomes in terms of minimizing hospital-induced infections, and hospital-ordered fatal pharmaceutical errors, etc., that induce "iatrogenic" patient deaths.

The goal of this "reform", we believe, is the bankrupting of these "last resort" medical institutions that serve the poorest of the elderly, destroying this remnant component of the U. S. social safety net, and consigning the ailing former patients of these thereby-bankrupted hospitals to loss of treatment, and, hence, to accelerated death.



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