Sunday, June 30, 2013

Just as Karl Seldon Predicted!

Dear Readers,

Global Strategic Hypotheses:  The recent revelations of spying, by the U. S. government, upon essentially every U. S. citizen, not to mention upon citizens of other countries, including citizens of allied countries -- excepting, perhaps, for the Plutocracy and its immediate servants, of course -- as revealed by to the courageous action of patriots and of benefactors of Terran humanity such as Edward Snowden, who face the horrific revenge and reprisals of this criminal, proto-totalitarian state -- has served notice on Americans, and on humanity worldwide, of the accelerating degeneration of the government of the United States into a technological-totalitarian police-state, as well as, due to the courage of benefactors of humanity such as Julian Assange and Bradley Manning, the degeneration of the government of the United States into a global engine for ever-mounting crimes against humanity -- for mass torture, for mass murder [aka "collateral damage"], and for "Rockefeller-Eugenics"-inspired global genocide, so far more often in "stealth mode" than in overt mode.

This massive surveillance and data storage of digital dossiers on virtually all citizens puts the Rockefeller-Plutocracy-Prostitute U. S. Government in a position to blackmail millions of citizens to act in complicity with the Rockefeller Plutocracy's ongoing and planned crimes against humanity.

A prediction of just such police-state-preparatory developments was lodged to this blog, in an entry dated 04 April 2013 --

--  from the first-ever public interview with the co-founder of Foundation Encyclopedia Dialectica, Karl Seldon, including, in part, in the following terms --

"I now ask your guests of this site, especially those who are citizens of the United States of America, to ask themselves what, today, is left of the legacy and of the heritage of liberty in the U.S.A.; what is left of the U. S. Constitution and of its Bill of Rights."

"Under the recent U. S. Federal Government administrations -- administrations of the [both ‘misnomered’] “Republican” Party & “Democratic” Party alike, as if they have been working to a common plan, despite all of their dividing-&-conquering theatrics of supposedly unalloyed mutual hostility and opposition -- the U. S. Constitution/Bill of Rights has been utterly shredded, in essence, if not yet fully in practice, ‘til essentially nothing of it remains in recent “law”:"

"By the recent “eminent domain” decision by the U. S. Supreme Court, any sufficiently influential private corporation, enlisting the support of “your” municipal government, can confiscate your personal and/or your private property, e.g., your home, with but pennies on the dollar in “compensation” to you.  “Eminent domain” takings of private and personal property were intended to achieve overriding public good, not merely private corporate profit, but, no more!  [Kelo v. City of New London, 545 U.S. 469 (2005), ];

By recent U. S. Supreme Court decision, U. S. corporations now have the “right”, as ‘virtual persons’, hence also as ‘virtual citizens’, to apply their effectively unlimited monetary wealth so as to effectively buyU. S. elections.  This decision is expected to increasingly nullify the voting rights of the actual citizens of the United States, at all levels of government -- local, state, and national -- and to prostitute, to corporate special interests, an ever greater proportion of those candidates who wish to be able to win elections -- by buying more mass media mud-slinging ads than their opponents, etc. -- which requires those candidates, if they are not independently wealthy, to accept millions in corporate de facto bribery  [Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission, 558 U.S. 310 558 (2010), ];

By recent Congressional legislation, signed into law by President Obama, the government, by its sole order, has the “right” to imprison any U. S. citizen indefinitely -- even for the rest of their lives -- without charge(s), without trial, without conviction of any crime, by any jury of their peers, and without any habeas corpus access, or other access, to the U. S. Courts, for that “citizen”, a “citizen” thereby reduced, ipso facto, to a kind of non-citizen” slave of the [‘‘‘corporatist’’’] government [ ]

By recent U. S. Dept. of “Justice” secret memo, the U. S. federal government, has the “right”, by its sole decision, to murder any U. S. citizen, without charge(s), without trial -- without conviction, by a jury of their peers, of any crime, if the government "thinks" that this citizen is an "enemy combatant"  
[ ]."

"Clearly, these new corporate and government “rights” are really wrongs, and total violations of the U. S. Constitution and Bill of Rights.

"These developments instantiate the horror that is heralded by our psychohistorical, technical prediction: the law of motion of descendant-phase capital-based society is a sociotaxis to totalitarian, humanocidal state-capitalism."

"They come at the same time that the Wall Street ‘‘‘R.I.C.O.’’’ corporations and their criminal CEOs have stolen, from so many millions of Americans, and without a single Big Bank CEO prosecution, those citizens’ pensions, their 401(k)s, their life savings, their jobs, and their homes."

Karl Seldon's predictions as stated above -- predictions which are grounded, as can be seen from other entries to this blog, as well as from other sources, in earlier work by Karl Marx, and by George Orwell -- would appear to be right on track.  

Readers are hereby alerted that other predictions of Karl Seldon, and of the F.E.D. psychohistorical equations, are both immanently and, in many cases, imminently as well, on their way to materialization.  

Heightened preparedness and alertness are recommended.

All of our readers who are aware of the U. S. Government's "Operation Northwoods" --

-- whose documents have been released into the public domain by one of the congressional investigation committees on assassinations in the U.S., should thereby also be aware that the "9/11 attacks", most openly committed by personnel of the Rockefeller/U. S. Government colony, Saudi Arabia, and of its servant-dictatorship, and by its Bush-crime-family business-partnered bin Laden Family, could simply be a pretext -- a "burning of the Reichstag" -- calculated to impose the U.-S.-Constitution-and-Bill-Of-Rights-repealing "USA PATRIOT Act" [Truth-In-Naming [TIN]:  the USA TRAITOR Act], and, in other ways, to accelerate the construction of all of the political, social, "legal", and technological infrastructure needed to later impose police-state totalitarianism in the U. S., and around the world.

"Operation Northwoods" was a treasonous plan, developed under the Eisenhower administration, and signed-off-on for implementation by the entire Joint Chiefs of Staff, under Lyman Lemnitzer -- to foment acceptance, by the U. S. population, of a U. S. invasion of Cuba, by using "black ops" assets to stage terrorist attacks on Americans -- murdering American citizens -- and making it appear that these attacks were committed by Cubans.  

The incoming Kennedy Administration -- due, it is believed, to personal actions of Robert Kennedy and John Kennedy -- quashed this plan, which is no doubt one of the reasons that the Kennedy family -- long a lower-plutocracy servant-family to the Rockefeller Machine, analogous to the Bush family -- were secretly declared traitors to the Plutocracy, and targeted for assassination.

The creation of an pseudo-Islamic pseudo-opponent, to replace the defunct dictatorship of the Stalinist Soviet Union, also helps the Rockefeller Plutocracy, in keeping in line its Military-Industrial Complex servants, by channeling all available social resources, once again, into a Military-Industrial Complex arms build-up, and into the new wars created by wholesale invasion-rape of other countries, again under the "9/11" pretext, thereby also precluding any U. S. taxpayer resources for social improvements that would benefit the majority of the U. S. population.

A main preparation for the creation of this "New Global [Pseudo-]Enemy", was the funding, across the Muslim world, of Wahhabist Madrassas, sequestering impoverished, opportunity-less Muslim youths, in societies ruled, and impoverished, by Rockefeller servant-dictators,  in "Schools" designed to train them to become terrorists and "jihadis". 

Some hold that the massive, pan-muslim bankrolling of Wahhabism by the Saudi "Royal" Family is an act of their own concoction, of which the U. S. government disapproves.  However, as a friend of mine once wisely remarked, "Those Oil-Sheikhs don't fart without Rockefeller permission".

It should never be forgotten that "Al Qaeda" itself, as well as the Taliban, were mis-begotten creations of the U. S. CIA, and of its massive funding of "jihadis", using U. S. taxpayer dollars, during the CIA's war against Stalinist Russia's death agony, its rape of Afghanistan.

The systematic engineering, by the U. S./Rockefeller-Plutocracy government, of ever-more-massive "collateral damage" upon civilian populations of these invaded and raped countries, serves also to recruit ever more "jihadis", seeking revenge on the U. S. government for its wanton murder of their family-members, thus "proving" the "need" for ever more massive diversion of social resources to the U. S. Military-Industrial Complex. 

This engineering also serves the Rockefeller Eugenics, "population reduction" global pogrom, by murdering both the muslims that the Rockefellers and their servant-dictators have impoverished, and murdering the Americans that the Rockefeller Machine in the U. S. has impoverished -- to such a degree that those impoverished Americans see no life-opportunities for themselves except to become cannon fodder for the Rockefeller military invasion and rape of other Rockefeller-impoverished countries.

You should never forget that YOU -- that all of the rest of the human race, outside of the Plutocracy's  tiny retinue -- are seen as mortal enemies by the Rockefeller Plutocracy.

Since, in their Eugenics dementia, they believe that "you should never have been born", given how "inferior" your genotype is to their -- "exalted" -- genotype --

-- any action on their part to eliminate your life is eminently "justified", in their psychopathic, sociopathic, 'omnipathic', 'cosmopathic' minds.

And they will not cease in their efforts to exterminate you as long as they are in a position to continue with their crimes against humanity.



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