Monday, October 10, 2016

Reply to a Reader Regarding the Upcoming U. S. General Election. -- GLOBAL STRATEGIC HYPOTHESES.

Dear Readers,

Below is an excerpt from my reply to a reader regarding the upcoming U. S. General Election.

The views expressed are my own, and do not necessarily reflect those of the  Equitist Advocacy group or of Foundation Encyclopedia Dialectica.



GLOBAL STRATEGIC HYPOTHESES -- Regarding the Upcoming General Election -- my present expectation is that Hillary Clinton will win that election. 

The best case scenario that I believe to be possible would be that Clinton  is checked and balanced in her ability to carry out the 'Rocke-Nazi' plan for 'Global Warming Austerity' -- $2,000. per month energy utility bills for most of America, resulting in bankruptcy of the U.S. social safety net, and FEMA "protective custody" camps [Eugenics Camps, i.e., concentration/extermination camps] for the resulting surge of homeless Americans, etc, etc. -- by a majority Republican House and/or Senate.


Clinton may try to rule by decree ["Executive Orders"], to de facto repeal the Second Amendment of the U. S. Constitution/Bill Of Rights ["The Right To Bear Arms"], and to pack the Supreme Court with Rockefeller-Whore "Eugenicists", like herself, but Republican majorities in the House and/or Senate could block at least part of her 'Rocke-Nazi' pogrom/program.

However, the Republican party may be in disarray, and may even splinter, after a Trump defeat.


You can imagine the storm of "finger-pointing" that would break out within the Republican party after such a defeat!

That may be exactly what the Rockefellers want -- to now disable their Republican party, so that the 'Rocke-Nazis' can go all out, via their Democrat party, to implement 'Global Warming Austerity', and get the no longer so Rockefeller-useful Republican party out of the way.


[a service-provider actually recently suggested to me a theory that this is the purpose of Trump's candidacy -- that Trump and the Clinton's are old friends, and that their children are friends, and that Trump agreed to run to make sure that Hillary will win, by constantly shooting himself in the foot, jamming both of his feet into his mouth, and engaging in other self-defeating behaviors, but that, to Trump's and the Clintons' surprise, Trump's destructive actions -- that would have long since been lethal to any other/previous candidate for the Presidency -- haven't worked, until the latest one, the video-audio of his 2005 vicious remarks about women and about his assaults upon them.

Such a theory, while hard to believe, would rationally explain a lot of the 'psychohistorical phenomena' of the Trump campaign].


In short, I believe that the best hope for humanity is that the Trump populist movement -- and the Bernie Sanders populist movement -- will slow down Hilary Clinton's implementation of the Rockefeller police-state state-capitalist dictatorship/'humanocide' plan --

The ruling class is on notice that a growing percentage of the population is in a populist rage against them -- that "the pitchforks are coming".  Our best hope for the present is that this induces enough fear in the plutocracy to hold them back in their implementation of their ultra-evil plans.

There is always a danger, of course, that the 'Rocke-Nazis' will decide that the lavishly-provisioned, radiation-shielded, closed-ventillation underground cities that they are building for themselves -- using taxpayer dollars, of course, to "accommodate" plutocrats who pay no taxes -- are "comfy enough", and, in their frustration, opt for a quick way to achieve their "People Are Pollution" goal of "95% population reduction":  e.g., to start a nuclear war, via escalation vis-a-vis North Korea, and/or vis-a-vis China/South China Sea, and/or vis-a-vis Russia/Assad/Iran/Ukraine, etc., etc.
The 'Rocke-Nazis' know that their intensifying weakening of the U.S. majority population -- 

via vast un- and under- employment, and via wages/salaries underpayment, via autism/adulterated vaccines, via Alzheimer's disease, via new 'designer diseases' like their GMO-AIDS and GMO-Zika viruses, and via their Opioid prescriptions mass massacre of Americans, via their side-effects-cascades-engineered "[pseudo-]medicines"/pharmaceuticals, their food pollution, their food adulteration, the summary murder of unarmed African American citizens, and of other American Citizens, by "Eugenics"-indoctrinated police, and all of the after-effects of their engineered "Great Recession" 'designer depression' [e.g., the epidemic of psychological depression, pharmaceutical drugging, and the surge in suicides resulting from all of this], mutilation of U.S. soldiers [sent to invade other countries], e.g., by IEDs, and via U.S. soldiers' forced participation in 'Stealth Humanocide', "Eugenics" atrocities ["collateral damage", or, as Assange calls it, "collateral murder"], resulting in a PTSD epidemic, pharmaceutical drugging of ex-soldiers, and a surge in [ex-]soldier suicide rates as a consequence of all of this, etc., etc. 

-- will eventually weaken the military potential of the U.S.


The U.S ruling class plutocrats are not about to hand world domination over to the state-capitalist police-state dictatorship state-bureaucratic ruling class of China, so they have to have a plan in place to remove China as a threat to them -- e.g., either by a "designer disease" pandemic, focused in China [aerosol-vectored GMO-Ebola?][remember the "SARS" dress rehearsal?], or by Chinese-currency-value-collapse 'bubble-engineering', or by nuclear war, etc., etc. 

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