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The Mystery of the Lindbergh Kidnapping. -- GLOBAL STRATEGIC HYPOTHESES.

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This blog-entry is to share our solution to a long-unsolved mystery of pre-WWII U. S. history -- that of the kidnapping and murder of the Lindbergh child.

It is a methodological principle of F.E.D. ‘psychohistorical materialism’, to probe those events which breach the ruling class’s organization of appearances -- “anomalous” events, events which break out of the usual control, by that ruling class, and, consequently, which the ruling class mass media, their intellectual prostitutes, their hired liars, cannot explain, without risking revelations that would, potentially, undermine their rule.

If, by extension of an existing psychohistorical theory -- one already arrived at, by other, independent lines of evidence; one that potentially explains what is really going on in [recent] human history -- one can discover a potential “solution” to such an unsolved [psycho]historical mystery, then that result constitutes further potential corroboration of that existing psychohistorical theory. 

Moreover, details of the potential solution of that [psycho]historical mystery may lead to the discernment of possible improvements to that existing psychohistorical theory -- in this case, a Marxian psychohistorical theory regarding a potentially embarassing and revealing incident within the strategy and tactics of the ‘descendence phase’ capitalist ruling class.

Part of the “existing psychohistorical theory” that is extended, in this case, to potentially solve the mystery of the Lindbergh kidnapping, is partially elaborated in the following earlier post to this blog -- http://capitalismsfundamentalflaw-wayforward.blogspot.com/2016/09/dialogue-with-reader-psychohistory-of.html .



The 'Rockefeller Crime[s-Against-Humanity] Family', and the Rockefeller Foundation, funded eugenics, including, especially, in America, and in Germany, where it morphed into Hitler's eugenics concentration/extermination camps, etc. 

The Rockefellers, fearing a potential alliance between Germany and Russia that could overthrow the Rockefellers' 1930s-emerging world dictatorship, had assigned Hitler to attack Russia and Eastern Europe, and to enslave and exterminate the Slavic peoples ["Generalplan Ost", and "Operation Barbarossa"].  The Rockefellers intended this to lead to the mutual destruction, or, at least, to the profound weakening, of both Germany and Russia.

The Rockefeller plutocracy no longer talks openly about eugenics, ever since Hitler turned against them --  as signaled in Hitler’s 1939 “Peace Pact” with Stalin -- whereafter Hitler endeavored to wrest world domination away from the Rockefellers, into his own hands, instead of continuing to be their ‘Servant-Dictator.  With Hitler thus become Rockefeller enemy number one, for the wrong reasons -- as well as enemy number one of all decent human beings, world wide, for the right reasons -- Hitler's defeat led to the post-WWII world wide public revelation of Hitler’s eugenics camps [and other] horrors.  

The very word  eugenics” then became anathema, among all decent human beings world wide.

After WWII, the Rockefellers had to switch to their "People Are Pollution" perversion of the grass roots anti-pollution movement as cover for their continued pursuit of  eugenics global 'humanocide'. 

The Rockefellers had set up other eugenics ‘servant-dictatorships’ all over the world, outside of both the U. S. and Germany, in the 1930s -- e.g., the Franco, Salazar, Mussolini, Horthy, Hirohito and Tojo 'servant-dictatorships'.

During the prelude to WWII, the Rockefellers had also been grooming eugenicist Charles Lindbergh to become their U.S. ‘servant-dictator’, after their planned overthrow of the Roosevelt presidency -- and had therefore also been cultivating his vast U.S. [and world-wide] celebrity and popularity -- up until he fathered a “genetically defective” son.  

The latter event disqualified the eugenicist, Lindbergh, in the eyes of the Rockefellers, from representing the Rockefellers’ “good genes” ideology as to who should rule, and who should die.  

Lindbergh had his “genetically defective” son kidnapped and murdered in March 1932, hoping, thereby, to suppress press coverage of his son’s “genetic defect”, and to get back into the “good graces” of the Rockefellers, so as to once again be their choice for their U.S. ‘servant-dictator’, after their overthrow of the Roosevelt regime.

But because of Lindbergh’s child’s eugenics-disqualifying “genetic defects”, the Rockefeller plutocracy turned away from Lindbergh as their candidate U. S. ‘servant-dictator’, despite Lindbergh’s [criminal] efforts to the contrary.

Instead, the Rockefeller plutocracy eventually approached Marine General Smedley Butler to lead their overthrow of the Roosevelt regime, and to become their U. S. fascist military [servant-]dictator.

Unfortunately for the Rockefeller plutocracy, Butler went public about their request to him, and forced that plutocracy to go into overdrive in cover-up mode BIG TIME. [See Jules Archer, The Plot to Seize the White HouseThe Shocking TRUE Story of the Conspiracy to Overthrow FDR, New York:  Sky Horse Publishing, Inc., 2007].

Soon -- because of Hitler’s ‘franken-dictator’ turn against the Rockefeller plutocracy -- that plutocracy had to put up with the Roosevelt regime anyway, needing that popular regime to mobilize the people of the U. S. to save the Rockefeller plutocracy from their frankenstein-like monster, Hitler.

In Summary:  Lindbergh wanted his son eliminated before that child’s “genetic defect(s)” became too well known publicly, in the hopes of retaining the Rockefeller mantle as their U. S. ‘servant-dictator-to-be’, despite Lindbergh’s eugenics defects, as revealed by Lindbergh's son's disabilities.

Evidence of Lindbergh's involvement in the kidnapping of his own child is presented in the following PBS NOVA episode [original air date 31 July 2013; from time-index ~37:35 to time-index ~44:17] -- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EOc_gztk2E8 -- and in a major book on the kidnapping by Rutgers historian Lloyd Gardner [Lloyd Gardner, The Case That Never Dies:  The Lindbergh Kidnapping].

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