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The Mystery of Rudolf Hess, Hitler’s “Deputy Führer” -- GLOBAL STRATEGIC HYPOTHESES.

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This blog-entry is to share our solution to a long-unsolved mystery of the World War II Nazi regime.

It is a methodological principle of F.E.D. ‘psychohistorical materialism’, to probe those events which breach the ruling class’s organization of appearances -- “anomalous” events, events which break out of the usual control of that ruling class, and, consequently, which the ruling class mass media, their intellectual prostitutes, their hired liars, cannot explain, without risking revelations that would, potentially, undermine their rule.

If, by extension of an existing psychohistorical theory -- one already arrived at, by other, independent lines of evidence; one that potentially explains what is really going on in [recent] human history -- one can discover a potential “solution” to such an unsolved [psycho]historical mystery, then that result constitutes further potential corroboration of that existing psychohistorical theory. 

Moreover, details of the potential solution of that [psycho]historical mystery may lead to the discernment of possible improvements to that existing psychohistorical theory -- in this case, a Marxian psychohistorical theory regarding the strategy and tactics of the ‘descendence phase’ capitalist ruling class.

Part of the “existing psychohistorical theory” that is extended, in this case, to potentially solve the mystery of Rudolf Hess, is partially elaborated in the following earlier post to this blog --




. . . Besides Joe Kennedy, there was another ultra-prominent pro-Fascist figure who, we conjecture, sought to “re-turn” the Nazi regime in Germany, back to Rockefeller-servitude, restoring the deal that had prevailed prior to Hitler’s ‘franken-dictator’ turn against Rockefeller world rule, in pursuit of Hitler's ambition to replace the Rockefellers with himself as world ruler.

That “eugenicist” racist was none other than Hitler’s “Deputy Führer”, Rudolf Hess. 

In 1941, the year that Hitler was secretly scheduled to invade the “Soviet” Union -- the invasion was initially planned for 15 May 1941, but actually occurred on 22 June 1941 -- Hess flew solo, on 10 May 1941, five days before the planned invasion date, from Germany to Britain, in a flight unauthorized by the Hitler regime, in an effort to negotiate peace with Britain, in return, we hold, for Germany’s invasion of Russia.

This negotiating gambit presented, to the Rockefellers, via their British followers and allies, the potential for a return to Hitler’s ‘original assignment’, for the Rockefellers, and for the Rockefellers’ British “elite”, “eugenicist” followers and allies. 

We hypothesize that Hess knew well of Hitler’s planned “Operation Barbarossa” invasion of Stalinist Russia, and that he timed his defection based upon the imminence of that potential return to ‘the original deal’, as a bargaining chip offered by him to the Rockefellers, via their British followers and allies.

We think that Hess foresaw Germany’s defeat in a two-front war, warring concurrently with both Russia and the combined U.S/British forces, and saw a “re-turn” to ‘the original, Rockefeller-serving deal’ as a way out of that otherwise total defeat, for himself, and for his country. 

Hess’s plan, we think, would have involved the overthrow of Hitler by the original, anti-‘franken-dictatorship’, anti-“turn” faction within the Nazi Party, and the replacement of Hitler by Hess, as the new -- restored -- Rockefeller ‘servant-dictator’.  We know that the British cabinet met at least once to consider the Hess situation.

Unfortunately for Hess, the Rockefellers, having experienced one German, Nazi ‘franken-dictator’ turn, chose not, we conjecture, to risk another. 

The threat of a German-Russian alliance, combining unsurpassed science and engineering with unsurpassed labor, land, petroleum, and other natural resources, was a threat to the otherwise unchallenged global imperium of the U.S./U.K. -- Rockefeller dominated -- capitalist ruling class.  

A key strategic goal of their funding of the rise of the Nazi ‘servant-dictatorship’ in Germany had been to destroy that threat via a mutual destruction, in all out war, of Germany versus Russia.

If the Rockefellers sponsored yet a new, Nazi ‘servant-dictatorship’, this time under Hess, and if they supported his conquest of Stalinist Russia, what was to prevent a renewed ‘franken-dictator’ turn by Hess himself, once he had acquired the resources of Russia, and added them to those of Germany?

We conjecture that the Rockefellers, already knowing well that, after World War II, they would soon have to fight a new contender to take over their throne of world domination, in the form of Stalinist Russia -- by means of the already-emerging “Cold War” -- if they supported Stalinist Russia against Nazi Germany, preferred to face that challenge, with a Germany broken, defeated, and occupied by troops ultimately controlled by the Rockefellers, than to risk having to fight a combined Germany-Russia, under the control of a new Nazi ‘franken-dictatorship’.

Hence, they locked up Rudolf Hess, for the rest of his life.

Hess was not allowed to meet with or speak with his family, including his wife, for the next 28 years after his flight. 

Officially, this was what Hess himself requested. 

But perhaps his jailors -- at the “highest”, i.e., Rockefeller faction, levels -- feared that he might reveal to his family what his real mission had been, and the context of that mission -- the Rockefeller creation of the Nazi, “Eugenics” dictatorship in Germany [see:], and its Rockefeller assignment to invade Russia, and Eastern Europe, and to enslave and exterminate the Eastern European peoples [“General Plan East” and, within it, “Operation Barbarossa”].   

Perhaps the ruling, Rockefeller faction feared that news of Hesss real mission, and its context, might reach the parts of the press that the Rockefellers did not yet own or control.

Hess was alone in Spandau prison from 1966, after Albert Speer, and Baldur von Schirach -- the former head of the Hitler Youth -- were released, up until Hess’s death, “by suicide”, on 17 August 1987, at age 93. 

Perhaps public pressure was building, over time, to release Hess too?  

Perhaps the Rockefellers feared that, e.g., on his death bed, if no longer under the strict control of prison confinement, Hess might reveal the true story of his 22 June 1941 flight, and its context?

Perhaps his death in 1987, was made to look like a suicide, but was -- as many have speculated* -- really yet another assassination, ordered by the Rockefeller ruling faction, to, once again, cover up their unequaled eugenics crimes against humanity?

*The Wikipedia entry on Rudolf Hess, as of today’s date, notes the following:  Hess’s “lawyer, Dr Seidl, felt Hess was too old and frail to have managed to kill himself. Wolf Rüdiger Hess repeatedly claimed that his father had been murdered by the British Secret Intelligence Service to prevent him from revealing information about British misconduct during the war. Abdallah Melaouhi, who served as Hess's medical orderly from 1982 to 1987, was dismissed from his position at his local district parliament's Immigration and Integration Advisory Council after he wrote a self-published book on a similar theme. According to an investigation by the British government in 1989, the available evidence did not back up the claim that Hess was murdered, and Solicitor General Sir Nicholas Lyell saw no grounds for further investigation...”.

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