Sunday, January 19, 2014

'''Humanocide''' -- Encyclopedia Dialectic Definition has just been Posted to F.E.D. website.

Full Title'''HUMANOCIDE''' -- The Encyclopedia Dialectica Dictionary's Definition and Etymology Images have just been Posted to the Website.

Dear Readers,

I have, via this blog-entry, posted here, the images of the Encyclopedia Dialectica Dictionary's definition and etymology for a recently historically-emergent term, one whose meaning is central to the historically urgent message, and to the historically urgent mission, of this blog, as to those of Foundation Encyclopedia Dialectica as a whole --

I urge you to consider, for yourself, the network of implicit meanings, of implicit connexions -- '''connecting the dots''' -- and of implicit theories of recent modern history as a whole, that emanate from the definition of this term.


Member,  Foundation Encyclopedia Dialectica


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