Thursday, November 29, 2018



Dear Readers,


After reading the two immediately-preceding blog-entries here --

-- perhaps you can begin to understand the utter urgency we feel in our efforts to convey, to you, this message:  The ‘Rocke-Nazis’ -- the [State-]Capitalist system’s Descendence Phase global ruling class faction -- want you dead, and, in their Caligulan hyper-corruption and hyper-perversion, borne of unchecked power, and of existential fear of overthrow by the accelerating ‘techno-depreciation’ of their capital, they want you and your family to die, very soon, and in the most agonizing way that they can devise [see Eric Pianka’s tirade in --

-- for the retention of their unchecked power, but also simply for their “entertainment”, and for their “revenge” upon you and yours, for, in their “Eugenical” eyes, you should die in agony because ‘“you never should have been born”’.

Over and over, the Rocke-Nazis’ intellectual hirelings, their ‘spokes-servants’, have stated this, publicly, again and again, mocking us as to how they have ‘depressioned’ and ‘pseudo-fooded’ and polluted and 'drugged-side-effectized' and doped and ‘opioided’ and ‘adulterated-vaccined’ and educationally “dumbed-down”, and ‘diabetized’ and ‘heart-diseased’ and ‘cancered’ and ‘Alzheimered’ and ‘autismed’ and ideologically ‘lemmingized’ us into passivity, to the point that, even when they tell us that they are planning to kill us, and even tell us how they plan to kill us -- even then!!! -- so many of us will not fight for our own lives and for the lives of our families, and for the lives of our fellow citizens.  After all, “people are pollution”, and we are people!  [For a sampling of these pronouncements of planned global ‘humanocide’, click the link immediately above]. 

And virtually no other force in human history, past-to-present, has ever held even as great a power to bring about this planned “95%” ‘humanocide’ as the ‘Rocke-Nazis’ now hold -- to bring about their planned torture-murder of you, of the rest of your family, and all of the other families, except for the ‘Rocke-Nazis’ themselves, and their narrow ~ 5% -- except for they themselves and their “house servants” and their “field servants”, those few that, alone, are to be spared!

The only present potential force in human history that has the potential power to overcome the Rocke-Nazis’ ‘humanocidal’ plan is the worldwide working-middle class itself, awakened to its present mortal peril, and, concurrently, awakened to its higher potential destiny:  to bring a higher, deeper, “checks-and-balances”-restoring and -deepening, rule-of-law-restoring form of democracy to birth, for the very first time, on Earth --





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