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This post continues our brief series of illustrated [please see below] posts on the Seldonian characterization of the nature of Nature.  Karl Seldon, from his earliest awakening, via the dream that occurred in his 11th year, has always rejected the prevailing, misperceived radical dualism [‘<--|-->’], between ‘«Natur» <--|--> «Geist»’; between humanity versus the rest of [pre-human] Nature; between theArtificialand the Natural, that unites theists, typical idealists, and Lukacsian pseudo-Marxians alike.  Seldon has always seen humanity as a scientifically expectable and retro-dictable self-extension of pre-human Nature.  This series is intended to give greater amplitude as to the reasons for this Seldonian characterization.

[Seldon:] You are not some [illegal] alien, some intruder, somehow sourced from outside of Nature, as some kind of “Absolute Other” to Nature.

“Your nature is a ‘Nature-al’ nature.”

“You are a part of Nature, one that partakes in the nature of Nature as a whole -- that partakes in the nature of all of the other parts of Nature.”

“The other, earlier parts of Nature have given birth to you, as an expression of their own natures.

“The rest of Nature to-date has expressed itself, its nature, in giving birth to you.”

“Nature is not an “equilibrium”, a statical “balance”.  Nature is dynamical and ‘meta-dynamical’.  It is a ‘continuingly’, ontologically self-revolutionizing, meta-dynamium.  Nature, all the way [of its] [a]long, in all of its length, along all of the yawningly-deep, resoundingly-deep depth-of-length of its long longitude of time, has been, and is, ‘continuingly self-pregnant’, ‘continuingly’ giving birth to new ‘Nature-al’ ontology, to new ‘Nature-al technology’, as it did most recently, to your knowledge, to our knowledge, with you, with us, with the Terran human[oid] species, and, in all probability, likewise with myriad other human[oid] species on myriad of the myriad other planets that we now know proliferate in our galaxy, and, in all probability, in others of the myriads of other galaxies that we now detect in our cosmos.

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