Tuesday, November 27, 2018

WHY the ‘Rocke-Nazis’ Plan to Murder You, and the Rest of Your Family ...

WHY theRocke-NazisPlan to Murder You, The Rest of Your Family, and~95%of the Rest of Humanity.  GLOBAL, HUMAN-SPECIES-STRATEGIC HYPOTHESES.

Dear Readers,

GLOBAL, HUMAN-SPECIES-STRATEGIC HYPOTHESES.  The Rocke-Nazi formerly-ruling faction of the capitalist ruling class -- now under contestation for that rule by the Trump crypto-Rooseveltian faction revival -- and their Spokes-Servants, have been publicly, if somewhat ‘sequesteredly’, announcing their plans to exterminate ~95% of the human race, thus including you and your family.  They have been announcing these plans for a long time -- 

-- but are only now approaching, again, the capability to carry out these horrific plans.


Only the Marxian human-social-scientific hypothesis, to our knowledge, can adequately account for this ultimate horror.

But the ‘Rocke-Nazi’ domination of mass media, of public education, of the “food” industry, of AMA “medicine”, etc., via their pseudo-foods promotion, their drugs promotion, including, more recently, their opioids promotion, and others of their Stealth Humanocide pogroms against America, and against humanity at large, make it deeply difficult for a “dumbed-down” and cognitively-poisoned public to understand that explanation.

Stated generally, this ‘psychohistorical-materialist’ explanation is as follows. 

Capitalist competition, driving the consolidation, centralization, and concentration of capital, while also driving what Marx called “the growth of the social forces of production” -- what we call ‘the self-accelerating self-growth of the human-social self-force of human-societal expanded self-reproduction’ -- which drives the ascending profitability and ascending relative prosperity of the ‘‘‘ascendence phase’’’ of the capitalist system, is also self-undermining, self-negating. 

As “successful competition”-borne concentration of industrial capital and of financial [e.g., banking] capital deepens, plus as the technical composition of the hyper-concentrated ownership portions of industrial fixed capital plant and equipment deepens, and as the competition-motivated rate of industrial-technological innovation accelerates, a turning point is reached -- in the U.S., this turning point was reached in the later 1800s, per the available data.

After this turning point, further growth of “the social forces of production” -- further deep technological-industrial innovation, and further rises in productivity, including in the productivity of the production of industrial fixed capital plant and equipment, thus lowering its unit-cost, collapses the rate of return on fixed capital investments for the core capital owners, and the ability of core industrial firms to pay back their long term bank loans -- especially and mainly for the core, concentrated-ownership, highest technical composition industrial capital, and for its supporting banking capital.

The write-off of the value lost on ‘techno-depreciated’, obsolescent fixed-capital plant and equipment, and of the consequently unrepayable industrial loans from the biggest banks, against periodic gross profits of core, concentrated-ownership industrial corporations and banks, increasingly turns periodic profits negative, as more $s of old/‘obsoleted’ fixed-capital and of its bank loans are charged-off than the incrementally-increased net earnings due to replacing that obsolete fixed capital with the latest vintages of more technologically advanced, higher productivity fixed capital can match.

Further growth of “the productive forces” makes capitalism unprofitable for the core, ruling-class capitalists.

Those capitalists are threatened with destruction -- with their bankruptcy; with the overthrow of their socio-economic power, together with all of its perverted perks -- by the further immanent development of their own system.

‘‘‘Psychohistorically’’’-speaking, those who have become addicted to power -- consider the ancient, pre-capitalist cases of mass-murderous tyrants like Alexander “The Great”, Nero, Caligula, etc., etc. ad nauseam, for example -- will do anything -- ANYTHING -- to hold-on to their vicious power.  They become, not just Dr. Strangeloves, but Dr. StrangeHATES.  They come to hate, and to plan to murder, most of humanity itself.  The ‘‘‘psychohistorical’’’ reaction of these plutocrats to that, their power predicament, turns the ascendence phase of the modern capitalist system into its horrendous descendence phase.

In response to their power predicament, the dominant faction of that capitalist class coalesces to plan a global war against the productive forces -- and, thus also, a Global War On humanity, because, when the growth of the social forces of production is attacked, the majority of humanity are pressed onto a path of revolt against their resulting immiseration, and, therefore, also onto a path of revolt against the ruling class faction that is imposing that immiseration:  the Rockefeller faction.

The early signs of this Rockefeller war on humanity  included --

  • The imposition of the “Federal Reserve”, by the Rockefeller faction;
  • The imposition of the Federal Income Tax in the U.S., by the Rockefeller faction, e.g., in part, to create the Third World by using the resulting revenues for financing the Rockefeller Servant Military Dictatorships that were charged, by the Rockefellers, with reversing the incipient industrialization in the “semi-periphery” of ‘US/UK core capitalism’;
  • World War I, a masterful early example of Rockefeller faction Stealth Humanocide;
  • The global promotion of Eugenics ideology, and of its mass-murderous practice, by the Rockefeller family”, in the U.S., and, especially, in Weimar Germany.

After their globally mass-murderous World War II, against their former Eugenics Servant-Dictator, Hitler, turned Franken-Dictator circa 1939 --

  • The global perversion, by Rockefeller faction Big Money, of an emergent grassroots anti-pollution, anti-Externalities movement into a ‘‘‘neo-Eugenics’’’, ‘‘‘Stealth Eugenics’’’ PEOPLE ARE POLLUTION movement for Global Humanocide.

Most recently --

  • Their preparation of plans for the global, totalitarian, Humanocidal imposition of Global Warming Austerity, to “Save The Planet” [translation:  To Save Their Power, and all of the Hideous “Perks” of that Power].

For deeper, scientific and ‘‘‘psychohistorical’’’ understanding of this ‘‘‘political-economic law of motion of modern -- capitalist -- society’’’, see the other key entries to this blog, and see also --




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