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Capitalism’s ‘Descendence’ Phase: An Excerpt. GLOBAL STRATEGIC HYPOTHESES.



Capitalisms Descendence Phase:



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Beginning in the late 1800s, after the revelation, for the capitalist ruling class, of the ~1870 to ~1890, ~20-year “Great Deflation”, with its falling prices in nearly every consumer commodities category, and more, and falling profits, induced by accelerating industrial capitalist productivity growth, i.e., induced by an accelerating “growth of the social forces of production” – which had been predicted by Karl Marx, circa 1857+, as a deadly problem for the capitalist system, and with the writings of Karl Marx, Thorstein Veblen, and others under ruling class review, a new faction of the U.S./U.K. capitalist ruling class coagulated.


This new ruling class ruling faction we call The Rocke-Nazi faction, due to the dominance of the Rockefeller Crime[s-Against-Humanity] Family in that faction.


In the late 1800s and early 1900s, this ruling faction began a massive campaign of interventions, against competitive capitalism, against the interests of the U.S. working class, and against history – against the historic rise in ‘the human-social forces of human societal reproduction’ – against the global progress of the human species.


This massive campaign of interventions included the engineering of the Rockefeller “Eugenics” ideology of mass extermination; of the deadly-side-effects drugs-promoting AMA, together with the suppression of dietary and naturopathic healing traditions; of the 1913 Federal Reserve Act, creating a controlled hyperinflation ever since, thereby continually lowering wages; of the 1913 Federal Income tax, forcing workers and small business people to pay for the Rocke-Nazireversal of the growth of the industrial productive forces in the capitalist system’s “semi-periphery”, via Rocke-Nazi-controlled ‘servant/military dictatorships’ installed there, thereby creating the “Third World”; and of the mass exterminations of World War I, starting in 1914. …


Moreover, these 20th century catastrophes, all manifesting the hostility of the capitalist ruling class ruling faction to any further growth of the general social forces of production, were among only the early outcomes of this Rocke-Nazi intervention. …


Long before the public airings of the vicious Italian Fascist, German Nazi, etc., “Great Depression” ideologies, the Rocke-Naziswere well on their way to engineering those ideologies, especially via their ultra-vicious “Eugenics” ideology for the mass extermination of humanity. …


Hitler’s 1939+ turn from Rocke-Nazi Servant-Dictator to Rocke-Nazi Franken-Dictator – turning against his Rockefeller/U.K. Royal Family Dr. Frankenstein Masters -- led to a discrediting of the “Eugenics” ideology, which Hitler invoked in his Holocaust and in his regime’s exterminations of tens of millions of Slavic people and Russian people.


So today, the Rocke-Nazi heirs don’t talk so much about “Eugenics” anymore.


They have two new names for their planned 95% extermination of the human race'Global Warming Austerity' and Pandemics --  the latter of which we call 'The Eric Pianka Plague'.



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