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History is Converging to Humanity’s ‘Meta-Darwinian Planetary Fitness Test’. GLOBAL STRATEGIC HYPOTHESES.



Terran Human History is Converging to Humanitys Meta-Darwinian Planetary Fitness Test.



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Terran human history is lawfully converging to humanity’s ‘meta-Darwinian planetary fitness test’.


This “fitness test” is META-Darwinian because it is a test, not just of the fitness of the Terran human[oid] genome, but of the present, complex unity or dialectical synthesis of that human[oid] genome and its ‘human phenome’, the “culture” of non-chromosomal, “acquired”, “learned” characteristics of this humanity.


It is a test of the “moral fitness to survive” of the Terran human species; a test of the capacity of this humanity at large for global human solidarity in the face of its ‘Rocke-Nazi’ adversary; a test of this humanity’s capacity to overcome the “divide-and-conquer” ideologies which the ‘Rocke-Nazi’ ruling class ruling faction has engineered to render the rest of humanity effectively comatose and unable to resist the horrific plans of that faction for global humanocide, a rest-of-humanity fighting, instead, amongst and within itself, with many at each others’ throats, just the way the ‘Rocke-Nazis’ want it.


Yes, and lawfully so, as a consequence of that, faction’s, predictable, mass-murderous response to the growing threat of plutocracy-dethroning, massive ‘technodepreciation’, i.e., to the threat of Marx’s “law of the tendency of the rate of profit to fall”, in its “competition of capitals” and “return on investments”, full-concreteness context, at “the surface of [late-capitalist] society”, Terran humanity at large faces a humanocidal ruling class ruling faction, aiming – often quite openly, as we have documented in this blog, e.g., when voicing their “people are pollution” ideology – exceeding the ambitions, even, of the fictional Thanos, aiming at a 95% extermination of the Terran human race.


This ‘meta-Darwinian planetary fitness test’ is a “planetary” test, not only because the life of all of this planetary, global humanity is at stake in it, but also because this planet’s biosphere will not survive without its noosphere [Vernadsky; Chardin].


Without a human[oid], self-aware, technological species, Earth’s biosphere, and the biosphere of any Earth-like planet, will not long survive its own inherent hazards -- ‘exolithic bombardment’ by asteroids and comets, recurring Ice Ages, and the eventual, and, this time, permanent convergence to the restoration of “Snow-Ball Earth”, as well as due to other internal and external hazards, many only dimly grasped at present, that will soon destroy Earth’s biosphere, without advanced technological human intervention.


The “Dr. Strangelove”-like ‘humanocidal maniacs’ of the ‘Rocke-Nazi’ faction are blind to this consequence of their planned reversal of the human-social forces of human-societal self-reproduction, especially of their planned destruction of its core – the majority human population  itself, the working class, the producers.


Marx foresaw this convergence, e.g., in his famous Preface to his A Contribution to the Critique of Political Economy. 


Will enough alive today finally get a clue, and foresee it too, before it is too late to stop it?


I quote again – “The human race, like a herd of witless sheep, is being slaughtered in its sleep.”



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