Wednesday, May 12, 2021

‘The Haunted Human Mind’.

The Haunted Human Mind.


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Ideology – in Marx’s sense – positively abounds today, more than ever before!


Mystification – including ideology in all of its kinds – is chiefly a matter of ‘‘‘haunted mind’’’, of a human mind filled with imaginary, fictitious entities.  

It is a matter of human minds cluttered with reifications, hypostatizations, projections and fetishes – minds haunted by ‘pseudo-subjects’, really dead mental objects, thus self-reducing those live humans themselves to ‘pseudo-objects’ as if themselves dead; hiding those minds real ‘subject-ivity’ from themselves.


Such minds, haunted by ‘pseudo-agents’, hide from themselves the real agents. Such minds are haunted by ‘pseudo-agents’ which have no real, actual, sensuous counterparts in the external world, except as the rituals enacted by those who believe in those ghosts, thus suppressing their own «geiste»!





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