Tuesday, May 11, 2021

The ‘Rocke-Nazi’ “New World Order”. GLOBAL STRATEGIC HYPOTHESES.


The Rocke-Nazi’ “New World Order.  GLOBAL STRATEGIC HYPOTHESES.


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The “New World Order”, touted by  the ‘Rocke-Nazi’ ruling faction of the capitalist ruling class of the U.S./U.K., both as ruling ideology, and as ruling class power-structure, is the ultimate, and ultimately ultra-horrific, decay-product of the ‘descendence phase’ of global [increasingly state-]capitalism.


The successful defeat of this ideology and power-structure by the majority of the rest of humanity requires that humanity’s largely non-violent, rule-of-law-observing and preserving transcendence of the capitalist system as its primary pre-condition.


George Orwell, in his novel 1984, so brilliantly and so vividly described the horrors of the ruling class plan for this “New World Order”.


In the process, Orwell described the overall shape of this “order” – a global system of state-capitalist police-state national dictatorships, arrayed in ever-shifting inter-nation alliances, and engaging in unending Malthusian, mass-murderous inter-alliance warfare.  This world would be, of course, a '"eugenicly"' depopulated world, maintained in its depopulation, e.g., by that unceasing Malthusian warfare.


The secretly ‘Rocke-Nazi’-appointed dictators of each state-capitalist nation-state are to be “responsible”, to the ‘Rocke-Nazis’, for having their own people “under their thumbs” -- all in totalitarian terror beneath their police-state rule – but also, and on the contrary, to be abject servants to the U.S./U.K. ‘Rocke-Nazi’ “Uber”-rulers, who will have all of these national dictators held, in turn, in terror, under the ‘Rocke-Nazi’ global “thumb”.



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