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How Equitism Solves Capitalism's Fatal Techno-Depreciation Flaw


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The Equitist Theory posits "Techno-Depreciation" as the root-"intra-duality" inside capitalism, which brings about capitalism's decadence, and demise, turning the capitalist ruling class against competitive, technologically-progressive development, and, ultimately, incentivizing that ruling class to destroy technological progress [in the name of "Ecologism", and other ruling-class perverted ideologies], popular education, democracy, and to institute police-state, totalitarian, oligopoly/monopoly/state-capitalist rule, planned, global "multi-genocide", and a New Dark Ages degeneration of human civilization [unless the non-ruling-class population successfully rises up, to overthrow that plutocracy, and to institute a successor system to capitalism, called "Political-Economic Democracy", and based upon "Generalized Equity"].

Thus, the Proposed "Equitarian Reforms" logically must contain a solution to the Capitalism-Fatal "Techno-Depreciation Problem" that is at the heart of Capitalism, per Equitism, if the Equitarian Reforms, and if the Equitarian "Successor System" to Capitalism, are to be viable.

For details on the "Techno-Depreciation Self-Duality" of Capitalism, see --\

For the Equitist Theory of the Self-Degeneration of Capitalism due to the "Techno-Devaluation of Capital-Value" propensity inherent in Capitalism, and due to the response of the capitalist ruling class to the resulting "Law of the Tendency of the Rate of Profit to Fall", see --\

In summary, then:

'Techno-Depreciation' is the self-devaluation of fixed-capital-value [and of bank-capital-value, for the massive bank capital loans loaned out to other, non-bank, capitalists, to purchase, or to construct, fixed capital plant and equipment], due to the accelerating rate of "labor-costs-saving" and of "capital-costs-saving" technological progress that competitive capitalist profit incentives stimulate competitive capitalists to develop and implement.

At a certain point in the accumulation, centralization, and concentration of industrial capital, and of banking/financial capital, for the most technologically-advanced and most ownership-concentrated concentrations of industrial fixed capital and of banking capital -- i.e., for the very capitals that form the economic base of the power-to-rule of the ruling capitalist plutocracy -- the losses to capital/profit owing to the competition-enforced write-off of physically as-yet-undepreciated, unamortized fixed capital, increasingly exceed the reductions in the unit-cost of produced output which create the transient profit gains from the labor-cost savings and capital-cost-savings associated with installing the new, more productive fixed capital plant and equipment, and scrapping the physically-intact, but now 'techno-depreciated', older fixed capital assets [e.g., while still paying debt service on the massive loans taken out to purchase that now-obsolete fixed capital plant, despite that now-obsolete investment now having zero further returns, and having perforce to take out yet new, further massive loans to finance purchase and installation of the technologically more advanced capital plant and equipment that, in the hands of competitors, obsoleted that older, now obsolescence-depreciated plant and equipment].

Thus, the plutocracy sets up servant dictatorships all over the less-industrialized and pre-industrial parts of the globe, to suppress industrial capitalist economic development their, lest the plutocracy in, e.g., the European and American original/core areas of earliest industrial capitalist development face competition against their older plant and equipment fixed-capital, and their higher-paid workers, from low-paid workers from the newly-industrializing parts of the world, using the latest, most advanced fixed capital plant and equipment, recently-installed.

Think of:  the re-nascent, post-WWII Japanese steel and auto industries versus the American steel and auto industries!

By thus suppressing/delaying industrial-capitalist economic development in the world outside of the American and European heartlands of earliest capitalist industrialization, the core capitalist plutocracy also suppresses/delays "The Demographic Transition", at a time when advanced medical and public health techniques are leaking into those parts of the world too, thus creating a growth of population among people denied much life-opportunity by the plutocracy's servant-dictators there [think: Batista, Samosa, Trujillo, Pinochet, Marcos, etc., etc., ad nauseam].

This rising, life-chances-denied population, thus ripe for revolt, scares the plutocracy out of their wits, and leads them to begin down their vicious spiral into ever-more ANTI-HUMAN, anti-progress -- AND ever-more-multi-genocidal, "humanocidal" -- policies.

How, then, do the Equitists propose that we solve 'The Techno-Depreciation Problem' of Capitalism, as a necessary part of their proposed transcendence of the Capitalist System?

For clues, see the section entitled "How the Equitarian Reform Obviates the 'Techno-Depreciation' Dilemma", in --

and see Section 5, page 4+, in --



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