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Part 7 of 8 -- The Equitists' "Malady and Remedy" Manifesto.

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This blog-entry contains the seventh part of my serialization, within this blog, of the Equitist Advocacy Group's groundbreaking manifesto entitled "Malady and Remedy:  What's Wrong, and What to Do About It", with my own edits added to their text, for its improvement [at least, I think so!]. 

In my opinion, this text is too important to be treated as any kind of "sacred text".

It needs to be improved upon, and circulated, <<samizdat>>, worldwide, in such "improved" forms -- i.e., in as many versions as are seen as being needed, by every author who thinks that [s]he can improve upon it [including this one].

Here is a link to the original version, including to its "endnotes" --




Diagnosis:  What's Wrong [concluded].



Hypothesis VII:  The Temporarily '''Quiet''' Desperation of the Core Plutocracy has Now Exploded into Desperate, Globally-Destructive Action

Only a great fear, one which obsesses the ruling plutocrats to their craven core, could motivate them to, once again, risk exposure, and total defeat, by fomenting the global catastrophe which they now have underway.

The core plutocracy constitutes a microscopically tiny portion of humanity.

If the public ever catches on to the vast crimes against humanity that they have already perpetrated, and to the even greater crimes against humanity that they have planned for the proximate future, they are “toast” — and they know this, only too well.

The circa 1989 demise of the Stalinist dictatorships in Russia and Eastern Europe provided one source of confirmation for the -- temporarily -- ‘‘‘quiet’’’ desperation of the core plutocracy.

Demonstrations, so massive as to terrify and to paralyze the Stalinist militaries and secret police, broke out, unexpectedly, in the midst of full blown police states, in which freedom of expression -- freedom of interpersonal, of radio, and of television, etc. expression of dissent -- including freedom of the press, publication of critical books and booklets and pamphlets of all kinds, were all brutally suppressed.

Yet years of «samizdat» — of clandestine circulation of hand-copied and mimeographed manuscripts, criticizing the Stalinist regimes from myriads of points of view — had, at length, galvanized into a social consensus that incited actions by millions of people which, with amazingly little violence, overthrow some of the most vicious totalitarian dictatorships ever known in human history to-date.

Another source of confirmation has been the rapid rise of massive new middle-classes in highly-populous former "Third World" nations, especially in India and in China, middle classes which increasingly threaten, by means of rising political democracy, the Third-World-wide -- and soon to be world-wide -- or so the core plutocracy plans -- system of servant-dictatorships upon which the core plutocracy's global rule depends:  regimes whose rulers are vicious, blustering dictators to their own people, but who also are abject, cowering servants to the core plutocracy.

These new middle classes have the wherewithal to threaten the core plutocracy's global system of servant-dictatorships far more than the impoverished populations of the old Stalinist dictatorships ever did — and just look what has already happened to those dictatorships!

It took emergency, "shock therapy" mass social torture, and massive mafia violence — orchestrated by the core plutocracy's top University of Chicago "economics" hit-men — to bring Russia and Eastern Europe back under [servant-dictatorial] "control"!

Little-known to the broad public — designedly so, on the part of the core plutocracy, via the corporate mass media that they increasingly control, e.g., with the help of FCC "regulators" — is yet another confirmation of the core plutocracy's increasingly stark, raving terror.

The latter confirmation is the recent proliferation, not only of professional scientists', but of hobbyists', basement and garage construction of "cold fusion" devices, and of Philo Farnsworth-style '''hot fusion''' devices, as recently featured in a page one article in The Wall Street Journal. [e15]

Websites whereby both professional scientist and amateur enthusiast contributors share insights and learnings toward fusion reactor designs have also proliferated recently. [e16]

Should one of these growing numbers of "upstarts" stumble upon a workable reactor design — or rediscover one of the designs that the core plutocracy has previously suppressed, such as Dr. Robert W. Bussard's final Inertial Electrostatic Confinement [IEC] Polywell design — and communicate this [re-]discovery into the public domain, before some kind of a little "accident" can be arranged for that "upstart", the core plutocracy is “toast”, and, again, they know this — only too well!

Publicly disclose a successful engineering design for fusion energy technology, and the core plutocracy's global empire of oil — and, with it, the plutocracy's power to plunder, torture, rape, and murder humanity — will be, as they say, "history".


The core plutocracy was able, with IRS help, to destroy Philo Farnsworth's will to live, after he discovered the "Fusor", after already having stolen his color television patents from him.  [Yes, Philo Farnsworth was also the original discoverer of color television, although you’ve probably never heard his name, and designedly so!].


The core plutocracy was able to marshal their mass media, to vilify, and to character-assassinate, Dr. Stanley Pons and Dr. Martin Fleischmann, in retaliation for their public disclosure of their "cold fusion" findings.


The core plutocracy was able to dispatch one of their staff hit-men to murder Dr. Eugene Mallove, and to disguise the murder as a rental dispute, after his fusion advocacy had begun to reach "critical mass" [For more on this, see "GS3: The Long History of the 'Rocke-Nazi' Suppression of Nuclear Fusion Energy Development, and the Decoy of Linear-Equilibrium 'Tokamak' Fusion".] [e17]

The core plutocracy was able to assassinate Dr. Robert W. Bussard, via double-cancer — as they have done with so many others '''who got in their way''' [Jack Ruby, Martha Mitchell, and former CIA-commissar Casey, among so many others, come to mind.] — less than a year after he escaped from an 11-years-long Navy gag-order, and went public with his successful IEC compact fusion reactor design, on November 9th, 2006.

The Navy had imposed the gag order upon Dr. Bussard as a condition for their funding of Dr. Bussard's research, but the Navy summarily cut-off his funding immediately after the test run that confirmed the success of his final fusion reactor design, thus freeing him from both his U. S. Navy funding, and from the U. S. Navy’s gag order [For more on this, see "GS5: Fusion Breakthrough".]. [e18]

But can the core plutocracy, forever, stop one of this profusion of fusion enthusiasts — perhaps one aided, openly or clandestinely, by professional engineers and scientists sympathetic to the survival and prosperity of the human species — from finding another successful fusion reactor design, and from going public with it, effectively — and before the core plutocracy's hit-men can pounce?

Unlike oil and other "fossil fuels", and unlike the uranium-ore, and the uranium-ore-products, that fuel nuclear fission power reactors, the primary "ore" of nuclear fusion power reactors cannot be monopolized — not by the core plutocracy, and not by anyone else.

The primary fuel of fusion, Hydrogen, is abundant worldwide, in water.

There is, and must be, water, already, wherever there are human settlements.

Therefore, human progression to the fuels of fusion atomic/sub-atomic power, from the fuels of hydrocarbons-based molecular-power, and unlike the fuels of hydrocarbons-based molecular-power, cannot be used by the core plutocracy to blackmail, to debt-enslave, and to otherwise "control", the majority, non-petroleum-producing nations of the world.

The advent of fusion power — of low-cost, abundant, and potentially zero-radioactivity industrial energy — also portends global human prosperity, an end to the core plutocracy's 'Global Dictatorship of Petroleum', and an end to the core plutocracy's "ecological" excuses for its incessant subtext calls for mass-murderous global "population reduction".

The public communication, and implementation, of fusion energy technology is thus these ‘Meta-Nazis’ worst nightmare.

Though these plutocrats may flatter themselves that they are '''The Gods who walk the Earth''' — that they are omnipresent, omniscient, and omnipotent — they know, in their craven, shriveled hearts, that they are not.

They know that their "batting average" is far from perfect.

These ruling plutocrats know that it is only a matter of time before another successful fusion power reactor design is discovered, and leaks out to the global public — despite the core plutocracy's '''eternal vigilance''' against fusionUNLESS!

UNLESS the core plutocracy crushes all of the rest of humanity under a global depression, followed by a global police state, imposing unprecedented levels of electronic and nano-technological surveillance upon those relatively few non-plutocrats whom they plan to allow to continue to live!

UNLESS the core plutocracy imposes their '''FINAL SOLUTION TO THE HUMANITY PROBLEM''' SOON!

The 'Meta-Nazi' Plan
The core plutocracy's plan, in a nutshell, is to impoverish, to enslave, and, finally, to exterminate you and your family, reducing world population by -- as they have publicly stated --   ~ 95% []see:], to a level of population so low that, they believe, their rule can be secured in perpetuity, creating, they believe, a new, and permanent, '''neo-feudal''' Dark Age [see "GS10: Meet the 'Meta-Nazis' Face-to-Face"]. [e19]

The perversion of the grass-roots anti-pollution movement, into the core-plutocracy-choreographed 'Soylent Green' "movement" of today, via years of massive funding from, and manipulation by, the plutocracy's foundations, etc., into a progress-denying, anti-science, anti-technology, pro-negative-growth, "People Are Pollution", neo-Malthusian pro-humanocide movement, has been slated, by the plutocracy, to play a key role in providing pseudo-"ecological" excuses for their plan to impoverish, enslave, and exterminate you and your family — indeed, for their plan to murder of the majority of human race [see "GS12: Some Hypotheses Concerning the Lobby for Global Genocide"]. [e20

The "principals" of the core plutocracy are well-described as 'Meta-Fascists', or 'Meta-Nazis', both because they are far more ‘humanocidally’ vicious than mere Fascists, or mere Nazis, or mere Stalinists — their mere servants — but also because of their preferred mode of rule.

They prefer to stay out of sight, to rule from behind the scenes, so that their individual identities are scarcely known to the public.

They prefer to exercise their dominion through the visible agency of the police-state [servant-] dictatorships -- servants to them -- that they finance into place, and otherwise put into place, in every nation that comes under their control.

The core plutocracy's preferred "division of labor", their gangster-emulated "business model", and their "organization design" are fairly simple, "in principle":

They “keep their thumbs” on their handful of servant-dictators.

They let their servant-dictators keep their thumbs on every body else.

The plan of the core plutocracy, in their present re-edition of their 1930s Global Great Depression scenario, is to institute their '''FINAL SOLUTION TO THE HUMANITY PROBLEM''' — their '''SOLUTION''' to THEIR problem with humanity's tendency to outgrow them, and to overthrow them — a '''FINAL SOLUTION''' for which Hitler's ‘Meta-Nazi’ funded and directed '''FINAL SOLUTION TO THE JEWISH PROBLEM''', and Operation Barbarossa, and Stalin's Gulags, constituted mere "dress rehearsals". 

[For more about this, see:
Their '''SOLUTION''' is to turn the whole world into -- referencing these ‘Meta-Nazi’s most recent ‘‘‘dress rehearsals’’’ -- into ‘‘‘One Big Bosnia-Herzegovina’’’, into ‘‘‘One Big Zimbabwe’’’, into ‘‘‘One Big Syria’’’ — into ‘‘‘ONE BIG EUGENICS CAMP’’’, i.e., into ‘‘‘ONE BIG CONCENTRATION / EXTERMINATION CAMP’’’ [see "GS1: Towards A Strategy For Humanity"]. [e21]

Along their way to this ‘‘‘FINAL SOLUTION’’’ -- and quite far along already as of this present moment -- the core plutocracy plans, first, to bankrupt and dismantle what little is left of the civilian industrial base of the United States, destroying what's left of the U.S. Middle/Working Class in the process, while simultaneously crushing the Middle/Working Classes of the E.U. and the U.K., and also pulverizing the nascent Middle Classes in China, India, Brazil, and worldwide, imposing '''Marshall Law''' military [servant-]dictatorships — electronic-/nano-surveillance police states — everywhere.

They plan to reduce the US to the status of just another '''Banana Republic''', but without any bananas.

The US dollar paper money supply has been vastly expanded, both by the recent turning over of the U. S. taxpayers' Treasury to Wall Street — so that the architects of this economic collapse could continue with their multi-billion dollar annual bonuses and dividend payouts, while the rest of the citizenry implodes — and by the vast recent monetarily-expansive maneuvers of the Federal Reserve balance sheet [“quantitative easing”], which has also had the effect of destroying any returns on, e.g., the retired populations’ “low risk” money market and CD savings, by collapsing interest rates for the public, while the Federal Reserve lavishes loans essentially interest-free on the Wall Street banksters, then allowing them to charge usurious interest rates to the public for any loans they let to ordinary folk [including credit card loans].

The further expansion of that supply of '''fictitious money''' via the Obama fiscal stimulus package, mushroomed potential money-paper demand at the same time that real production, and real productivity — the supply of real goods — collapsed in “free fall” fashion.

The Weimar Republic, with its legendary hyperinflation, was the preparatory phase for the core-plutocracy-orchestrated, 'Meta-Nazi'-orchestrated Nazi takeover in 1930s Germany.

This present explosion of paper dollars — given the influence of the U.S. dollar on the world economy — may soon eventuate in a '''globalization''' of the Weimar hyperinflation phenomenon.

The coming 'Obama Dollar Bubble' will result in a worldwide 'Weimarization' of humanity, plus an accelerated, THIS TIME GLOBAL, de-industrialization, preparatory to global dictatorship, bankrupting the US government, and national governments everywhere, and annihilating the purchasing power of the US dollar, collapsing its value to essentially zero.

This bankrupting of the US Government, together with this 'zero-ization' of the US dollar, will give the 'Meta-Nazi' plutocracy the excuse — the excuse that they have sought for so long — to abolish the United States of America, to abolish what’s left of the US Constitution, and to abolish what’s left of its Bill of Rights — a Constitution and a Bill of Rights that, despite being so often honored only in the breach, have for so long so obstructed the goals, and the much-preferred methods, of the core plutocracy.

Even those few who escaped the collapse of stock market asset values, and of home asset values, and kept their savings in "safe" money market, CD, and cash assets, will have their savings too reduced to nothing.

If this sounds to you like an implementation of mathematics professor, and "Unabomber", Ted Kaczynski's ideology — 'Unabomberism' — then you heard right [for more on the ideology of 'Unabomberism', see Kaczynski's manifesto, "Industrial Society and Its Future"]. [e21_1]

The trouble with Ted, from the point of view of the core plutocracy, was not that he swallowed — hook, line, and sinker — one variant of the pseudo-ecological, ‘psycho-engineered’ People Are Pollution ideologies with which they have infected the corporate mass media worldwide, to provide excuses — convenient cover — for their real agenda; for their implementation of their ‘‘‘FINAL SOLUTION TO THE HUMANITY PROBLEM’’’.

The trouble with Ted, for the core plutocracy, was that he got into their racket himself, as a small-time, independent operator, and as a "true-believer", merely-micro-mass-murderer, prematurely micro-implementing elements of their p[r]ogrom, and beginning to give it the public bad name that it so justly deserves.

The core plutocracy had to '''build a fire under''' their conventional police forces, and their FBI proto-secret-police, to put Ted out of business, '''pronto!'''.

They don't want any more '''two-bit''' amateurs '''getting in their way'''.

This is the core-plutocracy's ‘‘‘SOLUTION’’’ to what they euphemistically call, for public consumption, the ‘‘‘Ecology Crisis’’’ — i.e., their ‘‘‘SOLUTION’’’ to the threat to their power to rule posed by any further progress of human science and technology:

their plan to impoverish, thence to enslave, and thence to exterminate you and your family.

What can you do, now, to save yourself and your family and to help to save so many other families like yours?
Note to Readers:  Typographical and notational conventions observed throughout this text are described in the 'zeroth' endnote. [e0]

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