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Part 1 of 8 -- The Equitists' "Malady and Remedy" Manifesto.

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This blog-entry contains the first part of my serialization, within this blog, of the Equitist Advocacy Group's groundbreaking manifesto entitled "Malady and Remedy:  What's Wrong, and What to Do About It", with my own edits added to their text, for its improvement [at least, I think so!].

In my opinion, this text is too important to be treated as any kind of "sacred text".

It needs to be improved upon, and circulated <<samizdat>> worldwide, in such "improved" forms -- i.e., in as many versions as are seen as being needed, by every author who thinks that [s]he can improve upon it [including this one].

Here is a link to the original version, including to its "endnotes" --





Part 1.:   Malady and Remedy -- 

What's Wrong, and What to Do About It.

Diagnosis:  What's Wrong.


The Social-Unconscious Mind
Part of our mission, in this opening section, is to help raise up, into the social consciousness of its readers, crucial aspects of the present '''social unconscious''', of the unconsciousness of the human behavior, of the human practices, of the human "praxis", by which we have brought ourselves into this Crisis, this Predicament.

This "social unconscious" consists of portions of our own social behavior, of our own social activity, of our own social practices — of our own "social praxis" — which are highly 'causative', highly consequential, but of which the social majority is, presently, deeply unaware, both as to our conduct of that "praxis", and as to the profound consequences that its action brings back around upon our lives.

That is, this "social unconscious" consists of the human action by which we have collectively delivered ourselves into the present Global Crisis of Humanity.

That is, the core of this "social unconscious" is also a key part of the action — of which we-present are all a part — by human society, back upon human society: the activity by which we semi-consciously continue and also grow our human social existence, the collective human activity which we name '''human society self-[re-]producing praxis'''.

These unconscious consequences arise, indeed, from our collective '''value(s)-system''', as collectively practiced: as we actually live it [not necessarily as we profess it].

The "Law" of "Value"
A unity of these unconscious consequences, in modern society, is what we will name '''the law of [political-economic] value'''.

Our purpose in this section is to analyze the human behavior — our collective behavior — which produces and reproduces this [un-legislated, "unwritten"] "social law", a "law" which operates as if it were a "law of nature", as if a "mechanical law", describing unconscious being(s) — and which will continue to do so until "we" collectively awaken, as more-conscious , more-human[e], more-social beings than we have been.

Now, '''capital-value''', and '''value''' itself, in general, are not "hard", "objective" substances, that exist wholly outside of our skins, and wholly outside of our minds.

These “values” collective human mental habits; conventions -- socio-cultural institutions.

These “values” are, as we shall elaborate below, '''social relationships of [the present-day mode of human-life-re-]production''', and present-day '''forms of human-social intercourse'''.

We hold these “values” as shared '''mental templates''', that we make effectively objectively real, by collectively and individually — and actively, behaviorally — projecting them onto the world outside of our minds; collectively acting as if they are "real".

This “value” is the continually-changing/continually-evolving total relationship, relation, 'relatio', or "ratio of interchange" — the social «verhaltnisse», for those of you who know the German language; the social «rapport» for those of you who know the French language — among all of our social-"good(s)"-producing activities, and their products, and, in particular, between waged/salaried labor as a whole, and capital property as a whole.

The Dimension of '''Consumer Value'''
For "consumers", "value" — as popularly discussed, as cited in commercial advertisements, etc. — is a relationship, a '''relation''', a 'relatio', a '''ratio of exchange''', which brings together "use-value" and "exchange-value" [money-price], into an expression of a '''complex unity''' between the two of them.

That is, the unit of measure of such a "value" metric is not simply pure dollars:  it is a heterogeneous unit of measure.

This "value" is the ratio between the "use-value", the "utility", of a commodity offered to consumers for sale, and the money-price offered for the purchase of that same commodity:  [utility divided by price]; [utility/price].

Such a ratio, evidently, should be "measured" in units of, say, [‘‘‘utils’’’ divided by dollars], “utils versus dollars”, “utils per dollar”, or [u/$], wherein "u" denotes ‘‘‘utils’’’ as the unit of measure of this utility.

The lower the price [money units’ quantity], as this ratio’s “denominator”, and the higher the utility [‘‘‘utils’’’ units’ quantity], as this ratio’s numerator, for the commodity offer, the greater is its "value" — the greater is the "value" of the offer — the greater is the  quantitative magnitude of this [utility/price] ratio.

But that “use-value” component unit of measure, in the '''compound unit[y]''' or '''complex unit[y]''', [u/$] -- that component unit of utility, "u" -- is perennially problematic for us.
There are deep difficulties, for our prevailing «mentalit√©», in actually measuring "use-value", or "utility", in any universal way.

Therefore, the "values", in this sense, of different kinds of consumer commodities-offers cannot be readily compared.

It is hard to say, in any explicit way, that one consumer commodity offer has greater "value" than another, let alone by "how much" the "value" of one consumer commodity offer exceeds another.

This is hard for us to say, because the common unit of measure, shared by the numerators of all of these offer '''value ratios''', the [utility/price] ratios, of any pair of consumer commodity offers — the '''utils''' unit of measure, denoted above by u — is obscure, uncertain, 'inarticulable' for us, unknown to us:  still deeply buried within the implicitudes of our shared, "social-unconscious mind".

The Dimension of '''Investor Value'''
For "investors", as opposed to "consumers" — i.e., for a growing percentage of our fellow "consumers", at least until the present collapse of investment "asset values" — "value" — "shareholder value", etc. — is popularly conceived of in terms of yield.

This yield is the ratio — the 'relatio[n]' — between how much money a "capital asset" — a home, a rental property that we might purchase, a unit of capital equity stock in some "publicly-issued" joint-stock corporation, a corporate or government bond, etc. — is expected to "return" in the future, in future dollars "discounted" to a "present" money magnitude, divided by the present money magnitude of the "cost" required to purchase ownership of that "asset", the "price" of that "asset".

Once again, this yield is not measured in simple currency units — i.e., in "US dollars", or in "pounds sterling", or in "euros", or in "yen".

This yield is measured in units of, for example, '''[dollars versus dollars]''', "[dollars over dollars]", "[dollars divided by dollars]", [$/$], or [%], i.e., in percent units.

That is, the yield metric is supposedly a "dimensionless" metric, 'unit-ed' by a 'self-compared', 'self-opposed', 'self-contrasted', self-divided currency unit — $s divided by $s = $^+1 / $^+1 = dollars to the positive first power divided by dollars to the positive first power = dollars to the positive first power multiplied by dollars to the negative first power = $^(+1-1) = $^0 — a unit of "zeroth power", or "zeroth degree", i.e., a "percent".

Notice how, in the units of this "yield-value", or "capital-value", ratio, in relation to the "consumer", "offer-value" ratio, the mysterious "u" unit in the numerator of the "offer-value" ratio is replaced by an, e.g., "$" unit in the numerator of the "capital-value" ratio — because, generally speaking, "money" names the highest conception of "universal use-value", or of "universal utility", that our present social '''inter-subjectivity''' is capable of explicitly, consciously expressing.

The "yield"-value of your "capital asset" — that is, of a money-measured asset that is expected to make more money than it cost; to "return" a "profit" — is the ratio of the 'presentized' magnitude ["Net Present Value", or "NPV"] of its expected future net money-returns, say to you, its owner, to its present cost, its present price of ownership purchase, to you --

(expected NPV of expected money returns divided by cost)[$/$] =
(yield)[%] =
( NPV(r)/c )[%]

-- with "r" standing for the expected future magnitude of the net money-returns to you from the asset, and with "c" standing for the present cost to you of acquiring "ownership" of that asset.

'Pseudo-Subjectivity' and 'Pseudo-Objectivity'
Below, we're going to be using the words "subject"[-ivity] and "object"[-ivity], '''subject[-ness]''' and '''object[-ness]''', as per the meaning of these words in the context of the analysis of our written and spoken sentences:  in terms of the "subject verb object" structure of our [‘sentence-ial’] language(s).

The ‘sentence-ial’ subject names the 'verb-source', the action-initiating, agent role, for the process described by the sentence.

The ‘sentence-ial’ object names the [ev]ent[ity] performing the 'verb-target', action-receiving role for the process described by the sentence.

Once the '''social mind''' — the cultural '''inter-subject(s)-ivity''', the minds of the social majority, of the preponderance of the human population of social individuals — is captured by this '''social gene''', this cultural '''meme''', of '''value-ing''', by this ‘‘‘value(s)-system’’’ of consumer commodity offer-"value", of '''exchange-"value''' , and of '''profit-"value''', i.e., of '''yield-"value''', or ‘‘‘[rate-of-]return(s)-value’’’, then something about our society '''hardens'''.

Once this new '''inter-subjectivity''' becomes predominant within humanity, then these new human habits of "value-ing", of value-action, of value-behavior, "gel" and "congeal", into a 'pseudo-objectivity', one seemingly more solid than granite, one seemingly denser than stainless steel, one seemingly harder than a brick wall, and one whose "shape" is seemingly harder to re-shape than it is to change the "cut" of a diamond.

Once this social 'pseudo-objectivity' congeals, the recurrent "patterns", unintended "rules", or "laws", of '''value-dynamics'' that we will adduce herein — laws whose "trend", we shall show, portends a descendant-phase totalitarian state-capitalist degeneration of ascendant-phase capitalist democracy, resulting in a catastrophic collapse of '''human social reproduction''' — become, as if, objective "laws", "natural laws", even "mechanical laws", enacted by human subjects become as if '''dead''', in-human objects.

Thereafter — after that congealing — it takes a profound transformation of our '''mutual subjectivity'''; of our '''inter-subjectivity''' — a deep ‘self-change’ of the 'social unconscious mind', an irruptive rising into our '''inter-subjective''' conscience of previously socially-unconscious 'ideo-subjective material', one brought about by our traumatic experiences of the massive, massively adverse, and unintended [by us] consequences of that formerly unconscious material — to change our social "laws".

When just one of us tries, or when even a few of us try, to change our "value(s)"-in-practice — our value-ing’ behaviors — our efforts are typically swamped, drowned, and brought to nought, or brought to ruin, by the overwhelming momentum of everyone else continuing — still behaving, still 'value-ing' — in the same old way, in accord with the same old semi-conscious 'value-paradigm'.

Only in rare instances, can a new 'value-behavior', ‘accordant’ with a new 'value-paradigm', irrupting locally within a small population of human beings, rapidly catalyze the adoption of this new behavioral paradigm by an expanding wake of other human beings, tidally rippling out in a wave of behavioral change, and of habit-change, throughout our 'socio-mental space', and our 'social-objective space', until the preponderant operating paradigm of our global society as a whole is transformed.

Such rare catalysis means that human social intersubjectivity adopts this new paradigm of daily-life action rapidly, as if all at once, in a way analogous to the way in which, in the process of "stellar [meta-]evolution", or 'stellar revolution' — for example, in the case of the stellar core "helium flash" — a star, which has exhausted [completely converted into core Helium], its former core Hydrogen fuel, so that is inner fire has become extinguished, and which has thus begun to collapse, due to its now unopposed "self-gravitation", suddenly, as the '''squeeze''' of that collapse-implosion crosses a critical threshold, re-ignites, begins to burn that core Helium, that former "ash", and, as a consequence, abruptly leaves the Hydrogen-burning "stellar main sequence phase", and transitions to the "Helium[-burning] stellar main sequence phase", of its [meta-]evolution, becoming, in that process, a new kind of star, with qualitatively and quantitatively different dynamics. [e1]

Capital-value, and value itself, is not a "thing", an "object" wholly outside our minds, and wholly outside our skins.

It is more like a collective [de-][il-]lusion, that becomes real, that objectively characterizes our behavior, because we share it and communally practice it.

This "money-value" is partly subjective, partly an '''idea-object''', a 'psycho-historical material', though we tend to think of it, and act as if it were, a purely objective thing.

We "fetishize" value, "reify" value, "hypostatize" value, and "totemize" value, in effect worshipping it as if it were an entirely outer thing, wholly external to our '''subject-ivity''' or 'subject-ness'.

There is a hidden — occult, latent, unconscious — '''human-ism''' in the outwardly-expressed '''anti-human-ism''' of those among us who "value" only money, or who "value" only "capital" — only "money [that is / when it is] making more money".

If we "value" only money, because of what money can buy — by our '''value-ing''' only what money can buy — we are also, implicitly, unconsciously "value-ing" the human creativity and the human life-time that stands behind the '''good(s)''' that money buys; that creates (that/)those '''good(s)'''.

The Inverted World
By communally "fetishizing" and worshiping money-value/capital-value, we create, and enforce upon ourselves — consciously or not, intentionally or not — the "rules" and the "social laws" of "the law of value".

We induce an inversion of social subject(s) and social object(s), of social subjectivity and social objectivity.

We turn ourselves into 'pseudo-objects', and we turn the objects that we create, and the constructs by which we "measure" them — money[-value] and, especially, capital[-value] — into 'pseudo-subjects'.
We make the world of capital, the social objectivity that we produce, and continually re-produce, into a 'pseudo-subjectivity', and we turn ourselves, the real subjects, into a 'pseudo-objectivity'.

The vast aggregation of our individual, daily '''value-ing''' actions creates an "invisible hand", indeed, an '''iron fist''', that rules over us almost as if it were a conscious, monarchical being, and that cancels out the intentions of our "visible hands" in our efforts to self-govern our own lives.

The real subjects and the real objects become inverted; mis-revolved; upside-down — "bass-ackwards".

We create, and daily re-create, an upside-down world, an inverted world, a perverted world, in which only dead things — that living people have created, and that only living people can create — have value, and in which living, potentially richness-creating people are abandoned by the rest of human society — are unemployed, homeless, miserable, starving, dying — are treated as if they were '''value-less'''; worthless.

The Inversion of the Inversion
True social revolution is not nihilistic violence, or violence employed in the effort of a particular party, or "special interest group", to attain alienated power — unchecked, unaccountable, unlimited power over everyone else.

True "social revolution" is the revolution of this revolution; the restorative revolution to this mis-revolution that creates the ‘pseudo-objectivity’ of the real subjects, and the ‘pseudo-subjectivity’ of the real objects:  the inversion of that inversion, that restores subjectivity to the real subjects, and that restores objectivity to the real objects — the return of subjectivity, by the real subjects, to the real subjects, themselves.

The whole story — the 'his-story' of so many 'his'-lives gone-by, and the 'her-story' of so many 'her'-lives gone by — of the history of the capital value(s)-system to-date, is a history of the semi-conscious struggle of humanity to overcome the "invisible hand" of its "law of value"; the struggle to replace that "invisible hand" with its own, collective, democratically-controlled '''visible hand'''; to bring the horrific side of the human, social consequences of our unconsciously-created "law of value" under conscious, human, collective, democratic regulation and control; to restore human [inter-]subjectivity to the 'subject role' by overcoming the 'pseudo-objectivity' into which our money-value-ing, capital-value-ing intersubjectivity has cast us.

The Emergent Collective Subjectivity, and the Strategy, of the Core Plutocracy
Unfortunately, but 'expectably', the preponderance of that partial overcoming, to-date, of that "law of value", has been monopolized, by the tiny, ruling minority which is comprised by the preponderant owners of capital-property, for ends which are violently contrary to the best interests of the rest of us; of the global human species as a whole.

The presently ruling, capital-based plutocracy is generally already more conscious -- even if in a distorted, perverted way -- of this actual social, society-reproducing human praxis, and of its consequences, than is the rest of the human population, than are the rest of us.

That plutocracy makes it their business to see to it that "the rest of us" work for them [and, increasingly, against ourselves].

Our ignorance of our own praxis, and of its consequences, is maintained, partly, by the designs of this plutocracy.

As we shall show further on, this plutocracy harbors their greater awareness of human praxis, only with a vitiating bias.

The presently reigning plutocracy uses their superior awareness of humanity's actual praxis to fool us, to engineer upon us, and into us, ideologies that lead us to play into their hands; to play into their horrific, “eugenics”, ‘‘‘eugenocidal’’’, '''humanocidal''' agenda.

We shall endeavor, here — in contrast to that plutocracy — to present this presently mostly unconscious material, with an 'equitarian' bias; with a bias which is pro humanity-as-a-whole.

By the plutocracy's success in accumulating and concentrating most of humanity's capital wealth in the hands of a tiny few worldwide, the economic side of the capital political-economy has, by now, increasingly outgrown and subsumed its political side.

This outgrowing has destroyed most of whatever effectiveness the existing, constitutional, political-only "checks-and-balances" of capitalist representative democracy ever had.

These "checks-and-balances" had restrained the ruling plutocracy, for a time, from imposing their multi-genocidal, totalitarian tyrannies worldwide.

These "checks-and-balances" had, for most of that time, confined that plutocracy to the proliferation of police-state, mass-murderous ‘servant-dictatorships ‘throughout the "Third World", i.e., throughout the plutocracy-brutalized periphery of their acceleratedly, intensively and extensively growing global system of oligopolized capital.

The entirety of the socially-virtuous side of capitalism depends utterly upon unfettered competition of capitals.

Therefore, all of these social virtues are destroyed by the destruction of that competition of capitals.

However, the capital-immanent "law" of capital accumulation itself, the very "law" of capitals-competition, is a "law" of the increasing self-negation and self-destruction of the competition of capitals, as a result of the competition of capitals itself.

Competition of capitals becomes successful competition, which means consolidation, concentration, and centralization of capital for the few successful competitors, and which means disappearance for the many unsuccessful competitors, which, on the whole, means ever-increasing oligopolization / monopolization of capital ownership by the ever fewer.

The accumulation of capital-value — the centralization, consolidation, and concentration of the preponderance of capital wealth in the hands of a tiny global plutocracy, plus the desperate hunger for status, money, and power on the part of that plutocracy's underlings — gives that plutocracy the power to "buy-out" the political branches of social governance — the executive, the legislature, and the judiciary — "lock, stock, and barrel", thus obliterating the effectiveness of the 'political-only' "checks and balances" among — and formerly restraining, somewhat, abuses of power by — those three "political" branches of political-economic governance.

This "buy-out" is the crowning, cresting, and final [stealth] "hostile takeover" of that whole rising series of waves of competition-destroying, oligopolizing and monopolizing "Mergers and Acquisitions" that we have witnessed ever since the beginning of the twentieth century.

But this concentrated 'economico-political' power does not, in itself, supply the motive for the multi-genocidal, totalitarian strategy that the ruling plutocracy has lately adopted.

Instead, that motive is supplied by the threats to ruling class political-economic power that are inherent in the progressive changes in the technological composition of labor, plant, and equipment that lawfully arise, as capital accumulates, in accord with capital's own immanent essential dynamic and profit-incentives.

George Orwell's novel, Nineteen Eighty-Four [e1_1], had it right, if but a little early --
The political-economic "law of motion of modern society" is the 'socio-taxis to totalitarianism' — to totalitarian, ‘‘‘eugenocidal’’’, multi-genocidal state-capitalism as political-economic '''attractor''' [we of F.E.D. therefore call this 'political-economic law of motion of capitalist society', this 'law of the state-capitalist, totalitarian, humanocidal self-degeneration of descendance-phase capitalism', by its true and proper historical name:  The Orwell/Marx Law].

[For more about this, see "GS2: The Political-Economic Law Of Motion of Modern, Capital-based Society — The 'Socio-Taxis' Toward [State-]Capitalist Totalitarianism as 'Political-Economic Attractor'".]. [e1_2]

National state-capitalisms — secretly ruled by the supra-national core plutocracy — represent the major modern attempt by the core plutocrats to assert their 'Emergent Collective Subjectivity' — to overcome the "invisible hand" of the global "law" of [capital-]"value" via the visible '''iron fists''' of the core plutocracy's militarist national, ‘‘‘eugenocidal’’’ ‘servant-dictatorships’, as globally orchestrated and choreographed, from "behind the scenes", by that core plutocracy.

Readers Please Note:  Typographical and notational conventions observed throughout this text are described in the 'zeroth' endnote. [e0]

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